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The sixth of the astrology houses is a cadent house that represents issues related to health and physiology that occur within the person’s lifetime, along with personal hygiene, job and service, daily routines and responsibilities, and pets. The sixth house is also known as the House of Health in astrology, whose main theme is maintaining good health in order to cope with adversity in one’s life. People experience crises, bad luck, and illnesses over the course of their lives, and being able to confront the unfavorable situations is the characteristic that defines an individual and helps him grow. The sixth house is ruled by Mercury and the sign of Virgo.

This house is considered challenging, as a lot in it revolves around discipline, such as our choice in clothes, daily biorhythms, and sleeping patterns. In order to handle the issues controlled by the sixth house, you need to practice effort, patience, and responsibility, as details of your life are important in this house. Depending on the planets present in one’s house, this person can become a workaholic, gym freak, or hypochondriac.

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What Role the Sixth House Plays in Your Life

What is the sixth house in astrology? Revealing the type of one’s work, this house describes routine duties and tasks that we complete on an everyday basis, along with our occupation and the ability to value the work we do. Essential to the work we do throughout our lives is working on oneself. In order to fully realize your potential as an individual, you have to work on yourself as well as work for others. In the sixth of the astrology houses meaning job and service, we can find the relationships between employers and employees, voluntary work, and other services.

This is the house closely connected to one’s health and problems with one’s mind and body. What is the meaning of the sixth house in astrology for a person? If malefic planets are present in the house, it is an unfortunate position for the individual, as both his personal health and work will be affected according to the sixth house. Self-healing and stress reduction, healing your body, following a nutrition plan, and taking care of our health daily – all of these things are described in the sixth house. People with planets in the sixth house possess the ability and the desire to heal others, and this is why many nurses have a strong placement of planets in the sixth house.

Being a part of one’s routine, the sixth of the astrology houses explained also speaks about our pets and relationship with small animals. Having a pet has a healing effect on individuals and small animals in our lives have a large influence on our personality along with our daily habits and behavior. Pets connect with humans by giving them friendship, but besides that, they also teach us how to care for someone other than ourselves. Pets and their owners may inherit each other’s attributes and behaviors throughout the time they spend together as they share their energy with one another.

Good positioning of planets in the sixth house leads to balance in one’s mental, physical, and spiritual life. The influence of the sign of Virgo means constantly improving your day-to-day efficiency in order to complete many tasks throughout the day. The sixth of the astrology houses appreciate the small details and changes in one’s life, as they are the ones that shape the bigger picture.

The Sixth of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The House of Health and work reveals the different aspects of a person’s job and health. People with the sixth house in Gemini hate routine and prefer changing projects very often in order to apply their creativity and enjoy the things they do, while those with the sixth of the houses in astrology in Capricorn find satisfaction in routine and prefer to stay at one place of work for a long time and tackle projects slowly and steadily. Learn more about each zodiac sign with the sixth house cusp placement below.

The Sixth House in Aries

When your sixth house is in Aries, you are a very dedicated and hard-working individual. Such people try to do their best in any work they take on and expect others around them to work just as hard as they do, which might make it difficult for them to communicate with their coworkers. A good solution to this is for you to not work for an employer, but to find an opportunity to build your own business.

Work for people with the cusp of the sixth house in Aries means discipline and following routine. Such people often carry planners where they write down the plans for the day; these people wake up early and work until late. However, it is important to give yourself rest, too, in order to avoid health-related issues.

The Sixth House in Taurus

Individuals with the sixth house in Taurus believe in the balance between work and personal life. They usually enjoy their profession, but prefer not to bring work-related conversations into their personal lives. Such people manage to find time to relax and unwind after long days of work.

At work, people with the sixth house astrology in Taurus concentrate on achieving goals. They do not rush with completing things, but rather try to complete every detail of their job with precision. If Taurus is not happy with his occupation, he might invent excuses in order to avoid doing the work. This is why it is important for such people to find the job they really like, in order to avoid potential troubles with their employer.

The Sixth House in Gemini

If your sixth of the astrology houses is in Gemini, you get tired of routine rather fast and prefer changing multiple small tasks one after another to having a long and difficult project. Such individuals will find their passion at a job where they have to engage their intellect or a profession where they can regularly express their creativity.

At work, people with the sixth house cusp in Gemini are sociable and friendly individuals. If they manage to find a job where both their high intelligence and sociability come to play, it will be a perfect match. However, having just one or the other in your job will lead to isolation from lack of communication or exhaustion from dealing with people’s problems.

