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The seventh of the astrology houses represents your relationships with the people close to you. Most often, the seventh house in astrology signifies a married relationship, although it can also speak about any relationship where you hold people especially dear to you, such as in a business partnership or a very close friendship. The seventh of the houses in astrology is ruled by the sign of Libra and planet Venus and is called the Descendant, sharing the axis with the first house. While the first house describes the Self, the seventh house is about others and is often referred to as House of Partnerships in astrology.

Our being is found through our relationship with the chosen person. It gives our being the necessary context. Through the seventh house, we can study how we influence the special person in our lives and how he or she influences us. Having planets in the seventh of the astrology houses does not necessarily mean a happy marriage. In fact, more often than not, an empty seventh house results in a happily married relationship.

House 7 partnership

What Role the Seventh House Plays in Your Life

Individual’s partner and marriage are ruled by the seventh house astrology. The sign on the seventh house cusp, along with the planets present in this house, can speak about your partner’s character and your own identity in a relationship. Through a relationship, we achieve a purpose – the act of accomplishing small or great things for yourself, your partner, or even society. Moreover, by establishing a close relationship with another human being, we make a contribution to the world.

So, what is the seventh house in astrology? There is a practical side to the seventh of the astrology houses meaning, which describes what people seek in their relationship with the closest person. Those could be feelings of love, safety, status, sexual attraction, freedom, desire to have children, but regardless of the exact feeling, each of them leads to you sharing your life with another person and trying to make that time great. What is the meaning of the seventh house in astrology? Compared to the fifth and the eighth houses, where relationships are described in terms of sex, the seventh house speaks more about an agreement between two people who choose to give something while receiving something in return.

Besides the close relationships and marriage, business partnerships also take place in the seventh house. Career bonds, agreements, contracts, lawsuits, and legal issues are a part of this house, and it rules the business partners along with your relationships with them. As we communicate with close business partners on a daily basis, they can take a vital place in our lives, so it is not uncommon to observe marriage-like behavior between business partners in the seventh of the houses in astrology. Such closeness does not imply sexual attraction; instead, such people spend a lot of time together every day and create a strong personal connection.

The matters described in the seventh house also extend to tensions in partnerships, such as divorces, treaties, and lawsuits. At worst, partnerships can create enemies, which is also spoken about in the seventh of the astrology houses explained. The partnerships that we will establish in the future will be shaped by the positive and the negative experiences of our current partnerships. Another matter of the seventh house is one’s second child, along with the grandparents from one’s mother’s side.

The Seventh of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The House of Partnerships rules over the closest of your personal or business connections. The presence of the planets in the seventh house and its cusp placement in one of the astrological signs describe one’s perception of romantic relationships and partnerships. People with the seventh of the astrology houses in Taurus seek stability, security, and safety in their relationships, while those with the cusp of the seventh house in Sagittarius prefer their partner to have their own individuality and social life. Learn about the position of the seventh house in other astrological signs below.

The Seventh House in Aries

Aries is an aggressive zodiac sign, and for the people with the cusp of the seventh house in this sign, it is important to accept their nature and learn to control their anger, which will benefit their relationships and partnerships. Such individuals are passionate in their private life and also in their work environment.

When it comes to their partners or spouses, people with the seventh house astrology in Aries like to take charge of tasks and decisions. They are independent and energetic people and they need to look for a partner that will be able to catch up to them and appreciate their enthusiastic nature.

The Seventh House in Taurus

People with the seventh of the astrology houses in Taurus are intense and sometimes way too serious, and they need a partner who can help them feel secure and safe in their private life. In relationships, they seek most of all stability and look for a person who will be by their side through the good and the bad.

Partnerships at work may prove difficult until you reach an understanding with your partner. People with the astrology seventh house in Taurus take things slow when working on projects and prefer to complete every single detail of the project before moving to the next step. Others may find it annoying and may see them as stubborn, so this is something that should be discussed with their partners.

The Seventh House in Gemini

Since Gemini is an intellectual sign, people with the seventh house cusp in this sign look for partners they can feel intellectually connected to. Their partner has to interest them and stimulate their mind. They prefer natural progression of relationships and do not accept those who try to force commitment on them.

At work, individuals with the seventh of the astrology houses in Gemini might jump from one project to another, drop the tasks they do not enjoy without completing them and change their way of thinking throughout the task. Their partners may find it irritating and exhausting because they do not know what is going through the Gemini’s mind. Communication is the key to successful partnerships at work.

