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the most socially awkward zodiac signs

The Most Socially Awkward Zodiac Signs

Some people know how to socialize well, and others do not. Mingling with others most appropriately can come naturally to some people. However, it is a learned skill for others, and some people never master that skill. The socially awkward person at a party, for instance, is the one that stays in another room and hangs out with the dog. Why would someone be that way? Perhaps it makes them uncomfortable hanging around others. It does not mean they are necessarily introverts, but they may experience anxiousness when with a group of people. Let’s talk about the most socially awkward zodiac signs and rank them from the most socially awkward to the least.

Aquarius – Wants to Meet New People but Unsure of Themselves

Aquarius is friendly, but at the same time, very distant. There is a reason that Aquarius is distant, and that is that those with the sign do want to meet new people but experience a lot of anxiety about how to start conversations. Aquarius also comes off as awkward as those with the sign can come up with inappropriate things to say, which only puts the other person off. Therefore, Aquarius does not trust themselves when it comes to approaching people. Additionally, those with the sign are also ambiverts. They may be introverted many times, but at other times, they want to go and mingle with others and fear they are doing it wrong.

Gemini – Too Much Happening in the Mind

It may be counterintuitive to hear that Gemini, one of the most sociable signs, is extremely socially awkward. However, it is true. Gemini may be the party’s life and may like to meet new people. But, as mentioned, being extraverted does not mean not being socially awkward either. And even though Gemini is one of the best conversationalists, those with the sign are unsure of how they are coming off. A lot is going on in their minds, as you can even call it a battle. Gemini worries about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to someone, which, unfortunately, they often do. That makes them self-conscious.

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Capricorn – Fears That No One Likes Them

It is not surprising that Capricorn ranks relatively high as one of the most socially awkward zodiac signs. Capricorn is an introvert that focuses on their work and ambitions and does not like to hang around others. However, there is more to it than that. Capricorn is fearful that others will not like them, and there is that fear of not being good enough to get to know others either. Therefore, when it comes to mingling with others, Capricorn has very pessimistic thoughts about its idea. What Capricorn needs is someone to accept them for who they are. That may help them warm up to the concept of socializing and increasing their self-confidence.

Virgo – Is So Certain That People Have Assumptions About Them

It is not a shock that Virgo would rank high for the zodiac signs that are the most socially awkward. Virgo is naturally introverted, but that is not why they are socially awkward. The truth is that Virgo is very self-conscious and highly critical of themselves to the point that they make assumptions that other people are judging them. They think that other people believe and mock them, so they don’t know how to approach social situations because of their preconceived beliefs. Virgo is always so unsure of themselves.

Cancer – Cannot Handle Those Asking Them Questions

Cancer is a homebody and only feels comfortable with those they know and like or love. Therefore, if Cancer invites you to their home, there are two reasons they do it. One is that they do want your company and can relax around you. Secondly, they may invite you over for a meal if you are lonely and have no one else to hang around with at a given time. However, if Cancer does not know you well and you start asking them many questions, then Cancer will shut down and withdraw. So don’t be surprised if Cancer does not know you all that well and you ask them too many questions that they change the subject.

Libra – Freezes When Uncomfortable

You would think that Libra would rank relatively low when it comes to socially awkward signs because of their friendly nature. But it is true that, like Gemini, Libra is a great conversationalist and is a true extrovert. However, the one thing about Libra is that they don’t handle conflict well, making them uncomfortable. And, if you approach a Libra with a topic that also makes them uncomfortable, they freeze and have no idea how to respond to it. So, Libra may just walk out of the room if a situation like that arises, and you may not see them for the rest of the day.

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Scorpio – Only Comfortable with Those Who They Trust

Scorpio is intense, and that is a known fact, and those who have the sign come off as mysterious. The thing is that trusting is very hard for Scorpio. But once Scorpio trusts you, they will let you into their world. Therefore, Scorpio is highly comfortable with those they know and trust, such as their friends and family. There is no social awkwardness there. However, when it comes to those who Scorpio barely knows, they build an invisible wall around them and will not make any effort to interact. They would have to be the ones to find a way to earn Scorpio’s trust.

Pisces – Makes Friends Easier Than One May Think

You may think that Pisces would rank higher for the socially awkward zodiac signs. Pisces may be an introvert by nature, but those with the sign can make friends easily. They are highly sensitive and empathetic, but they don’t allow that to get in the way of making friends as they can comfortably strike up a conversation. The only thing with Pisces is that those with the sign struggle to stay in busy and crowded places because they find it draining. They need to be by themselves to recharge, so Pisces is not fond of large parties. Small get-togethers they like, however.

Taurus – Enjoys Meeting New People When in the Mood

You may think that Taurus, like Pisces, is the sign that needs to be alone to recharge. Often, they do. However, when Taurus is in the mood to socialize, they will get right in there and have a fun conversation. You have to remember too that Taurus is tenacious. If they find that their circle is too small and want to increase it, they will get right in here and start growing it. So, you cannot be socially awkward if that is what you want, and Taurus has a way to charm people.

Aries – Passionate and Friendly

When you think of Aries, you will think of anyone with a sign that is full of fire and passion. Therefore, those with this zodiac sign are incredibly passionate and friendly, and socially awkward is not something that those with the sign face. Aries has no problem with approaching anyone for any reason. It can be to strike up a fun conversation, or it may be to ask someone something to help them get what they want. The only thing that Aries may struggle with at times is losing their temper if someone upsets them. They may regret it later, but not for very long. They would not have a problem approaching the same individual with whom they lost their temper again for another reason.

Sagittarius – Can Be the Life of the Party

Sagittarius is the happy-go-lucky type who loves to socialize and will be the first to go to a party. Or Sagittarius will be the first one to invite a friend or even an acquaintance on a trip. If they decline, then Sagittarius will not care and will move on to the next friend or acquaintance to ask. Those with this zodiac sign are not shy and don’t worry about embarrassing themselves. Even if Sagittarius does embarrass themselves, for instance, at a party, that will not make them awkward when they think about it in the future. They will make a joke out of it and not hesitate to do it again. That is especially if it gets others to laugh.

Leo – Extremely Social and Has an Easy Time Articulating Thoughts

Is it a surprise that Leo happens to rank at the very bottom of the signs that are the most socially awkward? If anyone is craving to be in the spotlight and adores attention, you would think that being socially awkward would be the last problem that they have. That is because Leo is not socially awkward at all. In fact, those with the sign have an easy time articulating their thoughts and making them known, so others know what to expect of them. They make friends quite easily, and know how to strike up conversations, even if they are not about them. Leo, like Sagittarius, loves to be the life of the party and they’ll make that known.

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Here is a funny thing, though. When I was young, I was very socially awkward, and I would not say that is the case with me now, but I am definitely an introvert. My sun sign is in Leo, the moon sign is in Taurus, and my rising sign is in Sagittarius. So, you would think I would love to hang out with others and never question myself around them. However, most of my planets are concentrated in my Fourth and Eighth Houses, which Cancer and Scorpio naturally rule. So even though these signs in my chart are sociable, they are in water houses, which explains why I am an introvert and was socially awkward as a child and young teenager. Now, I am just picky about who I want to hang out with. However, if I am really comfortable around someone, then I really can be the life of the party. You just have to catch me in the right mood!

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