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What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Career Style

What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Career Style?

Your sun sign reveals a lot about your potential, career aspirations, and working style. It acknowledges your compatibility with coworkers and your ability to work well with them. Your individual birthday, time of birth and birth chart can tell you more specific things about your working potential and your working motivations, as it unlocks Jupiter the planet of good luck, optimism, success, and generosity. Still, your sun sign also says a lot about your capabilities, especially regarding the people you will work best with. Particular star signs are meant to possess certain skills, which pertain to your Astrology and relate to others in different ways.

By now you are probably familiar with the four elements of Astrology: Fire, air, earth, and water. These elements take on different attributes, which express themselves in unique and often contrasting ways in the workplace.

Astrological Elements

Air: the most chill of all the signs, easy-going and indecisive

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Fire: The most intense signs, outgoing, bold and confident

Earth: The most stable of all the signs, rational, grounded, logical

Water: The most emotional signs, insecure, intuitive and nurturing

Elements play a big role in how well we connect. Different elements work better together than others. Keep in mind that there are those who are born on the cusp of other signs, which gives them duality (if you are born within ten days of another sign, this is you so please read both horoscopes), and the ability to get along with a more diverse range of people.

Here’s how zodiac signs perform in the workspace. 

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries will shine in charge. As first in the zodiac, Aries is a natural born leader.  Naturally, Aries likes to take on the boss role. They are excellent at making big calls, but they also excel at managing people, organizing events, and creating awareness for brands, businesses, and projects. Aries is very hard-working. They are talented at what they do and tend to do it well—they lead by example. They have a unique approach to situations, which inspires people. Aries is designed to want to be the best. Aries is competitive and will seek out the best jobs and teams in the city. As we determined, Aries is a sign that likes to win, Aries will put up a fight. For example, they might fight for ways to benefit the work environment. Aries will also put career before love. Usually holding down a demanding job, work becomes a big part of Aries’ life. When it comes to occupations, Aries would make for an excellent manager, entertainer, CEO, project manager, lawyer or architect. Aries can build things up and achieve greatness. They do have to keep their anger and stress levels in control, Aries tends to take on a lot so they should be in touch with their self-care. At work, Aries needs to consider the needs of others.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus is a sign of control and power. Taurus contrasts with fire signs, earth signs make for good leaders in other ways because they are grounded, rational and dependable. Taurus is an extremely hard-working sign. They do have a lazy streak in them, but work is not the place where they show it. Taurus will often be the one to show others how it’s supposed to be done. Taurus will give a lot to the job. Taurus will be trusted and given a lot of responsibility in a very short period of time. Taurus can be a bit of a bull in a china shop on the odd occasion. Taurus can also be a bit of a bully (so if they’re your boss and they intimidate you this makes sense), however, for the most part, Taurus, ruled by Venus is tender at the root. There are unhappy Taurus bosses that can’t help but be mean and orderly, but underneath it all, they are good people to have around. Taurus will always have their heart in the right place but once in awhile they take being in charge too seriously. Taurus is smart, sensible and capable of making good judgment calls. Taurus makes hard tasks look easy. Matters are often very safe in their hands. Taurus might literally enjoy working with their hands. Taurus will embrace manual labor and long shifts. Sometimes they even work multiple jobs. They are motivated by money and enjoy making it. Taurus is very durable and hard to break. Taurus is your ideal worker, focused and dedicated.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Gemini could talk or write their way through anything. They are ruled by the planet of Communications and have the verbal portion down cold. There isn’t much a Gemini couldn’t do. Gemini is very diverse and able to do a lot of different things well. Gemini views things very distinctly, very clearly. They are a visionary and will often have a niche, an area of work in which they excel at. They are very prone to detail and aesthetic, if you’ve done something different, Gemini will notice. Gemini is great in Merchandising, the Arts and excellent at Communications. Gemini would do well in sales, in law, merchandising and interior design. Hospitality is another one of Gemini’s strengths. Gemini loves to entertain guests and provide the best experience possible from the food to the flowers. Regardless of what Gemini does, it can’t be dull. A lot of Gemini’s have short attention spans and operate at a high pace—they need to be on the move. What they do has to excite them on a constant basis. Gemini needs to love whatever it is that they do, otherwise Gemini will get up and leave, or feel trapped, which will be even worse. Gemini is not scared to take a leap of faith and walk away. Gemini gets over things quickly, they also are prone to making life changes and holding a resume of diverse experience.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer has to find their craft in order to be successful. Cancer can’t fake it for long in a job they don’t truly care about—it won’t last. Cancer doesn’t always do well with authority figures—they will hate to let them down. Also, Cancer is not always comfortable with being the boss, though it does happen, especially if Cancer owns what they do. Cancer needs to work with people that they get along with. Most Cancers are very creative and highly empathic people. They are emotional and sensitive and because of this, Cancer doesn’t get along with everybody. Some people will simply get under Cancer’s skin. Other people Cancer just won’t trust. When Cancer is properly supported in the workplace, they can do amazing things. Cancer is the solutions specialist. They are crafty, domestic and they can save the day! Cancer knows how to solve an IT issue and make cookies at the same time. Cancer craves comfort so they may choose the simple life over the crazy career path. Cancer is about family first and will put love and family before work. When Cancer is happy, they can make for excellent providers, but liking what they do is paramount. Cancer may come off shy or reserved at first, but you will quickly learn that they are very skilled, and while they might keep to themselves at first, once you crack the Cancer shell, they will open you up to a world full of intelligence and opportunity.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Most Leos need to be their own boss and work best this way. Leo is a natural born leader. They don’t always have the patience of dealing with other people’s egos. Leo is the king of the jungle and requires a strong following—yes they are the type to pay attention to this. A certified Leo is very popular, hard-working and passionate, but Leo has to love what they do in order to stay engaged. There aren’t any questions about Leo’s level of loyalty, they just have to enjoy the work. Their work has to speak to who they are on a personal level. Leo will shout it loud and proud when it does. Leo was born to make dreams come true so they should follow the dreams that they have. Leo can shine at any given moment. It is very hard to ignore a Leo or refrain from loving them or thinking that they are the best. Leo is talented in many ways. Leo is charming and when they figure out what they love to do, they can move people, they can truly thrive and soar. Leo is probably the hero at work, the person who helps others and puts that special touch on things. Leo is the person that makes a difference because they stand out and make most things (even work) more enjoyable. Leo is that knowing person who you can come to for answers and help. Leo can make for an excellent teacher and working mentor. Leo is also great in the media, the arts, the entertainment industry, public relations, management, and film. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo, like most earth signs, likes to be in control. Virgo is laced with a very moral side—at work, they do things by the book. Virgo is highly intelligent and very analytical. They can analyze any situation. Virgo will usually want to have their say or put in their input. Virgo might challenge the boss, but that’s because Virgo should be the boss. Virgo sets a high standard and is immensely hard-working. Virgo is the sign of service and is constantly giving as much of themselves (and more) to their careers. Virgo is a critical sign so when they pay you a compliment at work, they really mean it. If they tell you that you did a good job, it’s because you did a good job. Virgo can be stubborn, but they really value work and strive towards professionalism at all times. Sometimes Virgo thinks they have a better way, but they will work hard to prove to you that they are right. The Virgo in the house is not the same Virgo as in the office. Virgo is excellent at solving problems and putting together the pieces of a mystery. Virgo is prone to being good with numbers and organizing data. Virgo has a knowing instinct that can rarely be questioned. Their level of dedication to their job is commendable. They have an admirable sense of focus.

