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What Does Your Ascendant Sign Has To Say?

There is a lot to know about your ascendant sign. Horoscope is much more than just regular star signs and their effects on the personality of a person. Have you ever asked yourself, what is my ascendant sign?

A few people would also know this as their rising sun sign, or their zodiac rising sign. The ascendant is that very extension of your zodiac horoscope that adds another layer of depth to all of this. Let us take you deeper into what your ascendant sign means and how to make the best use of it.

Ascendant Sign: An Introduction

Your ascendant sign is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This effectively gives it a very important place in all the zodiac horoscopes. There are a lot of methods on how to find your rising sign, but the most common one is the most effective one too.

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The one thing you need to realize before you go on building your rising sign chart and consulting it for answers is that everything when it comes to your ascendant sign is time-dependent.

What is my ascendant sign?

Finding the truth about your rising sun sign can be a tricky business at times. As we mentioned earlier, everything in this depends upon time. It is necessary to know of your ascendant sign; you know the exact date and time of when you were born.

For people who are more experienced than the average person in astrology, there exists a pro-astrology tip. When you begin to look at your natal chart, you will be able to find your rising sun sign at the 09:00 position on the rising sign chart. It can be easily spotted by the dark line that indicates the beginning of the chart.

How to find your rising sign?

As we mentioned above, time is critical in this. You must know the exact date and time of when you or whoever’s zodiac rising sign you are finding. If you do not know this, however, there are alternate ways to move about this. For starters, you could go on with an alternate, approximate time of your birth.

A lot of astrologers take midnight to be the default time in such cases. Although it does run the risk of having the ascendant sign change in the meantime, that risk is minimal and thus acceptable.

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The focus over here is to get observations as close to reality as possible. This can thus only be achieved by getting the values closest to the real one.

Ascending Signs and First Impressions

Astrology has its own way of settling things. In terms of the ascending sign, astrology puts pressure on the first impressions that a person makes on others. This includes your attire, the way you approach someone, your attitude in general, and your demeanor. This can cover a lot of things.

For instance, are you a warm person or a cold person? Your rising signs actually hold the meaning of what way you approach specific people. In case you do not like someone, yet appreciate their work ethic, you might want to tone down your cold attitude a bit. Such behavior is also influenced by your ascendant sign.

Apart from that, the rising signs also get to decide what your aesthetic sense is too. Whether you like to go with minimalism or prefer color gradients and everything fancy and overdone is decided by your ascendant sign. These preferences tend to affect one’s personality and how others perceive it greatly.

Crossovers in the Rising Sign Meaning

You may sometimes see people in your neighborhood or friend circle that tend to go off the grid and show qualities that are not typical of their star sign. Such instances reinforce the astrologers’ belief in the fact that it is more important to study the stars beyond simple zodiac signs.

This was one of the first reasons that the theories of being born on the cusp evolved and gave way to even further research in the field of rising sign meaning.

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You may have noticed, for example, that a person with a sun sign of Capricorn might possess a few qualities of the Leo star sign. This is often because Leo is their rising sign.

Typical examples of this include cases where a regular Capricorn person may also show a more outgoing and extrovert personality, being more expressive in regular life than an average Capricorn.

More Examples of the Effects of the Ascendant Sign

The Cancer sign is another example when it comes to ascendants with a rising influx. In case a regular Cancer person is born with an Aries ascendant sign, you can expect them to be bold and more confrontational in nature that a regular Cancer sign.

The same qualities tend to go a lot mellower in case the ascendant sign is Libra instead of Aries. This goes on to show how very small differences in the rising sign of a person can go on and cause large-scale changes in their personality.

An easy way to get this down is by considering your rising sign to be a sort of filter that your regular sun sign must go through. This filter paints it in a rather different color while keeping the other components the same.

In conclusion

As we emphasized before, it is imperative that you know your exact time of birth to get the most accurate information. This is because the ascendant sign changes every two hours.

Keep that in hand, and you can get valuable information regarding your personality, which you can put to good use.

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