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The twelfth of the astrology houses has a watery feel to it, as it describes everything that lies beneath the surface of the things. Other worlds and realities are often spoken about in the twelfth house, along with dreaming and dreams. Besides that, the twelfth of the houses in astrology is linked to mediumship, channeling, Tarot cards, automatic writing, hypnosis, and clairvoyance. Astrologers associate this house with spirit, soul, and the unconscious mind. This is a cadent house ruled by Neptune and Pisces.

What is the twelfth house in astrology? Known as the House of Subconscious, the twelfth of the astrology houses explained is about our successes and failures, our strengths and weaknesses. In this house, we review our existence, what we have been and done in this incarnation, and what we will do moving forward. The majority of the work in this house is done by our subconscious, as it tries to comprehend our lives. It is in the subconscious where we confront our fears, sorrows, and secrets, along with karma: our fate. Everything we have done and everything that happened to us until then is analyzed in the twelfth of the houses in astrology. However, it is not only what we have done, but how we will deal with our discoveries is what matters in the twelfth house. Are we going to be reborn? Transformed? How do we move forward? These are some of the questions that the twelfth house rules over.

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What Role the Twelfth House Plays in Your Life

There is karma in the twelfth house, which is why many people who come to astrologers for counsel are afraid to learn they have planets present in the twelfth of the astrology houses. Karma means that bad things will happen to those people who did something bad in their lives, and even good people will have failures and misfortune if they did wrong in the past. The rewards and the difficulties one experiences in his lifetime are brought by Karma and are a result of the things they did in their past or even future lives. Praying, meditation, and living a righteous life will send the positive energies to your future incarnations.

What is the meaning of the twelfth house in astrology? In the twelfth house astrology, rule the deeper levels of our mind and soul. It describes the hidden mechanisms which control our actions and thoughts, the unconscious and subconscious, the characteristics that we possess deep within our souls and either do not know about or prefer not to know, along with our hidden weaknesses and psychological problems. If you have planets in the twelfth house, there is no need to worry, but you need to understand what the placement of those planets may tell you about the things you were not aware of.

The darkness of the twelfth of the astrology houses meaning is revealed as the deepest secrets become known, illegal jobs and affairs, confidential activities, and everything done behind the scenes. Moreover, the secrets we can uncover about ourselves and within the unconscious are also described in the twelfth of the houses in astrology. The presence of planets in the twelfth house can often be observed in such professions as inventors and researchers, as those planets assist them in their discoveries. If malefic planets are present in the house, they can reveal one’s enemies.

The Twelfth of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The House of Subconscious in astrology rules over our dreams, secrets, other realities, soul, spirit, and the unconscious mind. The position of the twelfth house in astrology signs defines one’s inner world and personality. Those with the twelfth of the astrology houses in Pisces do not reveal their true emotions to others afraid that people will take advantage of them, while those with the cusp of the twelfth house in Libra depend on their relationships with other people in many ways and devote themselves to a search for a soulmate. Find out about the position of the twelfth house in all astrology signs below.

The Twelfth House in Aries

Those with the cusp of the twelfth house in Aries have a strong and self-confident personality. Such individuals rely heavily on the opinion of others and can become upset when other people try to bring them down. Outward, they are open to new friends and experiences, while they also have a private life which they keep secret from others.

When one with the astrology twelfth house in Aries feels comfortable with their life, they are energetic and outgoing people, ready to take on any challenge and displaying a great deal of confidence in their actions. They subconsciously believe in their abilities, which helps them in difficult situations or problems.

The Twelfth House in Taurus

If your twelfth house astrology is in Taurus, you have one personality that you show others and another personality that comes from your subconscious. On the outside, these people are enthusiastic and full of energy, have a lot of friends, and easily become the life of the party. On the inside, however, they have many worries about their safety and financial security.

These individuals do not like changes, instead preferring to have the things as they were. When it comes to romantic relationships, such people look for a partner they can develop a deep bond with. It may take longer for them to find real friends and true love, as they spend time in solitude to contemplate their worth, only after which they form bonds with people who can recognize them.

The Twelfth House in Gemini

People with the twelfth of the astrology houses in Gemini are energetic, creative, and intellectual. They are full of great ideas in the comfort of their private space, yet they seem to lose their drive if placed in a group setting. When not recognized by others, these individuals feel dull and unappreciated.

Often, individuals whose twelfth house astrology is in Gemini have low self-esteem, and when it happens, they turn their attention to the lives of other people, being envious and spreading gossip. If they spend too much time thinking about the weaknesses and business of others, they can miss the opportunity to express their creative talents.

