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The first house, also known as the House of Self in astrology, is the most important reflection of an individual’s character, manners, style, temperament, and physical characteristics. Among astrology houses explained, it is known as the Ascendant, and it is a house of your behavior, as well as your likes and dislikes. The first house represents how you demonstrate yourself in front of others and how the others perceive you. Often, it points to your physical characteristics, especially the shape of your head and face, which vary depending on the signs and planets in the first house.

When we think what is the first house, we sometimes refer to it as the house of personal interests, as it defines what you would like to receive from life and how you work to achieve it. The place of the astrology first house in your natal chart is the most important in the horoscope, as it defines the positions of all remaining astrology houses. In astrology, the first house is thought of like a magnifying glass through which the rest of the birth chart is being learned and interpreted.

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What Role the First House Plays in Your Life

It is important to know that the first house describes the individual’s consciousness and the fundamental event of discovering the Self, mystically connected with the existence of the physical body. The first house talks about acquiring human individuality. The place of the consciousness is where we identify with ourselves, and it is described in the first house and cannot be found in other houses in astrology.

Only in critical physical conditions, we give up the previous sense of consciousness, but even in that moment, a fight happens between a short-lived sense of excellence and our self-identification.  Unlike other astrology houses, the first house tells us about the perception of self, awareness of individuality that lies beyond things visible to the eye; it tells us about those who observe, feel, think, and interact with the life coming from the depth of Self. The qualities of the sign that lies on the cusp of the first house and the planets in the first house signify the typical method by which we create self-awareness.

The meaning of the first house in astrology determines many characteristics that we spontaneously demonstrate through our identities, and this is important. However, this house plays another important role as the border that defines and supports the integrity of a person’s identity. What is the first house in astrology? It is a bridge that connects the self with everything outside of the self. It uncovers how we protect our personality during the interaction with the outside world.

Since the first house defines the immediate types of experience of self-identification as a human being, it is directly correlated to every event in our lives. When it comes to certain types of experience related to other astrology houses meaning, the influence of the first house cannot be underestimated. Any type of experience where an individual expresses himself or where his consciousness shows itself falls under the meaning of the first house in astrology. As a result, the house of self in astrology is the most important for the analysis of our views on life. For that reason, the position of the house ruler in a sign, the sign placed on the cusp of the first house, is so important in astrology and is one of the most important factors in the interpretation of the natal chart.

The First of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The first house astrology can tell more when it comes to describing the individual, the Self. Depending on the sign where your Ascendant is set, astrologers can suggest your physical features and character traits. Consider how some individuals demonstrate energy, optimism, and excitement, if they have Aries on the cusp of the first house, while others must borrow energy from people around them, like those with the Ascendant in Libra. Find out about the first house in all zodiac signs below.

The First House in Aries

If your Ascendant is set in the sign of Aries, you will be granted with energy and strength. These individuals have a great amount of confidence that helps them in realizing their dreams and goals, as they do not want to waste their time on trivial things. They respond with excitement and optimism to any challenges that life brings them.

It is very important for the first house in Aries to be able to keep calm in difficult situations. These individuals are restless and can irritate others with their dynamic, aggressive, and sociable nature. They begin work easily, but rarely finish it, as they get bored with one thing and move on to another. On an individual level, these people are represented by planet Mars.

The First House in Taurus

When the first house is in Taurus, the individuals put all their time and effort into profitable events. They are actively seeking comfort and wealth. In personal relationships, these individuals are polite and respectful. They like stability and complete all the work they start. They are strict and rational and look for explanations to all things that happen around them.

The first house in Taurus has a rather lazy character and only reacts to the things he considers important. In the situations where these people do not feel confident, they choose to be quiet instead of discussing their worries with others. This type of an individual is difficult to teach; however, once he learns something, it will stay with him for good. In personal relationships, such people rely on the opinion of others and find it difficult to express themselves. This is someone represented by Venus.

The First House in Gemini

The first house in Gemini has strong intellectual abilities and creative thinking. In personal relationships, such individuals seek communication, appreciate humor, imagination, and intellect. It is very easy to become friends with them due to their ability to create a connection with any person.

When the first among the houses in astrology is in Gemini, such individual easily gives up the work he starts and disregards old skills in favor of new ones. These people are impulsive and react heatedly to new thoughts and information, being very sensitive to any changes or new movements. It is important for the first house in Gemini to learn to analyze the information and to not mistake it with energy or emotional spheres of their lives. They are represented by Mercury.

The First House in Cancer

The first house in Cancer means that the individual is not confident about his feelings, yet very passionate. Such people have a strong will behind their emotions, a trait which shows in their relationships with family and close friends. Others might think that these individuals are quiet and reserved; however, they are in fact very deep and emotional.

