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Zodiac Sign Habits

The Different Habits of The Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has their habits and motivations that usually distinguish them from the others. There are certain ways in which they do things and mannerisms they possess that give them away. Here are a few things to look for in order to identify the signs through how they react and how they appear.

The Elements

Earth signs

Earth signs are the people that are usually very focused and well structured. These people are always at work at the same time, they are usually early, prompt and follow a strict routine. Very practical, they don’t usually take risks. They are usually quite financially motivated.

Air Signs

These are usually the extroverted socialites. They enjoy talking, being around crowds and sharing their ideas. They are usually quite intelligent and have a lot of bright unique ideas. Usually, they aren’t very grounded and structured and can be very spontaneous, and they can lack structure. More about Air element.

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Fire Signs

These are energetic and passionate individuals. They have stronger personalities and are able to endure more hardships than the other Elements. Extremely direct and to the point, they usually get things done quickly. They have big personalities and they usually light up a room. Fire element and its signs.

Water Signs

These people are usually the more quiet, creative and emotionally driven people. Usually, they tend to be more introverted and they have complex emotions. They are extremely expressive as they are able to channel their emotions creatively. They have an ability pick up on the undercurrents and emotions of other people. More about Water element.

The Signs


An Aries is very direct, and they will be outspoken about their disagreement about something right there and then on the spot. They do not hesitate to voice their opinions and usually make what is on their mind instantly known. Usually, they are not afraid to speak up to authority and people in higher positions if they disagree with them.

These are the friends who will call you awake at 3 am with what is on their mind. They are not being rude, they just urgently need to express themselves NOW. Usually, when they see you, they look straight toward you and walk towards you without taking their eyes off you while walking. A big portion of Aries individuals or people with Aries dominant charts will have a mole somewhere on their face or neck.


When your Taurus friend sees you across the room they will usually scream your name loudly to get your attention. Once you do spot them, they will be sure to draw more attention by waving frantically and getting extremely excited. Their voices are usually louder and clearer than others.

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They will usually have about a handful of other friends with them as well, who you didn’t realize were also invited in with the plan. A lover of company, they are rarely alone. They will also constantly be checking their phone, even if they are surrounded by friends and real social interactions, as they feel a need to constantly be connected to everyone. The females are usually extremely attractive and can make heads turn when they walk past.


Gemini’s love talking, and telling you stories! They will tell you a detailed 2-hour story about how their cat got stuck in a tree, or how they got a speeding fine a few days ago, and they will not give you a chance to speak. When you do try to fit a few words in, they will raise their voice over yours in an attempt to mute you, subliminally saying ”Be quiet, I am still talking”.

They also LOVE voicing their opinions on any random matter, so you will often catch them eavesdropping and chipping into conversations they were not initially part of. Possessing a slight know it all attitude and being intelligent, they will usually have some general knowledge of most topics you present to them.


Cancer people usually emotionally react to everything, and they love to express their disagreement and disappointment. They will make it clearly known to you how something has inconvenienced them, and how they disagree with the world and what is happening.

How dare anyone expect a Cancer be at work at 8 am, they didn’t get enough sleep and didn’t have time to eat breakfast and feed the dogs, and the whole office will know this the whole day. Their discontent is usually vocally expressed. To know if someone is a Cancer, just talk to them about how disappointed you are about something and they will bring a start to tell you about all the things in their life they disagree with as well.


This person usually is dressed well, with a lot of thought and effort put into their appearance. This is how to recognize a Leo: Tell them how awesome they are, and how great they look. If they instantly smile a big bright smile at you and say “Thanks, I know!” Then you are dealing with a Leo. They usually make small little vain comments such as “I am awesome” and “I don’t know what these people would do without me”.

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Usually, Leo’s will have really thick, healthy hair. It is seldom that you find a balding Leo, even when balding, they are confident and radiant. They can also have a tendency to be a bit bossy, it’s either their way or the highway and they might ask you a few dozen favors each time they see you!


A Virgo person will never be able to keep still. When they are in a room, you will find them constantly turning their eyes and heads in all directions attempting to observe and take in everything around them. They can be quite restless, always fixing their hair, primping or brushing fluff off their clothes.

They have a habit of looking down at the floor while they walk, are seldom keep their gaze ahead of them. The best way to determine if someone is a Virgo is to ask them about health and diet. They will instantly start telling you what the best eating habits are and what processed foods to avoid. They also have a habit of canceling on plans the last minute!


You can recognize them in a crowd by looking at who has a constant smile and pleasant disposition. When Libras are around others, they make sure to come across as pleasant as possible. They are usually the sweet, agreeable people.

In order to determine if someone is a Libra, ask them their opinion on something. They will argue both sides to the story and will not be able to stick to one side. You can also give them two options and ask them to decide, it will take them an eternity, and they will usually ask you what would you choose and pick your option.


They can usually be recognized by their penetrating stare. Look for the person in the room that is deeply staring at the object or person of their focus. They are usually quite silent and don’t speak out of turn.

Another way to identify them is by asking them: What is your sign? A Scorpio will usually respond with something like “You will never guess what I am”.  Ask them questions about them and they will refuse to tell you. Scorpio’s also usually never tell other people their age!


Bring up any conspiracy around them and see how they start to debunk it. Sagittarians love searching for the truth and digging deep into the unknown. They will spend hours researching a topic in order to find its ultimate truth.

Ask them a question that you know the answer to, and if they cannot lie and sugarcoat it, you are dealing with a Sagittarius. If you ask something like “I forgot to wear makeup today, do I look OK?”. They will have a brutally honest answer such as ” You do look slightly pale and ill, however, it could also just be the bad lighting in here”. They can be quite sweet in their honesty.


Capricorns are good listeners. Better listeners than you might think. In order to determine if someone is a Capricorn, have a conversation near them. Talk about something you know they are unaware of. Later, mention the same piece of news or information to them. They will respond with “Yes, I overheard you talking” or they will say they already know about it, and you will know it’s a Capricorn.

Capricorns will not allow useful information to pass them, they must make use of and utilize everything they come across in case it can be used to better themselves and their future. They are also quite frugal, not spending any unnecessary cash!


In order to recognize an Aquarius, try to get them to commit to something. They will never agree to plans straight up, as an Aquarian does not like to be limited like that. They will usually say “I will let you know”. Fast forward to days before the event and suddenly they want to confirm.

When you do go out with them, they will talk to all kinds of random people like they are their friends. An Aquarian usually refers to everyone as their best friend, and they can have quite a few unconventional friendships.


In order to find a Pisces in a crowd, look for the most out of this world looking person, dressed very eccentrically. They love to express themselves through their appearance and their clothing. They are able to get along with people from all walks of life.

In terms of physical appearance, they usually have oval-shaped faces with square teeth, and their eyes are quite close together. Their skin will be shiny and smooth, and their eyes will look like they are daydreaming. The best way to determine a Pisces is to mention this person to other people, and if they respond with something along the lines of “I don’t understand that person” or “I don’t get them”, then that person is a Pisces.

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