The Twelfth House in Cancer

If one’s twelfth of the astrology houses is in the sign of Cancer, such individual finds it difficult to express his true emotions. These people get hurt easily but maintain a cheerful and lively facade when they are with others. They are unsure of themselves and of the idea that others might like them, so they prefer to hide their feelings.

Such placement of the twelfth of the houses in astrology describes strange matters in one’s family relationships. There may be some family secret or disappointment involved, along with the tendency of the individual to idolize their parents. As they belong to an emotional sign, these people are able to connect with the feelings of others.

The Twelfth House in Leo

Individuals whose twelfth of the astrology houses is in Leo have a domineering personality, which they hide from others so as not to appear too self-confident. Such people have ambitious dreams and goals, but they prefer to remain in someone’s shadow and to inspire and help others to achieve their own goals.

If your twelfth house is in Leo, you will discover your true power and abilities in private. Often, the desire to fulfill someone else’s ambitions might come from these individuals’ previous lives, which carried success stories. Their image of Self is blurry and they will prioritize the well-being of others, will turn to help others through humanitarian and charitable efforts.

The Twelfth House in Virgo

When one’s twelfth house astrology is in Virgo, such a person is often stressed about his health, which is not good, since being stressful can make heart conditions worsen and can increase blood pressure. Apart from that, these individuals tend to be annoyed and judgmental of others, but they prefer to keep the negative thoughts they have to themselves.

People with the cusp of the twelfth house in Virgo tend to experience a clash between their dreams and reality. They are intelligent people and will demonstrate their sharp mind in the most unpredictable situations. Such individuals rely on their intelligence when it comes to both practical and mystic matters.

The Twelfth House in Libra

If your twelfth of the astrology houses is in Libra, you are dependent on other people in more ways than you would admit to yourself or anyone else. Friendships and romantic relationships are extremely important in your life, and throughout your life, you are in a constant search for a soulmate. If you are not good at dealing with people, finding a perfect partner may prove to be a challenge.

Individuals with the twelfth house in Libra may be lied to by their closest people and experience a romantic relationship where trust would be broken. These experiences will strengthen their character and liberate them from unrealistic expectations about life.

The Twelfth House in Scorpio

Something that people with the astrology twelfth house in Scorpio hide from others is their interest in dark and mysterious places and objects. They are fascinated with the darkness of the universe, although their interest in taboos and the mysteries of the universe goes against their own perceptions of right and wrong. There is a way for Scorpios to find balance in their attitude toward themselves, and it is in admitting that their interests do not make them bad people.

For people with the cusp of the twelfth house in Scorpio, it is common to avoid problems and hide things in a corner. Such individuals carry dark and dangerous emotions within them, and to prevent themselves from exploding, they need to work to become truly open-minded.

The Twelfth House in Sagittarius

Those with the twelfth of the houses in astrology in Sagittarius respect hard work and genuinely believe that life is fair and that through putting a lot of effort into your work you can achieve success. Such individuals want others to see that they only believe in themselves and their own strengths, while in private they are ready to put their faith in higher power.

Such individuals may feel lost in their life without knowing where they are going and what they are doing. They should carefully examine their beliefs and religious views in order to realize where they stand. These people will meet many others in their life, and their innate ability to sense goodness in people will help them gain close friendships.

The Twelfth House in Capricorn

People with the twelfth house astrology in Capricorn seek satisfaction in helping others, but it might not be enough for them to feel accomplished if others do not compliment them for their work. Sometimes, such individuals feel like their responsibilities are dragging them down and their work is pointless.

These individuals have to learn that it is not easy for good ideas to materialize unless the owner puts in hard work. Capricorn in the twelfth house is perhaps the most demanding position, as it speaks about one’s connection to previous lives and experiences. The presence of benefic planets in one’s natal chart will ensure the feelings of security and wisdom.

The Twelfth House in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign that seeks freedom, and if your twelfth house cusp falls in this sign, you will never be truly satisfied with your freedom as long as you are bound to earth. Feeling like they cannot achieve true happiness, these individuals become anxious about their own lives. Often, spiritual guidance can help them lift the feeling of anxiety, even if not completely.

If your twelfth house astrology is in Aquarius, you will have the desire to be set free, to become apart from others. Other people find them attractive, but they find it impossible to reach compromise and put aside the differences in a relationship, so it is difficult for them to make true friends.

The Twelfth House in Pisces

Individuals whose twelfth of the astrology houses is in Pisces reveal their true nature only when alone or in a circle of close friends. They are compassionate and gentle, but they do not show those traits to other people afraid to be taken advantage of. To outsiders, such people may seem aggressive and cold.

In their daily routine, these people value rest and sleep no less than eight hours every night, avoiding working late or going out. They think about the present and the future and are unaware of their ties to their previous lives. Such people are talented, but not very sociable, as they prefer to be alone than in the company of family or friends.