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

There are certainly Libra people in power. Though it is more likely that Libra’s in power are cusp signs. Which means that they are born within ten days of Virgo or Scorpio. These signs combined with Libra, create a dual-natured individual with many gifts. Libra isn’t the type to tell people what to do. They do like to share their knowledge. Libra is about harmony in the workplace. Libra is a sign that likes to be liked. They tend to keep things on the chill side. Easily, Libra could have a talent that they were born with and it comes naturally to them. When Libra masters a craft, this could end up in them working for a company that completely loves them and their work ethic. It is possible that Libra could be unmotivated to start pursuing career goals. They may end up working in a lower-paying job, or they might rock the hospitality industry. Still, Libra has bigger dreams, gifts, and goals–Libra just isn’t always the one to make the first to move—sometimes they need help. Often, Libra lacks the ability to be outgoing and assertive. Libra likes to have fun, socialize and play, but when they need to put their head down, they will. No matter of these truths, a big aspect of maturing for the Libra is working to put their future goals in check. They need to find motivations from within. This will help them reach their true potential. Libra is full of possibilities; Libra will use their smarts when they need to. When they what to make things happen or get something, they usually do. Libra’s usually have a lot of diverse talents, they are great with anything visual like art, fashion, and beauty. Libra has to demand its spot in the workplace and not let anyone push them around. This will help Libra be successful. It all comes down to recognizing their special talents and believing that they have loads to offer.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio works so hard that sometimes they bring work home with them. Other Scorpios are done the instant they punch out. Scorpio will go great lengths to get tasks completed. Scorpio is always contributing and giving more than they should. Scorpio is a sign of control and they are excellent in charge. If they aren’t the boss at work, they are the boss in some element of their life. A Scorpio will know how to set a wonderful working example for others. It’s rare that a Scorpio would get in trouble for their level of work. Scorpio women could take on the world. They make for super lady bosses. As one of the most intelligent signs, Scorpio values trust, which is why you can ensure that they will do a good job. Scorpio males are often quite introverted, and Scorpio female will have things that she keeps to herself. You might not hear it from Scorpio, but you will be able to read their mood from their body language. Scorpio has the ability to earn respect quickly. Scorpio is an impressive worker and if you work for one you will likely want to impress them back. Scorpio is known for biting off more than they can chew, regardless, Scorpio always seems to manage. Scorpio can be the one to save the day at work! They can be silent, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t always extremely effective. A Scorpio is aware of how to make their way up the ladder and create mind-blowing results.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius is a natural born leader and a natural born boss. It is something in their outgoing, fiery nature that makes them perfect for the job. Sagittarius is known to naturally be a bit bossy. Like Aries, Sagittarius works to shake things up, make big moves, and excel at being a leader. Sagittarius needs to be in charge of what they do, they need to have the passionate inside about coming to work every day. Sagittarius can really make it in the business world and will have a natural flair for business. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be told what’s wrong with them. They prefer to correct others. Sagittarius has a vision about how things should go and are great at taking care of important matters and putting in the final input. They are great at overseeing the work of others and making beneficial calls. Sagittarius will also endeavor in risk; they like to take chances and make big moves. They aren’t afraid to make big changes in their career. Sagittarius has to be wary of who they trust and who they do business with and decide to associate with. Certain partnerships could be bad for Sagittarius and being cautious will keep them out of trouble. Despite the situation, Sagittarius is a hustler and is constantly making moves that have an impact.

