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the miseducation of a pisces

The Miseducation of a Pisces

Like no two days are alike, no two fish are alike—Pisces is a highly mutable sign, and extra special, being the last sign. Pisces is a combination of all of the signs in one, which means they could potentially relate to anyone if they wanted to. There is a lot of miscommunications about Pisces, and the truth is, they are a great sign, but like all fish, sometimes we encounter what we call a “bad catch”, despite the majority of greatness, there are always those fish that we throwback in the ocean. 

A Fishy Heart

Pisces does not rule the heart, that’s Leo, but Pisces is the heart of the zodiac. They tend to be very sensitive and care a great deal for others. Often, Pisces is quite selfless and will put themselves second. They genuinely care for other people’s pain. They have tremendous intuition and empathy. So much so that they will start to cry when other people do or when people on TV do. Pisces is said to have sensitive tear ducts, which is true, but it’s also their caring heart that directs them, affects them, and sometimes overcomes them. 

Relationship Roulette

Pisces generally fight for their own Cinderella story, which they don’t always get. Some Fish are very lucky, and very attractive, and find love early on, but the usual is that the relationship status for a Pisces remains “It’s Complicated.” Pisces can’t help but believe in the fairy tale story of love and hope for it, wish for it, daydream about it and pray for it. And Pisces will give too many people the opportunity of love, which can work against them and make them come off not confident enough.

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Pisces is hard broken when they realize that not everyone, they sleep with will be their knight and shining armor. Giving so much of yourself and expecting others to do the same can be a dangerous road to walk on. Pisces has to change their focus from love to themselves, and once they do this, love will find them naturally, but until Pisces finds true self-love, they will never be happy with another person. The problem is Pisces does not always know how to motivate themselves.

They depend on others to get them going or get them to make important changes. Once this ceases to exist, Pisces will be more open to meeting the right partners. Pisces has the knack to be attracted to the “bad boys and bad girls”, and they will be sucked into the drama. Sadly, this is the sign that wants to help and saves others. The cliché remains, Pisces you have to help and save yourself first. If this doesn’t apply to you, you need to work on your self-confidence.

This could also be a sign who falls in love with what they see. Pisces is one to wear the rose-colored glasses, and they will entertain the wrong suitor for a long period of time. Pisces is also prone to making the same mistake more than once. People will tell Pisces to leave someone alone, but Pisces can’t do this unless they are actually over someone. When you get into their heart, that is where you tend to stay. Even if you’ve gone your separate ways, Pisces will still remember what was good about you.

They can make foolish choices in love, but Pisces is highly perceptive. They see people for all they are worth and this can make connections hard. As much as Pisces wants and needs love, they can be turned off from people easily because they do spot negative faults in others. Regardless, Pisces is a very accepting, open, liberal sign who tries very hard to get along with people. That being said, if Pisces doesn’t like you, they don’t like. Nothing you can do or say will make them change their minds. Even if they are related to you, Pisces may love you, but if they don’t like your character, there is a great chance that they will speak up about it.

Love Your Fish Style

Whatever style of Fish you feel you are, now is the time to get a backbone and stand up for yourself. Stay true to your convictions and do not feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. People are going to think what they think and what they think is honestly none of your business. You do not need to know, nor do you want to know. Fish face forward—this is key—no more looking back. The past is the past, let it rest, let it burn, let it evaporate and die. You don’t need anything or anyone who doesn’t want you or who doesn’t take the time to understand you.

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You are worth only what you let others know you are worth, but most importantly you need to know it for yourself. Rihanna is a Pisces, and as she says, “shine bright like a diamond”, you might be last in the zodiac, but you can be first in your book. Make sure you put yourself down as number one because you are wrong to find your smile in others. You need to find your smile within. Once achieve truly, without needing validation from others—then you can you are ready. Your aura is what you make it, and your aura is wonderful. You simply need to block out the negative background that has been following for all these years. Listen to that voice within you, and let it roar.

You have a rich, deep, wise, and beautiful soul do not let just anyone tamper with it. Be fragile with yourself because you deserve it and stop apologizing for everything. You know it’s not your fault. Be the great, peacekeeper that you are, but do not apologize for yourself or for your experience because each is unique, special, and cherished in its own right. You may not be for everybody, but for the ones who adore you, you’re great, and you know the feelings you have are worth more than anything—you know true love like yours—is priceless.

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