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How the Elements Create Different People

How The Elements Create Different People

When you wonder why people are different, it might be wise to look at their dominating element sign. Elements tell us a lot about people they will react in certain situations.

Your elements, basically the magic behind each sign, reveals a lot about how people are and how they interact with you. Certain elements are better suited for each other than others. The elements indicate whether or not we can exist with one another if we are built to last with someone, and what that says about the elements we need in our lives.

Air Signs

This is the sign that is emotionally distant about love—they think about love more than they feel it. When they do feel it, however, they really feel it. Air signs are often ‘up in the air’ with their thoughts. Very intellectual, they connect through the mind. Air signs don’t always know what they want, and they can be flakey, but they are generally a delight to be around and attract a lot of people in their lives.

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Fire Signs

This is the sign of confidence, whether it is modest or loud, fire will know what they want and likely go after it. They are pulled by their passions and often make their passions into successful work. They don’t love, like truly love just anyone, but when they meet their match, they aren’t so hard to get. Fire knows their worth and isn’t going to lower themselves for anyone. Their partner will likely complement their energy or be equally as great. Fire won’t mind shining over you, but that’s just their nature.

Earth Sign

This is the realistic, more serious energy of the zodiac. Earth signs look to bond and maintain bonds through a sense of loyalty and devotion. They are grounded, rational, and practical. They will look at the facts before they get carried away with them. Stubbornness runs high with earth signs. They can’t help but have expectations of the people they love. Earth signs are forgiving, but they have their limits. If they feel undervalued or underappreciated earth can grow unhappy. How you treat them has a lot to do with how they will feel about you.

Water Signs

This is the emotional group of the zodiac. The type to feel things before they think about them in mind. Water signs want true love, but they aren’t always easy to match. Water is a bit picky, and particular about what and who they like. If they like someone they really like someone, if they don’t like someone, they really don’t like that someone. Water is intuitive, deep, empathic, and compassionate—they tend to put others first. Their selfish complex is their greatest demise because they need to find self-love in order to find the romantic love that they are seeking.

Water and Air

This is a tricky combination because air doesn’t have the capacity for water’s emotions. They will love them when they are happy and fun, but they will take space from them when they are down and out. Some signs are just better prepared to deal with emotions than others.

Fire and Water

This is a unique pairing. There is a lot that can bring them together. They can share a lot of common ground, but water will find fire flakey and self-absorbed, and they won’t relate to their flashy lifestyles. These two can really bond in that water helps to cool the fire down, and fire can build water up, but at the end of the day, they remain on different pages. It’s up to them to decide if they love this reality or not.

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Earth and Air

These two signs will connect on the surface, but they will bump heads. Air just does things differently than earth—they are more proactive. Earth won’t always understand air’s ability to let things go so quickly, but earth can be taken in by air, and convinced by them to feel a certain way.

These are just some of the zodiac energies that can interact in the wrong way, but even so, certain signs come together like Gemini and Scorpio or Capricorn and Gemini or Leo and Capricorn—these pairings don’t make sense on the surface but based on their charts they are prone to potentially work. While certain signs clash in some regards, they also really connect on many levels.

Water may need air to get their mind off stuff. Air can provide a healthy distraction. They also teach you how not to let things affect you so deeply.

Signs of the same sign should connect, but they can repel if they are too much alike, or both want to be the ones in the limelight. Capricorns, Virgos, and Taurus relate to each other’s energy. They try to take things rationally and keep an earthy perspective towards life and making big choices. They can’t help but be a bit guarded, but there are certain things they just don’t share. Water and water are great together until they both are experiencing emotional turmoil and then it will be too must handle. At least one person has to be positive and constructive in the relationship.

Earth and Water

These signs complement each other nicely. Earth is just the place for water to rest their emotions upon. Plus, Earth will really listen to water. Earth gets a kick out of water’s unique and often artistic ways—these two can really for a kinship of some kind. They are attracted to each other on many levels.

Air and Fire

These signs tend to understand each other. They have similar interests and are about similar things and they bond on many levels. Their ability to communicate well is a song suite. Fire isn’t as last to decide as air, and they can promote air to make even bigger and bolder life loves. These two will complement each other greatly as long as they don’t compete with each other. Air can say things behind your back, and they have to be 100% on fire’s side in order to exert their best self.

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The elements reveal a lot, and a lot of it proves to be true, but in the end, it is the combination of the elements of your charts and how they get together.

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