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About Rising Sign

The ascendant is an essential element of your natal chart, indicating the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. In order to calculate your ascendant sign, you need to know your date of birth, your place of birth, but also the approximate time of birth. The ascendant is the sign that determines the perceptions that others have from you.

If your ascendant is Pisces, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Pisces ascendant

Your Pisces ascendant gives you a lot of flexibility, and the power to adapt to changing circumstances and events. You should see every change as an opportunity to evolve and transform your existence. So, you should welcome change with an open mind, and a willingness to use it for your own benefit.

Don’t turn your back on change, for it is inevitable and you cannot avoid it any more than you can avoid the flow of water when standing in a river. It keeps flowing no matter what you do and trying to stop it on your own only wastes your time and energy. Likewise, do not try to go against transformations that existence imposes on you. Treat them as opportunities to change and evolve and make the most of them.

Sometimes you can find it hard to make a decision or choose which way to go, refusing to commit to a specific direction. You should overcome your fear by working on the project you are most interested in.
Your Pisces ascendant grants you a lot of sensitivity, which might end up badly if you don’t learn how to channel it. You need to keep your emotions in check through relaxation exercises. You still excessively depend on what others other people think about you, and you often let that dependency in the driver’s seat because you do not want to sound rude or because you are trying to secure favor.

The skills of Pisces ascendant

Don’t pay attention to other people staring, stop your submission to other people’s opinions of you. Live your life as you see fit, or you will never truly be independent, following your own way. Some people with Pisces as a rising sign tends to be afraid of what tomorrow may bring. If that is your case, you absolutely need to get rid of it by putting your plans into motion as soon as possible, without necessarily waiting for the perfect plan.
Someone with a Pisces ascendant sign can show a great amount of skill and seem like a calm, quiet, and serene person from the outside, someone you can trust. People see you as a very accommodating person who can easily adapt to any circumstance. You are well appreciated for your great listening skills; you know how to understand other people’s problems and can provide some good advice. You have a very open mind that ensures that you can accept other people’s ideas and take them into account.

You are very perceptive, and your natural skills allow you to get out of many situations, even the most delicate ones. You want to make your dreams come true, and with enough motivation, you will commit to your goals to the very end. You often face dilemmas when you need to untangle a situation because you are torn between your bold impulses and your desire to spend a lot of time weighing pros and cons.

PiscesPisces ascendant sensitivity

Your Pisces the ascendant makes it hard for you to make a choice or to find good solutions to achieve your goals because it is extremely hard for you to get rid of some of your prejudice. Take more risks and face the unknown by challenging your own principles if they do not have anything to offer in order to improve your situation.

Fortunately, you can struggle against this flaw by being resolute about where you want to go and keep going until you reach it. You should let your true nature show more often and face your own fears. You will then reap the fruits of your bold stance.

You are a very emotional person with high sensitivity, which makes you an idealist. This is why it can be hard for you to confront injustice, directly or indirectly. You try to be useful whenever you can and always lend a friendly ear to anyone that needs to speak about their problems and misfortune.
You have a lot of empathy toward people who are in pain, and you help them whenever you can.

However, it is hard for you to keep your feelings in check because your excessively emotional side causes a lot of problems for you when you need to choose a direction for your actions and set up a long-term plan for your goals. You can fight against this trend by setting up motivating goals for yourself and harnessing your abilities toward a personal and also altruistic goal meant to help others. This state of mind will bolster your motivation.

Pisces ascendant day to day

You are an idealist, but you should aim for goals that are not only noble and well-meaning but can also be useful to others. Learn how to enjoy the little pleasures in life and do not give in to any kind of excess. You are a very sociable person that can adapt to most circumstances, so you can easily blend in. This is also what facilitates your climbing on the social ladder and your relationships, making it easier for you to meet your goals overall.
It is difficult for you to accept a daily routine, so you often withdraw into your ideal world, material, or imaginary. Your emotions and imagination often toy with you. You crave certain well-being and try to reach it for your everyday life. You are extremely sensitive, and this can cause problems in your love life and your daily life.

It is hard for you to be alone, and you often need the presence of other people in order to feel better. Your great sensitivity can be a source of suffering because you easily put your trust in other people that might lead to great disappointments in love. You are looking for stability because you have a hard time fitting in due to your Pisces ascendant and the ever-changing personality it gives you, which makes it hard for others to truly understand you.

People might find you unsettling because you appear to be discreet and serene, but it comes as a sharp contrast to the moments where you let yourself go and can experience wild mood swings. It is hard for you to settle down anywhere, and even harder to push a project forward until the end, even to fulfill one of your desires.

You can compensate for this flaw with your ability to easily overcome obstacles and the way you are used to finding the best motivation that will lead you to action. Sometimes it is hard for you to control your hesitations and emotions, and they can play tricks upon you when you are focused on a specific goal.

Pisces ascendant Traits

So, when you design a new project, make sure it stands on solid foundations of motivations. Likewise, set realistic and motivating goals every step of the way. Barring that, your emotions might sap your motivation and lead you to give up halfway through. If your intentions are good and motivating, you will regularly rekindle the sacred flame that drives you on for a project. You will see it through.

If it is hard for you to keep your emotions in check, you should spend time learning how to control them, or ill-intentioned people might be tempted to use this flaw to manipulate you. This might lead you on paths that were not meant for you. Protect your own interests. Do not let anyone dictate what you should do. Be uncompromising towards those you welcome into your circle of friends or sign as a partner, and you will never be disappointed.

Rely on your human behavior skills to understand other people’s motivations and show why it would be in their interest to help you or advise you, but do it with sincerity without toying with their feelings or manipulating them.