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In mythology, he is known as Zeus, king of heaven and all of the gods. Astrologically, he is known as the Greater Benefic, because he rules over luck, travel, excess, wealth, and higher knowledge. Jupiter is larger than life, always expanding and always growing. We need his influence in order to understand philosophical concepts, to get in touch with our spirituality, dictate right from wrong, and to create lawful councils. Without him, we couldn’t evolve as a society.  

This November, Jupiter traveled back into its home sign of optimistic Sagittarius, allowing for its fullest expression. This marks a time of opportunity, enlightenment, and an overall enthusiasm for life. Jupiter’s influence is typically pleasant and generous. Good things manifest when the planet of luck is involved—and in Sagittarius, the possibilities are endless. 

Jupiter’s Cycle 

Jupiter takes one full year to move through each sign of the zodiac or about twelve years to make a full circle. You’re coming out of controlled and focused Scorpio, which allowed you to hone in on deeper connections, truths, and personal transformation. Jupiter in Scorpio gave you better insight into your own subconscious, making way for exponential growth and development. This is important as it leads into the next cycle of life. Knowing yourself better allows you to go out into the world with confidence, purpose, and a sense of adventure. Sagittarius widens your view, along with switch your focus to bigger ideas, beliefs, and philosophies. 

 Since Jupiter is Sagittarius’s ruling planet, we’re getting a double dose of the larger-than-life energy. The fire sign is full of adventure, ambition, and enthusiasm for life—so don’t count on experiencing a quiet year. This is a year for action. 

 Think back to what was going on in your life twelve years ago. What was happening? Do you notice any patterns? Though your life may be different now, chances are, you will be able to recognize the way in which you expanded your horizons. That time period allowed you to grow and become the person you are today. What happens over the course of the next year is the start of a new twelve-year cycle, which is why it’s important for you to take advantage of every opportunity and to set your intentions for the future.  

Who will be affected by Jupiter in Sagittarius?  

Every sign will feel the cosmic shift on some level. Fire signs will reap the most benefits (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), and mutable signs may face the most challenges (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). Just remember, that even a Jupiterian challenge is typically a minor event in the storm of cosmic possibilities. The biggest detriment usually occurs from overindulgence, which is hard to resist under Jupiter’s endless rays of optimistic influence. Weight gain, excessive spending, gambling, and frivolity, are all known to happen. 

What does this mean for your sign? Please read your sun, moon, and ascendant to receive a complete picture.  


AriesThe planet of luck is moving into your House of Higher Education and Travel. If you’ve been considering educational opportunities, now is the time to act. Whatever training or classes you seek out will influence your life in great ways. Alternatively, you may find yourself traveling and being immersed in new cultures. When Jupiter moves through your ninth house, it seeks to broaden your horizons. You may find your belief system expands. Open your mind and embrace new ideas. What you discover over the next year will re-shape your life.  


TaurusJupiter is traveling through your Eighth House of Transformation. This house brings up topics of sex, death, birth, transformation, and finances. Be careful of taking out loans or using credit cards. Jupiter’s tendency to expand can also increase one’s debt. Otherwise, you can count on the next year touching on profound topics. You won’t have patience for anything superficial or trivial. Instead, you will be invested in exploring deeper ideas and truths. 


GeminiThe planet of luck is highlighting your seventh House of Partnerships, Gemini. This is a great time to foster new relationships, both professionally and in your personal life. Many people get married during this transit or find themselves entering committed relationships. Business partnerships are forged, beneficial contracts signed, and legal matters will have beneficial outcomes.  


CancerThe Greater Benefic is moving through your sixth house of Health and Wellbeing. This is a great time to focus on your daily life, nutrition, exercise, and activities. Diets can result in big weight loss. Any planned surgeries should go smoothly and have positive results. You may find your daily life activities increase as Jupiter tends to expand in this area as well. Prepare to be busy! 


LeoJupiter is livening things up for you, Leo! It’s traveling through your fifth House of Self-expression, giving you free rein to follow your heart’s passions. Love, romance, children, and creativity are all major themes of this house. It’s time to release your inner child and enjoy life over the next year. 


VirgoHome life and family are at the forefront of this transit, Virgo. Family matters will demand your attention. You may undergo a major move or experience some type of expansion within your family. Or you may simply find that domesticated matters take precedence during the course of the next year. 


LibraCommunications are coming into focus. If you’re tired of the world putting you on mute, you won’t have to worry. Jupiter is moving through your third house, where themes of siblings, short distance travel, and communications come up. Your mind and intellect will shine. Your voice will be heard loud and clear. Use this opportunity to network, strategize, and put any verbal or writing skills you may have to good use! 


ScorpioNew financial opportunities are being brought to you, Scorpio. You may be given a raise. Investments may begin to pay off. Or you may find yourself the lucky recipient of a large sum of money. Remember to always consider future plans. While Jupiter can bring in money, its influence can also cause one to make large, unnecessary purchases.  


SagittariusThis transit will impact you on many levels as Jupiter is your ruling planet. This is the start of a new twelve-year cycle, complete with endless opportunities. You’re not the same person as you once were. Outside influences are being re-shaped to reflect the change inside of you. Your friends, interests, and passions are evolving. The First House rules your sense of identity or the “self”. Jupiter here brings the confidence to step your own sense of identity. The challenge is in moving on from what you once thought you were to the person you’re becoming. Let go of the past. Embrace the sense of optimism Jupiter brings. The best is yet to come. 


CapricornA subconscious shift or awakening is happening, Capricorn. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exploring spiritual paths under the influence of this transit. Jupiter’s influence is drawing you to get in touch with your connection to the Universe. Old, outdated belief systems will change or broaden. Your psychic intuition will grow. This is your chance to learn as much as you can, meditate, and recharge your life.  


AquariusYour dreams and goals have completely changed from the last time Jupiter entered Sagittarius, over a decade ago. You may have already accomplished what you set out to do or perhaps you are being driven to take a new path. When Jupiter enters this house, you become inspired to feel more positive about the future in order to create new goals. An abundance of friends will surround you in support during this transit. Learn from the new friendships you create and allow yourself to give birth to new dreams. 


PiscesThis is going to be a big year for you Pisces, as the Grand Benefic is bringing a large dose of luck to your public image. Your career is being pulled under the spotlight. As much as you might shy away from grandiose accolades, you should embrace the recognition. This is your time to shine. If you’ve had big plans in the works, this is your chance to see them through. You have the planet of luck on your side to help you navigate the details. 



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