The Seventh House in Cancer

Individuals with the astrology seventh house in the sign of Cancer are emotional and sensitive. As children, they might be teased because of their sensitive natures; however, growing up, people of this sign learn to care deeply for others and feel appreciated by them.

In relationships, people with the cusp of the seventh house in Cancer look for someone who is nurturing and sensitive. Being emotional, they need to find someone who will understand their feelings and who will be there for them in difficult moments of their life. They, in return, give their partner loyalty and emotional support. These people tend to develop very close personal relationships with emotions at the core of their connections.

The Seventh House in Leo

If your House of Partnerships is in the sign of Leo, you should not experience problems with self-acceptance. Your personality is strong and bright, which you are aware of, and which may equally attract people to your character or make them feel uncomfortable if their personality is weaker than yours. In a group of quiet and shy people, those with the seventh house in Leo should use their energy to support the group without making anyone uncomfortable.

When it comes to personal relationships, such people believe that one person should dominate the relationship, and often they prefer to give that role to their partner so they can concentrate on other responsibilities in their life.

The Seventh House in Virgo

People with the seventh house astrology in Virgo look for a partner who is more down-to-earth than them. Their partner helps them by bringing logic and rational thinking into their lives. Such individuals look for a partner who can complete them, to bring into the relationship what they themselves lack.

When it comes to work partnerships, people with the seventh house in Virgo influence their co-workers by their way of thinking. They are detail-oriented and helpful people who encourage others to follow their lead. People of this sign often succeed in professions related to education and mentorship.

The Seventh House in Libra

Those with the seventh of the astrology houses in Libra choose their partners carefully. They look for a partner who is willing to discuss the hardships and differences and willing to reach compromise. Such individuals will feel comfortable with a partner who can show them the way to the middle ground.

At work, people with the seventh house astrology in Libra are sociable and energetic, which attracts others. These people easily take on the roles of partners and team members. They possess very kind natures, which their co-workers sometimes can take advantage of.

The Seventh House in Scorpio

Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign. People of this sign often find it difficult to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, along with their positive and negative character traits. Because of this, Scorpios in their youth experience struggles when it comes to personal relationships. However, when they learn to accept their own weaknesses, it will become easier for them to accept others.

In romantic relationships, people with the seventh house in Scorpio look for a strong and powerful individual who will become their partner for life and their equal. Such people believe that loyalty is the key to a successful relationship and expect loyalty from their partners.

The Seventh House in Sagittarius

Those with the cusp of the seventh house in Sagittarius look for a partner who has a strong personality and diverse social life. They like when their partners are independent and have their own interests besides those serving the relationship. Such people enjoy their alone time, too, and will not stick with a partner who is too clingy.

People with the seventh house in Sagittarius enjoy traveling, for pleasure and business alike, and meeting new people. This makes them charismatic individuals who easily establish business partnerships. If they find a profession that involves traveling, they will enjoy it immensely.

The Seventh House in Capricorn

Individuals with the seventh of the astrology houses in the sign of Capricorn have very high standards for others, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. While this is not necessarily a bad quality, as being selective helps them avoid people who want to take advantage of them, it makes it difficult for them to find a romantic partner.

Such people need someone who is loyal and who relies on their support. As a result, individuals with the cusp of the seventh house in Capricorn may decide to not commit to a relationship until later in life. In romantic relationships, they appreciate the partners that seek their support and who can offer theirs in return.

The Seventh House in Aquarius

Those with the seventh of the houses in astrology in Aquarius appreciate when their partners are independent individuals, as they have strong personalities and are afraid of losing their individuality in a relationship. Sometimes, they may be controlling of their partner, so they need to communicate more in order to understand each other better.

Individuals with the seventh house in Aquarius have an eccentric personality which is not always understood by others. This leads to a judgmental attitude since they choose self-expression over going along with others. If people disapprove of them, the best would be to speak their mind and let others know how they feel.

The Seventh House in Pisces

If your seventh house is in the sign of Pisces, you are looking for a partner who is sensitive of your feelings and who can help lighten your mood when you feel down. It should be someone with a strong personality who encourages your strengths and accepts your weaknesses.

When it comes to romantic relationships, those with the seventh of the houses in astrology in the sign of Pisces look for sensitivity and imagination in their partner. Being creative by nature, they are afraid that the down-to-earth personality of their partner would have a negative impact on their creativity. Find a partner who shares your interests while developing a more practical outlook together.