The Sixth House in Cancer

Individuals whose House of Health is in the sign of Cancer have a deep emotional connection to their profession and their daily activities. Great achievements at work can make such people overjoyed, while stressful projects will lead to worry and emotional disturbance.

Finding true joy in mundane activities such as cleaning the house or cooking dinner can be very rewarding and will help those with the sixth house astrology in Cancer to find harmony within their family and form close emotional connections with their loved ones. Knowing the emotional side of these people, it is important to practice stress-reducing activities, such as guided breathing, yoga, meditation, and other.

The Sixth House in Leo

People with the sixth of the astrology houses in Leo are a little childish when it comes to their work. They need to approach every project with joy and excitement, and they take pride in being praised or rewarded for their work. When something is going wrong with their projects, such people feel upset and can develop stress-related health problems.

Such individuals need to look for a social job, where they can experiment and try new things every day, along with seeing the results of their hard work. These people depend on the emotional response of their coworkers and tend to absorb some of the other people’s emotions at work.

The Sixth House in Virgo

Since Virgo is the ruler of the sixth house astrology, you are the lucky winner – all the qualities in this sign are amplified. Such individuals are extremely hard-working and consider their profession very important. They can be great at a job which requires caring for others, such as a profession in medicine or education.

People with the sixth of the astrology houses in Virgo prefer practical work and are very particular about the details of their job. They care a lot for their health and pay close attention to their nutrition and exercise habits. In times of stress, such people may experience problems with digestion.

The Sixth House in Libra

The sign of the scales, people with the astrology sixth house in Libra are very particular about having a balance between work and personal life. These people consider emotional and physical investment in work important while appreciating the time they spend on themselves outside of work life.

At their job, people with the cusp of the sixth house in Libra like to be mediators between their coworkers. They promote hard work and avoid conflict. Such people are invested in their work and may develop health problems as a result of a negative work environment.

The Sixth House in Scorpio

If one’s sixth house cusp is in Scorpio, such person will be extremely hard-working and sometimes even obsessed with their job. They might be too demanding from their coworkers, so it would be best for them to work at a job where they can be independent or to start their own business.

These individuals desire autonomy in their work and hate having a routine job and being chained to a desk. It will be best for them to find a creative profession in order to challenge themselves and to not become upset over issues at work. Perhaps people with the sixth of the astrology houses in Scorpio will find their calling in freelancing.

The Sixth House in Sagittarius

One with the sixth of the houses in astrology in Sagittarius are sociable individuals, and it is pleasurable to work with them. If they do not care for their job, they will not take their work seriously. However, if they enjoy their profession, they may spend too much time at it, to the point of being obsessed with the job.

Sagittarius is a lively sign, and this characteristic can be noticeable in people with the sixth house cusp in this sign. They have a positive and energetic attitude in life. They rarely develop health issues, and even if they do, their spirit never lets them feel down because of such things.

The Sixth House in Capricorn

Individuals with the sixth house astrology in Capricorn find pleasure in routine work, and they enjoy taking their projects to the next level slowly but surely. They always look for things to be done and hate staying in one place doing nothing. Capricorns are responsible for their health, but traditionally they may develop problems with joints or bones.

Such people are very disciplined when it comes to work. They prefer to remain at one job for a long time rather than change jobs often. With Capricorn in the House of Health, the individual might be rather extreme, from spending all his time at work to avoiding it completely. It is important for such people to find a job they like doing so they can remain working at the same job for years without getting bored.

The Sixth House in Aquarius

People with the sixth house astrology in Aquarius are bursting with energy and always looking for new and exciting projects. They take upon many tasks one after another and do not notice their exhaustion until they come home. Such individuals are not physically strong, so to help themselves maintain good health, they should pay closer attention to their nutrition and exercise habits.

These individuals will succeed in a profession that requires creative and innovative thinking. The perfect work environment for one with the sixth house in Aquarius means constant changes, in order not to get bored. Such people easily find common ground with others and are very good team players.

The Sixth House in Pisces

Those with the cusp of the sixth house in Pisces have a dreamy nature. They would rather stay home and relax than spend all day at work they do not enjoy. For these people, it is best to find a job they enjoy doing and that helps them reveal their potential.

Being emotional individuals, people who have their sixth of the astrology houses in Pisces have their feelings dependent on the work they do. If they enjoy their profession, they will be happy and joyful, but when something goes wrong at work, it can be easily seen, as they get upset and disappointed in their abilities.