Capricorn (December 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn works for their dreams and works really hard, so they usually come true. Everything Capricorn wants seems to come to reality if they are a true Capricorn who wants the best things out of life—and this includes the best jobs. Capricorn is always at work and rarely at rest, they want things out of life, they set goals and go after them. Capricorn is often in charge at work and they usually do things by the book. Capricorn sets a vibe that can be loved or resented. Capricorn is very traditional, and they live by certain rules. Capricorn will project their expectations and guidelines onto you naturally. Capricorn is often the first man in and the last man out—they take their work very seriously. They put in a lot but aren’t always satisfied because there’s a little bit of perfectionism there. are extremely hard workers, but they are not often satisfied. Capricorn has high standards and will hold you to them. Capricorn tries to give second chances, but it will take them a long time to forget and perceive you in a new way. You will have to prove yourself to Capricorn superiors. Capricorn also needs their validation; they like being told positive feedback. Capricorn does better with credit. If Capricorn gets promoted or obtains a new sense of power, you will likely know about it.

Aquarius (January 19-February 18)

Aquarius is often referred to as being the genius of the Zodiac. They are very gifted and can make it in many fields. Aquarius is a humanitarian and inspires others to change the workplace by making it better. Aquarius is a mastermind. In the right position, with the right team, they can really excel. Aquarius is constantly taking part in multiple activities at once. Sometimes Aquarius works multiple jobs. Aquarius has to recognize that not all people are on the same page, and once they learn to teach their skills to others, they will become truly valuable. Aquarius is best in the mentor/teacher role, as they often possess qualities, which others look up to. It is important that Aquarius uses their gifts to do good. Aquarius has high expectations and needs to ensure that work satisfies their desires. Aquarius can work at one place for many years or explore the adventure of moving from one place to the other. Once Aquarius finds a sense of home at work they will be overjoyed. Aquarius needs to stay motivated and challenged. Aquarius doesn’t want repetition–they want more, they want excitement. If Aquarius can get everything that they desire from one position, then this is a good fit.

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

As we know, there are plenty of fish in the sea and leads to different working aspirations. Not all Pisces have career motivations. Pisces has a child-like essence and hate the idea of growing older and setting real, long-term goals in the real world. On the other hand, Einstein was a Pisces and greatness is really possible here. Pisces is very gifted at perception. They are idealistic and have strong intuitions that can be valued. Pisces is highly imaginary and creative. They are unique and usually bring great energy to the work environment. Pisces needs to find the right fit, and the right job, not just any job because they’ll probably get fired. Pisces needs to get along with the people that they work with and feel inspired by them. A highly stimulating environment is good for Pisces. Pisces is all signs before them, meaning they have elements of every sign in them. Anything is possible. The sky is the limit for Pisces. You can never be certain of what you are going to get, but you should almost always expect honesty. A good fish will bring brilliance to the workplace. A good fish will be popular and set a special, and one-of-a-kind example. A good fish will leave a positive mark wherever they go.

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