July 23, 2024
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Pisces Zodiac Color

Pisces Zodiac Color

“We are a blue planet and an ocean world.”

– Nainoa Thompson (Pisces Sun)

Pisces people tend to just go with the flow, like a fish in the water. Water blends and adapts to its environment or circumstances. It heats or cools, changes color, changes the form, picks up impurities, toxins, and minerals. Pisces possess an ability to blend in and be influenced by their surroundings just as water does. The Symbol of Pisces is the Fish, and their ruling element is water. Fish live in water, and they need water to survive. Pisces possess a very deep connection with water and what water represents, which is emotions. Pisces people will find themselves feeling extremely home and at ease when they are near big bodies of water.

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Water is able to reflect the color and shape of its surroundings, therefore water can, in essence, reflect any color. Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac, so they too can reflect anything. They can blend and adapt to their preference, and they become what you need them to be. Pisces is the sign that rules over your intuition, 6th sense, dreams, and higher dimensions. Pisces connects you to the spiritual realm, and it teaches you how to connect with your spirit or soul.

Pisceans take in everyone else’s emotions along with their own, and this can be confusing! That is why the things a Pisces does or says will not always make sense. They are living in lower and higher dimensions and they are also taking in everyone’s emotions. That is a lot to process!

Pisces Zodiac Color Guide

The Pisces wardrobe 

When in a forest setting, water can be green. In an ocean setting, water is blue. On an overcast day, water can be grey. Depending on what mood the Pisces is experiencing the day, they should wear their clothing accordingly. Their appearance will usually reflect their mood, so it is easy to tell how a Pisces is feeling when you look at their outfit. When they are happy, they dress bright and colorful. When they are gloomy, the dress darker and more lifeless. 

Pisces Males – When they are in the work environment, grey and dark blue suits them well and will give others a professional perception of them. When they are out with the family or socializing, keeping to the lighter shades of blue and green will be the best choice!

Pisces Females – Green stimulates the heart chakra, which is responsible for how you give and receive love, and blue stimulates the 3rd eye chakra, which rules your connection to the spiritual realm. Wearing this will help to bring a balance of loving, compassionate and spiritual energies to the Pisces’s life.

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The Pisces home 

Their home should mainly be decorated with all shades of blue, green and grey, however, Pisces also has no problems with adding additional colors. Pisces people possess extremely sensitive and intuitive emotions and can experience themselves whatever emotions those around them are experiencing. Ocean blue is a color that represents deep emotion and will be good for Pisces to wear and surround themselves with to display their empathy. Most Pisces people have a spiritual inclination in their dress sense and usually, look like angels or holy creatures. They can also seem like they are from another planet or dimension. Their home will be filled with spiritual tools and decor.

The Pisces workspace

It is best for Pisces people to avoid overly structured, formal and traditional color codes. Due to them having such complex and sensitive emotions, they should avoid being overwhelmed and restricted by too many serious influences and corporate colors. This includes color schemes that mainly focus on black and white. It is vital that Pisces shows the world how sensitive they are, and that they do not try and act tough and serious. When giving the impression that they are tough, people will be less gentle and sympathetic toward them, and it can have a negative effect.

The Pisces car

The reason we are able to make sense of the things around us is that we have our five senses. If we did not have our brain and our body, we will not be able to make sense of or comprehend the things around us in this physical world. Pisces senses are aligned with both the spiritual and physical world, and sometimes things do not make sense to them. They are not on the same level as most of us. Due to them taking in so much, the best color for a Pisces vehicle is metallic silver or grey. Reflective surfaces can be protective to a Pisces, as it reflects everything away from the Pisces and back to the world. 

Colors to avoid 

Like most water signs, they can fluctuate between emotional extremes. Fact and science don’t matter to them too much, and they have more of a spiritual and religious approach to things. They are ruled by Neptune, the planet that represents evasiveness and fantasy. It is the planet that rules our subconscious, and the side to ourselves that we do not always see, or that we are not always aware of. Pisces people have a tendency to be inclined to follow spiritual career paths such as religion, spiritual healing or joining NPO’S. Colors linked to negative inclinations, anger or darkness such as black or dark red should be avoided. Pisces is so receptive that negative colors will have a significant negative influence on them.

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