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The fourth house is also known as the House of Family and Home. This house signifies your thoughts of home as the place where you come from, where you were born and where you will eventually find a resting place, thus making a full circle. Home is not just a building; it is the environment within it and your perception of that environment. This house also relates to your parents, your roots. It is a cardinal house, the second cardinal point on your natal chart, among astrology houses, with the Ascendant being the first one. The fourth house is ruled by the Moon and the sign of Cancer.

Being the house of family and home, the fourth of the astrology houses explained is related to our family tree and the dreams, fears, and relationships of our ancestors. This house describes our connection to the core of planet Earth along with our innate ability to love and be emotionally close to another human being. Speaking about home means also speaking about the people who live in it and who you communicate with on a regular basis within the place you call home, be it your actual family or someone else who lives with you.

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What Role the Fourth House Plays in Your Life

What is the fourth house in astrology? The fourth house describes the habits and perceptions formed early in life, and even though there are other factors that influence your habits, such as the position of the Moon or Saturn, for example, this house is still the only one of the astrology houses meaning of which can tell you about personality traits that come from within, from your roots. Because the characteristics described by the fourth house were acquired early in childhood, they have a great deal of influence on the decisions the person makes when becoming an adult. The feelings of safety and being cared for are the kinds of experiences related to the fourth house.

By creating a home, we create a sanctuary, a meeting place, and a sacred place to return to for ourselves and other people. The experiences and the lives of our ancestors influence our home and as a result of the way we carry our lives. The domestic space we create serves to keep us safe, nurture us, and provide comfort. Moreover, in the fourth house, such things as traditions, cultural norms, and family history take an important place, along with our roots, heritage, and ancestry.

What is the meaning of the fourth house in astrology? When people are asked to think of their home, most of them imagine a place where they go for comfort, security, and replenishment. It is a place where they can feel safe in the comfort of their own beds. Stability and security are the characteristics of the home that are described in the fourth house. Besides the building where you live, the notion of home extends to its geographical location, along with the landscape, the soil, the flowers, and other plants that grow near your home. Even though this area of your natal chart concentrates on the actual building where you grow up and live, your emotional connection to the things you associate with your home is the most important.

The personal and emotional bases for our satisfaction are described in the fourth house. It represents the closeness and the connections we have built with our parents. People with the accented in the fourth house are those who stick to routine and traditions in their families and collect many things in order to look at them one day and reminisce. The best way to understand the things described in the fourth house is through feeling the closeness to the people who we love and care for and who are in our hearts for better or worse.

A deep exploration of the fourth house can lead to an understanding of how to eliminate the destructive habits that exist at home, within the family, and in personal safety. Discovering the house of family and home based on the planets in the fourth house will demonstrate how the evolution influenced the habits created at home and can teach the human beings to integrate the good experiences into their lives.

The Fourth of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The fourth house astrology speaks about the individuals’ perceptions of the home where they grew up and the environment within. Depending on their upbringing, people can develop different views on their perfect home and family relationships. When the fourth house is in Aquarius, people adore freedom, and it might take a long time before they find a place they can call home and settle down, while people with the cusp of the fourth house in Libra are very traditional and prefer to raise their children the way their ancestors did. Below are the characteristics of people belonging to different zodiac signs in the fourth house and their relationships with home and family.

The Fourth House in Aries

When the fourth house is in Aries, this means the individuals are aggressive when it comes to their family and life at home. They consider their home as a place where they can express their feelings and emotions, and they often grow up in a loud home where parents argued often. Such characteristics may make it difficult for them to learn compassion, understanding, and self-recognition.

In the case of negative personality development, such people might easily get angry when family members do not listen to them. However, in times of difficulties, they will do their best to provide for their family and make sure that everything is well in their home.

The Fourth House in Taurus

Parents of the children with the fourth of the astrology houses in Taurus are devoted to their offspring and care for them deeply. Such individuals have warm and joyful feelings in relation to their parents and upbringing. For them, home is the place where one should feel secure, safe, and relaxed. They are traditional people and do not like to change anything in their lives.

They like to collect objects which hold memories dear to them. While it is a great thing to do, it is also important to treasure the emotions and the feelings the items evoke rather than the objects themselves. The influence of these people’s parents will be seen throughout their lives, especially in the way they bring up their own children.

The Fourth House in Gemini

For individuals with the house of family and home in astrology in Gemini, home is not something necessary to them, and it is something whose nature changes throughout their lives. Since Geminis like to travel, they are not attached to a particular place they call home; instead, they prefer to wander.

