June 23, 2024
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Why You’ve Been Unhappy Lately, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Many people are content with their lives and are comfortable in their skin, and these happy individuals may not have the best lives but work with what they have. And appreciate life. However, plenty more others are not overly happy in life more often than not. And many of those who are not happy have lives that so many others would envy, such as having healthy relationships, kids, and being financially comfortable. So since they have those wonderful things going for them, why are they not as happy as they should be? If that is you, let’s find out why you are unhappy, not as happy as you could be based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – You Are Too Hard On Yourself And On Others

Aries, you are the passionate and fiery type, and if anyone were baffled at the idea of anyone being unhappy, that would be those looking at you. Because you know that even though you are the one in control of many things in your life, you still find it difficult to find happiness. As you already know, you are not patient, which can fuel frustration. And you tend to be too hard on yourself and others.

For example, you become too hard on yourself for not being able to do something quickly. If you compete for something, such as applying for a job you want, you have a hard time forgiving yourself for not getting the job because someone was more qualified than you. If you gave yourself more grace (and others too), you would be happier.

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Taurus – You Base Your Happiness On Possessions

Taurus, based on the fact you have an earth sign, you are very much into the material, and your ruling planet, Venus, rules love and money, which makes you quite materialistic. Therefore, you are the one who focuses on possessions too much and relies on them to make you happy. You think that the luxuries you buy will bring you happiness.

And even though the new pair of shoes or the latest gadget you buy may satisfy you somewhat, it will never get you true happiness. And you don’t learn that lesson as you believe that any luxurious possession you get will make you happy. But the truth is, you cannot acquire happiness from outside things, and happiness is an inside job. Sorry, your new purse or that gourmet meal is not going to be the answer to solving your unhappiness.

Gemini – Your Insecurities Make You Unhappy

Gemini, you are versatile and social, and you like to be around people. You also are the one that wants to try to figure them out, and you keep thinking at the same time that they are spending their time attempting to figure you out. They are not as they are going about their business. You keep focusing on that so much because of your insecurities, and your insecurities are what is causing you to be so unhappy.

Another thing you do based on your insecurities is to manipulate others because you fear that they are doing the same to you. When people figure that out, that is when they don’t want anything to do with you. Therefore, it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cancer – You Pick Up Other People’s Emotions

Cancer, you are highly emotional and very nurturing. You also are very empathetic, and you easily absorb the emotions of others. As a result, you will take on the feelings that others have, and that can be a challenging experience for you. That is why when you are feeling down or anxious, and you cannot pinpoint why it is, that is why.

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You were around someone down or anxious or in a room full of people who did not have a positive mindset. Therefore, you picked it up. That explains your unhappiness. The best thing you can do is shield yourself to keep your energy protected. You have a hard time handling your emotions as it is, as you do not need anyone else’s emotions to handle.

Leo – Your Expectations Of Others Are Too High

Leo, you like to be in the spotlight, and you think highly of yourself. But at the same time, you have a warm and generous heart. You will give your friends gifts and take them out for dinner from time to time. And you also, at the same time, expect them to do the same for you. And yet, you will also agree to do favors for those who ask because you wish that they will do something for you in return.

However, what happens if they don’t do any of that? And worse? What happens if those you were giving towards or did favors for did not appreciate what you did for them? That is what makes you unhappy. Your expectations of others are too high, and you end up very disappointed when you learn they don’t have the same heart as you. A solution is to stop being so giving and doing favors for others.

Virgo – How You Overanalyze Everything

Virgo, it is not surprising that you are not happy, as you are naturally intensely analytical. Therefore, you expect too much of yourself and others, and when you don’t match up to your expectation, you get down on yourself. And when you see that others do not live up to your expectations, you become very disappointed.

Therefore, you overanalyze why you cannot meet up to your expectations, and at the same time, you look too deeply into why others don’t meet yours. That only makes you unhappier. If only you could accept that you are human and that others are just as human as you are would make it easier to understand how perfection is not realistic and attainable. When you accept that fact, you will be happier and not be so urged to overanalyze as much.

Libra – Your Indecisiveness

Libra, you are the one that everyone loves because you are charming, and you know how to make others feel better. You also love beauty and peace, but that does not mean you are happy even when you have those things. You need balance, and yes, the lack of balance often will cause you to be unhappy. But more than anything, the one thing that frustrates you the most is that you struggle with being decisive. You know that you can make a decision, but you happen to struggle in this area, and you get upset with yourself when you cannot make a decision. That brings on a lot of stress and a lack of balance.

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Scorpio – Your Jealousy

Scorpio, you are intense and very private. You also have some big emotions, and those emotions are so overwhelming that you can struggle to handle them. However, what makes you unhappy is the fact that you struggle with jealousy. You are jealous because you lack trust, even towards those who have proven themselves to be loyal to you. For example, if your partner starts talking to another friend of the opposite (or same) sex as you, you will feel jealous towards them even though your partner has proven to you that they are loyal. And you know that it is irrational to feel this way, but you can’t help yourself either. That makes you unhappy.

Sagittarius – The Consequences Of Being So Blunt

Sagittarius, you are optimistic, but at the same time, you are blunt, and you are too honest to a fault. You say that you do not care about how you affect others when you speak your truth, but deep down, you do. You have lost friends because of how blunt you have been, and they may not have been ready to hear the truth that you slapped them in the face, which is why they no longer wanted to be with you. However, you do regret it and miss their friendship. You wish you could filter what you say somewhat, but you cannot, and knowing this fact is what makes you unhappy. However, you will never allow others to know that.

Capricorn – You Ghost People Too Quickly

Capricorn, you take everything very seriously as that is in your nature. You do not regret the time you need to spend working on your goals and taking on the other responsibilities. However, you take everything that people do too seriously. If someone upsets you, you give them limited second chances, and if you are upset by what someone repeatedly did, you will ghost them.

It is one thing if someone has proven themselves to be not trustworthy for malicious reasons, but you don’t cut enough people slack for being human sometimes, and you will ghost them as a result. And if you keep doing that, you will be alone. A part of you wishes you would not react this way, but you do.

Aquarius – You Don’t Listen To The Advice Of Others

Aquarius, you are a progressive and independent thinker. However, you can be too independent with your thinking to the point that you do not want to listen to the experts and others knowledgeable in something you are not. And this is not a case of you not being told what to do. Instead, you trust your own advice on something you do not know much about over the advice of someone with more experience than you have in that particular thing.

As a result, you keep making mistakes and digging yourself into holes, but you don’t learn your lesson, so you keep taking your own inexperienced advice over the advice of others who get it. That is what makes you unhappy.

Pisces – You Change Your Mind Quickly

Pisces, you are not the one who is known to be logical, and you can be dreamy and somewhat wishy-washy. You may make a decision, but the thing is, you do not stick to it and move on to the next best thing. For example, you want to establish a relationship with someone, but someone better comes along, so you think.

Then you drop that relationship you wanted to establish and start a new one. The same goes for a job you apply to and even get. If something that you think is better comes along, you will go after it and forget about the one you committed yourself to. Your inability to stick to commitments and your tendency to change your mind too quickly make you unhappy. If you stuck to your obligations, you would be happier unless there is a good reason not to do so.

As you can see, these reasons that you may not be happy could be the result of you being your worst enemy regardless of your sign. Some consider it self-sabotage, and others would only say these are vices that are harder to control based on your personality. However, if you could handle these habits and be mindful of not doing these things that cause you to be unhappy, you will find yourself a lot happier with life in general. Additionally, you will be content with what life has offered and what it can offer you.

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