July 15, 2024
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Virgo Season Does This Sound Like You

Virgo Season: Does This Sound Like You?

Virgo is a feminine, mutable earth sign represented by the symbol of the virgin. One quickly learns that while Virgo will have a lot of virtue, they also are usually no angel, and in some capacity have another side of them that is rebellious, individual, and unique. The true drama of Virgo’s personality is the interior. To the universe, you might seem calm with a sense of authority, but you are aware of the nervous, restless, controlled intensity of rearranging and improving. Virgo can tire themselves just by sitting around because the conflict is usually one of mind. 

The Push and Pull of The Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which inclines its subjects towards activity. This energy works in Virgo to achieve and accomplish perfection. It’s impossible for Virgo to put off what can be done today. In a word, you are organized. Yes, there are some messy Virgos, but even those Virgos will be organized to some degree or in some capacity. You’re not a daydreamer you’re a day-doer.

Emotional Matters

Your emotional life is a constant striving to bring order out of chaos. You have a great capacity for love, but you don’t always know how to communicate it. And you have the thoughts, but you just can’t always find the words. You want love, but love is not enough for you—you want it all. Plus you are ambitious, but it is not just for money, you want to know more, to gain insight, knowledge, and wisdom, and put it to practical use. You want to embrace the innate gifts within you to nourish the world. 

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An Unquiet Mind

The hallmark of your sign is the beauty of intelligence. You likely have an excellent memory, an analytical mind, and are prone to crystal-clear thinking. You have the ability to tap into human motivation. People come to you with their plans and concerns because you have the strength in finding flaws, even if they are hard to find. You will take something apart and put it back together just to get the answers you seek. You base things on fact and search for fact in situations, especially emotional situations. 

Under the Hood

Virgo, it would do you wonders of good to invest a bit more faith, in general, to trust in synchronicity—the idea that certain events occur, or people connect for a fortuitous reason. Your valued life lesson is to expand your vision, to eye things in larger terms, and trust in the value of faith. The planet Mercury, which rules Virgo is also the planet of thought and mental perception, and your ideas form your reality. It’s simple, if you hang your hat on a negative attitude, your reality will also be negative.

You struggle to get in touch with your inner, deep feelings because your mechanism of denial is so firmly set in stone. Instead of expressing the true letdown of a loss, Virgo will say, “I’m okay.” Or Virgo will be vague in their verbal expressions because they don’t want to explore their deeper feelings about it. 

Virgo’s Relationship Style

Virgo is very real and is only friends with people they truly like and value. Virgo takes trust and loyalty very seriously. They are usually quite private and not always big on social media. Sometimes Virgo appears like a troll online. Virgo is the type that will listen and support you. They are always going to give it to you straight, and they aren’t going sugar coat a thing. Virgo gives you what they expect in return. If you trust them, they trust you. You do not want to be in a fight with Virgo. You do not want to make this sign mad because forgiveness Is something they have not mastered. Virgo is prone to holding a grudge as opposed to letting things go. They can stay mad forever so be careful, this is a very stubborn sign, and you do not want to cross them. Even if they do forgive, they will never forget.

Virgo wants love and usually finds it, but they also need room to breathe. Maintaining space for self is very vital for Virgo who needs separation from the party in order to recharge their batteries. They do best with a partner who has stuff of their own going. Virgo man will be especially impressed if you have high career ambitions. Virgo is a mental sign, and this is where they connect and formulate their true feelings that go beyond physical appeal.

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Virgo woman wants to help, inform and protect. There is nothing she would not do for her partner and children. She has a very strong “can do” aura about her, and can handle a lot on her own, though she is grateful she has the help. She values her relationship a lot and can get lost in her man and her family—putting them above everything. Virgo woman might be fighting to find her voice, but once she gets there she finally realizes how much power she has. Intellectually strong, she is not the type of woman to cheat on as she will put together the piece and figure out the puzzle. Virgo woman is very good with detail and figuring things out.

She is hard-working, and when it comes to the people she loves, she puts herself last. And she loves to take care of her family and provide for them in any way that she can. Plus she needs a partner who is on her level and understands her needs. She won’t necessarily ask for anything, and this is because she expects you to know, make the right moves, and show your love and support. She might seem like she’s dull or lacks imagination, but once she opens up she can be quite the rebel. All of this is very hush-hush, as Virgo woman is private and does not like for other people to be in her business. While she is a people watcher and silent observer, Virgo doesn’t always care about being seen.

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