Family members and close friends become for such people someone with whom they can share ideas and exchange opinions. However, even after receiving advice from people close to them, such individuals do not change their minds. Their family members are smart and sociable, which sometimes makes them engage in casual conversations rather than discuss personal matters.

The Fourth House in Cancer

People whose cusp of the fourth house is in Cancer have a very deep attachment to their home and ancestry. They associate the notion of home with the people dear to them and they feel a sense of belonging when coming to the place they used to call home later in life.

The fourth house astrology in Cancer means that your heart will not always take the decisions you want it to, because of the connections you feel to your home, as you will have the desire to complete the tasks your grandparents left behind. In order to overcome this, one needs to learn how to recognize their own needs and discover their own Self.

The Fourth House in Leo

Those whose cusp of the fourth house is in Leo pay close attention to things in their home. Even inexpensive objects are placed in their home with love, care, and purpose. When such people entertain guests at their house, they like to demonstrate the parts of decor and the designs that they came up with on their own.

Such individuals believe in themselves, and encourage themselves by remembering the projects they completed successfully. They receive inspiration from religion and spirituality and gain the knowledge of how they should live their life. They often demonstrate their views of life in their actions and words, and to learn how to control these characteristics, such people need to use logic and reasoning before acting.

The Fourth House in Virgo

If your fourth of the houses in astrology is in Virgo, you may be looking for your perfect home throughout your life, if there was something lacking in your family home. Later on, you might experience the feeling of wanting to have your own house while missing the time you spent with your parents growing up.

Sometimes, such people may have experienced a lack of emotional connection with one of their parents, and this is why they feel the need to create a perfect home where everyone is happy. These individuals have a lot of room for personal development and high intellect, which will help them achieve success in different spheres of life.

The Fourth House in Libra

People with the cusp of the astrology fourth house in Libra believe their parent’s relationship to be an ideal one and tend to bring their children up in the same way as how their own upbringing took place. The parents of individuals with this sign teach them to study hard, strive to succeed in everything and be afraid of failure.

Their family relationships teach them to be fair, responsible, and hard-working. Sometimes they lack intimacy and emotional connection in their relationships with other family members. They want to have harmony in all aspects of family life. Their own home is perfect, but rather dull and without character, as they try to align their living space with social trends.

The Fourth House in Scorpio

Individuals who have the fourth of the astrology houses in Scorpio have very strong ties to their family. They have tough personalities, very strong and determined, and they tend to stick to their values and beliefs. In personal relationships, these people find it difficult to let others into their lives, and every step they take in a romantic relationship is well-thought of and significant.

Such people focus on sexuality and emotional connection when it comes to romantic relationships. They tend to use their creativity and imagination to share their thoughts and opinions. These individuals seek to achieve many things in life using their energy and enthusiasm.

The Fourth House in Sagittarius

People with the fourth of the houses in astrology in Sagittarius often find their home away from home. Such individuals may feel out of place in their own home and even their country of birth, the feelings that have arisen in them early in their childhood. People of this sign enjoy novelty and traveling. When abroad, they feel proud of their family and their roots.

Such individuals like to have a large home which they decorate themselves. They like to keep everything neat and organized in their place of residence. When having guests, such people like to have a big feast to make their guests as comfortable as possible in their home.

The Fourth House in Capricorn

Having the fourth house astrology in Capricorn is not an easy position. Such individuals believe in God and have faith in the Universe. They feel responsible for the happiness of their family and will either choose to work hard to provide for their children or decide to stay at home and take care of their offspring if they consider it necessary.

Since childhood years, such individuals learn how to set goals and do everything to achieve them. They are very hard-working and believe that a person can truly achieve something only through perseverance. Usually, such people have a traditional upbringing, and they feel a deep connection to their family members.

The Fourth House in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign that desires freedom. When it comes to the matters of home, people with the fourth of the houses in astrology in Aquarius may search for their ideal home for many years until they find one. This desire to find a place to settle down comes from moving and traveling a lot as adolescents, and their love for freedom prevents them from having serious romantic relationships.

In family life, such people are highly creative, and they enjoy having everything new and high-tech in their house, like modern electric appliances, TVs, and stereo systems. Their romantic partners become their best friends and they do not distinguish between love and friendship in their family.

The Fourth House in Pisces

When your fourth of the astrology houses is in Pisces, it might speak of being disconnected emotionally from your family members when growing up. Such individuals do not experience their family’s love and wish they had more emotional connections with their parents. When they create a family of their own, they feel capable of making their children and partners happy and do their best to give them what they never had.

These are religious and spiritual people who have faith in the Universe. In family life, they can be sentimental and extra sensitive. With the positive development of the personality, such people will be welcoming to guests in their house and will strive to offer others their help when needed.