June 16, 2024
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Signs You Know Someone Past Life

What Are The Signs That You Know Someone From a Past Life?

Have you wondered where your unexplained strengths or skills come from? Have you also wondered why you have unexplained phobias that you cannot trace to a cause? Whenever you meet someone for the first time, do you sometimes get the sense you’ve known them before? If you answered yes to these questions, you’ll want to be open about your past lives being the reason. The concept of past lives and reincarnation has fascinated humanity for centuries. You can carry energetic connections and relationships from previous lifetimes into your existence. Let’s explore signs that may indicate a connection with someone from a past life. These signs are not definitive proof. However, they can offer intriguing insights into the possibility of shared history and deep connections that transcend time.

Instant and Intense Connection

A common sign of a past life connection is an immediate and intense bond with someone upon meeting them. It feels as if you’ve known them forever, and there is an unexplainable familiarity and comfort in their presence. 

That is because you likely have and will develop a profound understanding with them. You can communicate with them by giving them a look, as they will telepathically pick up what you say. The same will happen with them as you will telepathically pick up what they are saying to you. 

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Often, these bonds can be like finding your best friend in life. It could be a parent, a partner, or a child. A connection like this is a soulmate connection. 

Recurring Dreams or Memories About Someone

Dreams and vivid memories may offer glimpses into past life experiences. It means something profound if you consistently dream about someone you knew from another era. You could also imagine that individual from another time, which could be you digging into your subconscious. Vivid memories that belong to another time could signify a past-life connection. 

For example, you are a grade school child attending a summer arts camp. You meet someone else in your group with whom you feel an uncanny connection. However, you don’t instantly become friends with this person. You begin to have recurring dreams about walking in the streets of medieval England with this individual. There is a good chance you knew this individual in a lifetime taking place in medieval England. 

Unexplainable Attraction or Aversion

Sometimes, you meet people who evoke strong emotions within us, either positive or negative, without any rational explanation. This unexplainable attraction or aversion might indicate a past life connection. It means that some unresolved emotions or experiences carry over into the present. 

Here is an example. You develop an intense crush on someone in college and cannot explain the intensity of this attraction. All you know is that you have intense feelings towards your crush. There is a chance that you and this individual were lovers in a past life. That is especially true if they are receptive to you similarly. 

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What does it mean if they don’t feel the same way about you? What if they want nothing to do with you? It could mean a case of past-life unrequited love (you loved them, and they did not love you). Maybe you were in love but betrayed them, or vice versa. 

How about when you meet someone for the first time who you immediately dislike? This individual has never done anything to you, but you cannot stand them anyway. That can also indicate that you had a negative experience with them in a previous life. It could be an in-law, a teacher, a neighbor, or a classmate (who you get into fights with often). 

Shared Interests and Hobbies

Discovering that you share similar interests, passions, or hobbies with someone could signify a past-life connection. It suggests you both have a strong affinity for certain activities or subjects carried over to your current lifetime. However, it does not mean you and this individual will become great friends outside the activity. 

For example, you enroll in an art class. You love painting and are pretty good at it. You are working on a canvas next to someone you feel connected with. This individual also shares a love for painting. Therefore, when you and this individual are painting, you exchange words about it. You discuss how you took to painting at a young age and what you learned throughout your experiences. 

You and this individual may have been artists who knew one another in a previous life. That explains your connection and shared love for painting. 

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Deep Empathy and Understanding

Even without knowing someone’s story or background, feeling an unspoken understanding and empathy toward them can signify a past-life connection. It’s as if you can profoundly sense their emotions and experiences. However, this is not always a sign of a past-life connection. You may experience this if you are an empath and feel others’ emotions frequently. 

However, in this case, it would be more than having empathy. It would be a profound connection of understanding. For example, you are riding on the train to work, and you sit next to someone who talks to you. As they start speaking with you, you feel a profound connection with this person. You have never seen them before, let alone spoken to them, but you feel like you have. 

They also feel comfortable telling you about personal things in their lives. As they discuss them with you, you almost feel as if you experienced what they have even though you haven’t. This type of empathetic connection is unexplainable. Based on this profound empathetic connection, you could have known them in a past life. 

Karmic Patterns and Lessons

Repeating patterns or lessons that surface in multiple relationships may indicate karmic ties from past lives. These patterns can be positive or challenging, serving as opportunities for growth, healing, or resolution of past life experiences. Often, you have these experiences with family members, friends, or enemies you make at school, work, or other places. Those who become a romantic partner are usually in your life for karmic reasons. 

You create a soul contract when you have past-life connections with people for karmic reasons, whether positive or negative. You make a plan with them before you incarnate. You agree to connect with them to learn a lesson you need to know, and those lessons can be painful.

They will often be family members you don’t get along with, enemies, a friendship going sour, or a problematic client. But you also make a soul contract with those who can support you as you learn those lessons. They can be supportive family members, best friends, mentors who support you, etc. Those who have some karmic connection will impact you significantly, too. 

For example, suppose you get a new job or are transferred to a new workplace location. You end up working with a coworker who keeps bullying you and is attempting to one-up you. In that case, there is a good chance of a karmic connection. 

Since you intuitively feel a profound connection with this individual, though negative, you go for a past-life regression. During the session, you discover this individual was someone you stole from in a previous life. Your lesson is to give back and help this coworker while making it clear you will not tolerate their poor treatment of you. They may be receptive. That could be your lesson, to give back what they need. 

Key Takeaways

While it is impossible to prove connections with someone from a past life, the signs and experiences mentioned offer possibilities. Recognizing these signs can deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of souls. You can also see the potential for profound connections that transcend time and space. Whether these signs indicate a past-life connection, they remind you that there is more than you realize. Some vast mysteries and possibilities exist beyond your current existence.

If you suspect you have a past-life connection with someone, you will want to go for a past-life regression. You can also go for a past-life reading if you don’t want to undergo hypnosis. You can learn why you are connecting with someone from a past life. Additionally, you can find out the lessons you need to learn with them, if there are any. If it is a positive and supportive connection, then they are there to support you through it. 

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