July 13, 2024
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Use September Influences for a Better Life and Business

Use September Influences for a Better Life and Business

You’ve likely heard the saying “Start as you mean to end.” Now is a good time to get started into new habits and routines to support health and wellbeing; to initiate new exercise routines and adjust eating to support your weight and vitality goals. With the Sun in Virgo, we are called to get organized and healthy, to plan and strategize the last months of the year. We have the energy this week that supports planning, creating order, and even diving in to explore your true motivations. If perfectionism or over-analysis feed resistance and procrastination don’t be surprised if it’s staring, you in the face with the full moon on September 20th.

Virgo is calling you to take a look at how the pieces of your life and work fit together, to be conscientious. What do you choose next for yourself putting worry, criticism, and judgment aside?

Full Moon in Pisces

Each full moon shines a light on gaps and opposites. Think of a spotlight helping you to see what’s been hidden in the dark.

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Full moons are known to bring emotions to the surface. With this month’s Full Moon in the water sign of Pisces, this will be a more emotional moon. For some, it might feel quite overwhelming especially if you (or those around you) have taken a helpless stance. If you’ve been stuck in addictive behavior, disappointment, and procrastination the resistance may feel intense. Know that the intensity will soon subside and use your heightened awareness to notice what charged your emotions, and what you are sensitive to. With each full moon comes a shift from building energy to releasing energy. After the full moon, we move into a phase of letting go and releasing. We each have the opportunity to forgive and forget and make space for new choices and experiences.

Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual awareness will serve you well at this time. So too, if you are a teacher or practitioner in these areas, set yourself up to be seen at this time, people are going to be looking for support, continued, and new practices.

Fall Equinox: Thursday September 22nd Fall Begins as the Sun Moves into Libra

A new season and time to bring balance into life and business.  You can ask yourself questions like:

Where are there extremes that need to be tempered?

Where and with whom, are you ready to have more harmony?

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What are your goals and focus for the next 3 months?

Mercury Stations Retrograde on September 27th

From this point until October 18th, Mercury will be retrograding in the sign of Libra.

Retrogrades are about slowing your pace. Be consciously aware and clear of the fine print and details in negotiations, communications, and contracts. Retrogrades take us over the ground we’ve just covered to review, realign and reaffirm.

On and around September 27th and October 18th schedule a pause to sit with your options rather than make decisions, launch, sign contracts, or begin big plans. Libra rules agreements, partnerships, counseling, and marriage. It also rules balance, fairness, cooperation, and support along with indecision and aimless debate.

Notice what shows up for you. Notice what you say, your tone, and what you expect of others. Don’t expect fast decisions from yourself or others. This is a time to make peace with yourself and others and to forgive past mistakes especially related to love or money.

With so much division being created through COVID and politics this is the call to appreciate opposite viewpoints. It’s to our benefit to practice and to become comfortable being interdependent. To look how far appeasing behaviors have taken you and your experience now as a result Old loves might show up in your life or you might want to bring more of what you loved back into your life. It’s a good time to reconnect with past friends and clients you haven’t connected with in a while.

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From a Numerology perspective, September gives us the amplified energy of the 5. The month and the year energy are both 5.

All the chaos, uncertainty, and change come to a peak around us. In other words, we are riding the waves, big waves.

This calls for both flexibility and moderation. Learning to work with each other and go with the flow. Neither too rigid nor too yielding works, we need steady parameters Think of walking on the deck of a boat riding the waves. Steady as she goes, face your fears and go into excitement, wonder, and adventure rather than the grip on for dear life.

Hunkering down in fear and inaction doesn’t work. There’s no escaping. The best way to deal with all the change and uncertainty is to see the opportunities and openings. Be open to take new paths. Get help as you need it.

Innovation and creativity are kings right now. Get creative and dance with the elements at play. Work with the resources available and look forward. We can reign in areas that are out of control or too expansive. Ascertain conceptual understanding that can be tightened with details next month.

This is the energy at play worldwide and universally.

Remember 5 isn’t ending, it’s change; it’s expansion and growth.

Think about how good things could be 3 years from now with the right changes, actions, and innovations now. How can these times be the change agent to update ways that no longer worked? Picture improved health care, improved education, and better business.

5 is about freedom; freedom of choice and the freedom to do things differently. It’s also about the discipline that supports freedom and flexibility instead of experiencing negative consequences of recklessness, over-indulgence, and extreme.

I’m sure like me you can see all these elements at play in the news and the world around us.

At the end of the day, we have free will and the choice to embrace, resist or create something different. So, what do you choose?

What do you choose to support?

And what do you want to see looking ahead?

What results do you want to contribute to creating, starting now in such changing times?

“Start as you mean to end.”

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