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What Is The Perfect Soap Scent Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Is The Perfect Soap Scent Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

While enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials stressed the importance of washing your hands to remove viruses and bacteria. And handwashing has been known for a while to stay clean and healthy. Back in 2008, The Global Handwashing Partnership started a specific day to promote cleanliness through handwashing.

On October 15th of every year, it is Global Handwashing Day to promote awareness about the importance of handwashing to stay healthy and clean. And when that day approaches, why not get the soap that has your favorite scent? Let’s talk about the perfect soap scent based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Cinnamon And Cloves Scented Soap

Aries, you are not known for your low-key nature as you are passionate and assertive, and you can get aggressive when someone pushes you. When it comes to handwashing, you must remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to remove the germs as you tend to rush that too.

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However, if you want to use your perfect soap, you must use one with powerful spices because the soap does not have a floral scent. An example of the ideal soap type for you is cinnamon and clove soap. It has a sharp and powerful aroma.

Taurus – Luxurious Floral-Scented Soap

Taurus, you are sensual and deeply need luxury and comfort. Unsurprisingly, you would go after hand soap, giving you that special feeling. You also tend to wash your hands a lot longer than you need to, as you almost give yourself a hand bath because you love the feel of the running water.

And you would want to have hand soap that is gentle and gives you that luxurious feel, so you would like a soap that is scented with lilacs, violets, or white flowers and made with a soothing oil such as shea butter or coconut oil. Not only will your hands be cleansed, but they will be soft.

Gemini – Fruit-Scented Soap

Gemini, you are versatile, curious, and also like excitement, so you will take your time to learn what you can about Global Handwashing Day. Even though you tend to wash your hands too quickly, you will remind yourself that you must wait 20 seconds to run your hands under lukewarm water so you can remove the germs and have clean hands.

You want to have a fun-scented soap to use, and a fruity soap would be ideal for you. You could enjoy the scent of watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, or even citrus. You will be getting plenty of various fruity-scented soaps for yourself.

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Cancer – Lavender-Scented Soap

Cancer, you are emotional and nurturing, and you will want the best for your family as you will encourage them to keep their hands clean, so they stay healthy. However, you can become very anxious about it, which is why you will need anything that can keep you calm.

Therefore, the best-scented soap for you would consist of lavender. Lavender helps to keep you calm and can give you that zen when you need it the most. Sometimes you wash your hands longer than necessary, as you don’t want to crack your hands either.

Leo – Strawberry-Scented Soap

Leo, you are the one that wants others to notice you, and you find excitement in many things. If you do what you can to keep your hands clean, you will want to get a soap with an aroma that others will like and that you find exciting. That is why the strawberry-scented soap is perfect for you.

Not only does it smell good to the point that others around you would comment and ask you where you got that soap, but washing your hands will be more enjoyable while using that particular scented soap.

Virgo – Citrus-Scented Soap

Virgo, you take cleanliness very seriously because that is the nature of your sign. You are picky about many things but not too fussy about the aroma of soap. All you care about is that it will do the job of keeping your hands and body clean.

However, if you have a preference for soap regarding the scent, you would likely prefer a citrus-scented soap, whether it is lemon, orange, or grapefruit. That is because citrus fruits are known for their cleansing properties, and to you, it feels proper that soap would consist of citrus for that reason.

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Libra – Vanilla-Scented Soap

Libra, you not only have an appreciation for beauty, but you love anything soft and delicate. You don’t like anything too harsh or intense. That is why the ideal soap sent for you is vanilla. You find the vanilla scent calming, and you also know that since it smells good, others will be attracted to you if they smell it on you.

Making a good impression is essential to you, which is why you want to smell a soap that others will like, and who can deny that vanilla is one of the best aromas out there?

Scorpio – Patchouli-Scented Soap

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious as it is, so the soap scent that is ideal for you is the patchouli scent. Many people either cannot stand it or love it; you love it because it is an intense and mysterious scent with an earthy aroma with a hint of a sweet fragrance.

However, the patchouli scent is not for those who cannot handle potent smells. However, you will be the one to buy plenty of bars of soap that have this scent, or you may prefer liquid.

Sagittarius – Lemongrass-Scented Soap

Sagittarius, you are the optimistic one who wants to use a soap with a scent that will bring happiness to you, which is why your ideal soap scent is lemongrass. Lemongrass is known to improve anyone’s mood, but since you are the happy-go-lucky type, you will gravitate to anything that enhances a great attitude.

Besides cleaning away germs, the other benefit of lemongrass soap is that it works well as a facial cleanser as it helps keep pores clean.

Capricorn – Rosemary Mint Scented Soap

Capricorn, you are hard-working and goal-oriented and need to be as alert as possible to complete your tasks. So not only is a rosemary mint soap scent vibrant, but it also helps you stay awake and invigorated so you can be alert to do the work you need; it is also refreshing.

You need that refreshing feeling so you can remain motivated throughout the day. And that scent is perfect for you, too, because it has been said to improve your memory, and you need to have a working memory to attain your goals. The fact that rosemary can be a great germ-killer is a big bonus.

Aquarius – Sandalwood-Scented Soap

Aquarius, you are the one that has an appreciation for anything exotic and different as you embrace that part of yourself. That is why the ideal soap scent for you is sandalwood. Sandalwood has an exotic scent and calming, which you need since you tend to get lost in your thoughts.

It has a sweet and woodsy aroma that helps you maintain mental clarity and is also excellent for killing germs. Because this aroma is very calming, you may take a hand bath while using that soap for longer than necessary.

Pisces – Milk And Honey Scented Soap

Pisces, you are dreamy, imaginative, and intuitive and only gravitate to anything gentle. Unfortunately, many soap scents are too strong for you to the point that they repel you. However, one that is ideal for you is the milk and honey scented soap as it is made with raw honey and goat’s milk.

It not only helps to clean off germs, but this soap helps to promote relaxation, and it is gentle on the skin, which is why you gravitate to this soap.


Whatever type of soap you get, regardless of the scent, you will want to celebrate Global Handwashing Day on October 15th to remind yourself that to keep your hands clean; you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in lukewarm water with the soap of your choice. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of handwashing. However, aside from that, now you know of various scents of soaps you can try if you want to use one different from what you typically use.

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