These individuals need to learn how to be practical and persistent at work, in order to protect themselves from wrongdoers. They should work on presenting themselves correctly and honestly, in order to have the right emotional perception of things around them. Being rather sensitive, such individuals are easily influenced by others. This is a sign ruled by the Moon.

The First House in Leo

When the first house is in Leo, the individual fights an ego battle. He looks for attention and good disposition while sometimes regarding others with arrogance. People of this sign like new branded clothes and like to demonstrate their energetic character to others. They are romantic and idealistic.

The house of self in Leo is an individual with a strong and dominating personality. They take upon difficult projects with excitement and always complete the tasks they start. These individuals like to express their opinion or present well-thought arguments. They need to control their vanity and ego in order to communicate with others at work and in personal relationships. The ruler of the first house in Leo is the Sun.

The First House in Virgo

Ascendant in the sign of Virgo means that these individuals will be very sociable and helpful in relationships with others. They prefer quality over quantity and tend to be perfectionists. These individuals are usually thin, with a fine physique. They are intelligent and take upon the tasks they know for certain they can complete and always fulfill their promises.

The ruler of the first of the houses in astrology in Virgo is Mercury. These people often get shy in difficult situations when they lack information about something. They find it difficult to demonstrate their creativity and sometimes misunderstand the meaning of other people’s words. Being trustworthy themselves, these individuals are vulnerable to deception and have problems with trusting others.

The First House in Libra

The first house in Libra is represented by Venus. These individuals do not have enough energy resources within the Self, so they have to take the energy from the people surrounding them, which can make personal relationships seem exhausting. These individuals have good taste in clothes and like to incorporate small but beautiful details into their everyday lives.

If your cusp of the first house is in Libra, you are a tactful, friendly, and sociable person who always looks for strong friendships and honest partnerships. These individuals see the positive and negative characteristics of the matter, which makes it difficult for them to make decisions. As they get older, they might experience problems with excess weight, so this is something to think about early on.

The First House in Scorpio

When your Ascendant is in Scorpio, you are tightly connected to the material world and involved in the events surrounding your life. These individuals are very honest about their likes and dislikes and tend to lose their temper when faced with difficulties on their way to fulfilling their goals.

The most prominent characteristic of the first house in Scorpio is power. These individuals have a strong physique, large facial features, and fierce look in their eyes. Their power comes from within and generates strong emotional responses from people they communicate with. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, the people whose first house is in Scorpio radiate sexual energy and take emotional pleasure in knowing that other people are attracted to them.

The First House in Sagittarius

If you are born with the Ascendant in Sagittarius, you are most likely physically larger than other members of your family. When you do not possess these characteristics on a physical level, you can demonstrate them emotionally, having a bright mind and strong convictions. Such an individual, ruled by Jupiter, will attract others with his friendly and optimistic nature.

People born with the house of self in Sagittarius can find the way out of very difficult situations and they never lose hope. These individuals are lucky and charming. They like to express themselves as energetic and positive people, but avoid showing strong emotions to others. It is easy to fall in love with them, and they are always in the center of attention from the opposite sex.

The First House in Capricorn

Ruled by Saturn, people with the first house in Capricorn are practical and set on achieving their material goals. They have a very strong personality which sometimes makes them arrogant and they find it difficult to understand the people who are weaker or more emotional than they are. These individuals are strong rulers and usually occupy leading positions in organizations.

When the Ascendant is in Capricorn, the individuals go forward steadily in order to complete their objectives, without paying attention to small mistakes. They seek to rise above others using only their personal strength and intelligence. These people achieve many things in life, slowly but surely climbing up the career ladder.

The First House in Aquarius

When the Ascendant is in Aquarius, the individual will give preference to everything unconventional, which will make it difficult for him to blend into the society. Their clothes and possessions are of strange designs and their personality often seems edgy. They embrace change and desire to change the world, so they do not recognize authority and established traditions. They like shocking others with their appearance and behavior.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, people with the first of the houses in astrology in Aquarius want others to like them, without losing their individuality in the process. People see them as lively and attractive. They often dislike physical activity which can have a bad influence on their health.

The First House in Pisces

People with the Ascendant in Pisces have tender souls. They develop a deep understanding of religious, mystical, and mythological events. They are not connected to materialistic views and things and like to spend their time in the world of imagination. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, they are romantic and idealistic, and they tend to romanticize everyday life.

While not being physically strong, they usually win intellectually. These people are sympathetic and calm and try to avoid difficult situations at any cost. They need to have more confidence in their abilities and focus on small things that can help them achieve greater happiness.