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Imum Coeli

The Imum Coeli in your Natal Chart

Of the four major angles in a birth chart, the cusp of the fourth house is referred to as the nadir or Imum Coeli (IC), Latin for “Lowest Point”. It sits opposite the Midheaven (MC), found where the sun was at its lowest point at midnight. Much like the ascendant and descendant axis, the Midheaven and the Imum Coeli feed into each other. While the MC represents your public persona and receives a lot of attention, the IC expresses your most private self. On one side of the axis is your outer world, the other is your inner world. Located at the very bottom of the chart, it’s no coincidence that the IC forms the base of the astrological houses because this is where your roots are formed. It shows how you were nurtured as a child and how you feel nurtured throughout life. Here, you explore deepest parts of yourself that you don’t necessarily reveal to others. It’s who you are when you’re alone, in your comfort zone, away from the public eye. You need this side of yourself as much as you do the other because they are used to balance one another.

The Fourth House

To understand the IC, you must first understand the house it occupies, otherwise known as the House of Home and Family. Traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, the fourth house points to your upbringing. Your home, foundation, and family are all represented by the fourth house. This house represents literal foundations, such as real estate and property. And it also shows ancestral foundations, such as your parents and grandparents. This is the place where you are raised. It describes your childhood and the values which were instilled early on, which shape and structure the rest of your life.

The Imum Coeli Sign’s Attributes


Your childhood taught you a great deal about how to become independent and self-sufficient. It’s important these values are implemented in your personal life. Fiery Mars as the ruler of your IC will create lots of playfulness, competition, and motivational energy at home within your immediate family.

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At your core, you value stability and establishing solid roots. Since Venus rules your IC, you enjoy being surrounded by artistic, beautiful, and often earthy environments. There is no shortage of food in your fridge as you find solace in the simple things in life—good food, television, and a soft bed to lay your head at night.


With Mercury on the IC, it gives you a love of learning. Siblings may have been important in your childhood. You enjoyed the noise and chit-chat you were surrounded with in your early life, and you value constant excitement in your personal life today. At home, there will always be plenty of witty banter, books, and technology.


As the classical ruler of the IC, this placement instills a love of what the home life is traditionally known for—good food, lots of love, and a safe place to gather the family. Holidays and birthdays have always been important. You need your home and family to feel like a safe haven from the outside world. Family will always come first.


Self-expression was nurtured in your early life. With the sun as the ruler, it shines a spotlight on your most private self, allowing you to live authentically. At home, there is no shortage of entertainment, high energy, and excitement. You are proud of this side of yourself and enjoy your home space.


Either you came from a home where there was no order, or you came from a home where it was instilled as the primary value. Either way, this left a lasting impression and you now keep your own home tidy and orderly as this type of environment brings comfort. With Mercury on the IC, you enjoy staying busy, and there is no shortage of talking and learning new things.

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Your childhood nurtured a love for beauty and art. With Venus on the IC, you love to be surrounded by beautiful things, but more importantly, you need a sense of peace. The Libran sense of diplomacy is paramount to peaceful home life. Arguments and tension are cut short by your fairness and grace. You make a great host and enjoy holding parties at home.


With Pluto as the ruler of your IC, you were likely transformed by the transitions of your early life. You may have lost loved ones at an early age or were scarred by your past in a transformational way. The lasting effects of your past carried over into adulthood, and you strive to create a safe home life for you and your loved ones.


Your early life was full of exploration, adventure, and learning. Your parents instilled an optimistic belief system in you that carries you through life. Space and freedom are important. Your home must never feel like a cage. In fact, you may feel as if the world is your home, and you may find yourself traveling and moving around often.


Since Capricorn is the traditional ruled of the Midheaven, this placement often puts your home life in the spotlight. With Saturn as the ruler of your IC, your childhood may have felt cold, restrictive, and often a place where you had to prove yourself. As a result of this, you tend to give your nurturing side to the world. You keep your home as a place where you reassess your goals and ambitions, but you prefer to be fed and nurtured by the outside world.


With Uranus on the IC, your childhood wasn’t the norm. Anything weird, zany, or eccentric was encouraged, and you enjoyed the freedom of being yourself. At home, it’s important that you are surrounded by information and new technology. More importantly, you strive to keep your home as a place where you can be yourself.


With Neptune on the IC, your early life may be a thing of mystery. One parent was either missing or not fully present due to possible addictions or health limitations. Because of your past, you prefer to keep your home as your retreat. You need a place where you can escape from life, and it’s important that you find solace and comfort at home.

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