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Studying Tarot and the First Steps as a Tarot Reader

Studying Tarot and the First Steps as a Tarot Reader

I have found TAROT to be a useful tool to help people in conflict. I have never had an appointment with a Querent who had a balanced or crisis-free life. When people are desperate, they seek answers from others who can help them get through these obstacles and challenges. They need the hope and solutions psychic or TAROT readers can provide.

The Studying Process

Studying TAROT has always been a fun and relaxing pastime for me as I read the many books available on the subject throughout the years. I did the usual thing in the beginning by practicing on friends, consulting books, and then trying to figure out what the cards really meant. I wondered how to put it all together in a reading in a spiritual, yet practical way. Then I tried relying on memory after a while, but I would regularly have to consult my books for the actual meanings.

It was always a mystery to me that all the TAROT books had different meanings so “the student” had to compile information from various sources to eventually devise a “general” meaning of his/her own choosing for each card. There was just too much information available on the subject and too many books. With practice and patience, one learns to pick up on the overall vibrations of the cards. Each reading is a totally different experience, even if you place the exact same cards in a spread for two different people! You feel different vibrations; you get different messages, even if the messages personally don’t make too much sense to you. I usually say the messages I receive, and generally, it means something quite important to the Querent.

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I remember how difficult it seemed to remember the 78 cards and their reversed meanings. The belief is that with the coming of the new millennium, we do not have to read the reversed cards, but should make note of them. I not only note them but usually find that the reserved cards show the problem areas that are surrounding the Querent (the person for whom the reading is being done). I also use reversed cards in a year ahead spread to denote the meaning of that particular card would not come to pass for at least six months – half the time span of the reading. It seems to work out quite accurately. It is also useful to know what obstacles are ahead of you, so realistic solutions to the problems facing the Querent can be handled in a very organized, efficient, and logical manner.

The Know-How

For those who would like to learn TAROT in a quick and easy manner, here are some suggestions:

Read the cards through the interpretation of colors, backgrounds, and symbolisms. In that way, it’s easy to remember any card without memorizing its textbook meaning. Eventually, the meanings will just come to you after practicing with them, but for now, the associations will do nicely. For instance, cloudy skies mean that “situations” are brewing behind you; unexpected secrets are going on behind your back. Storm clouds indicate, “You’d better watch out; problems are coming; be prepared.”

Level or smooth ground means you are standing on firm ground or are balanced, but the rocky ground, in turn, means you may trip, fall, stumble, be on shaky ground, and have unsure footing. Standing in water means there is too much emotion or sentimentality surrounding the Querent or situation. By learning these symbols or associations with the colors, you can put so many clues together that one would have a meaning for the card without ever having to refer to textbooks.

Lastly, add the four suits (Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups) and interpret the cards by what the figure in the card is doing, holding, not doing, etc. Are the figures happy, celebrating or are they sorry for themselves or look desperate? Putting all the associations together gives the reader a very good indication of the cards’ meanings. Readings do become more intuitive each time you do one, but it still amazes me that the meaning is different or varied each time. You will find that it has a special meaning to the Querent. Simply put, WANDS represent jobs, careers and your status in them; PENTACLES are finances, possessions and how one relates to them; SWORDS stand for conflicts, arguing, fighting or honor, while CUPS relate to the love one gives and receives as well as how much of it surrounds that person or the lack of it in his/her life.

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Practice, Practice, and Practice

TAROT doesn’t have to be a mystery nor require years of study and practice unless you plan to give advice to others in a psychic/counseling position. Practice is definitely a confidence builder and gives more insight into a reading, so ask friends to help by letting you “practice” reading for them. You’ll also be surprised at how many new friends you will attract as soon as they know you need volunteers to practice this ancient art of divination. But please be sure to tell them you are a beginner and doing this just for fun. Many people take this advice as gospel and unless you are proficient in reading the cards, you may unknowingly cause some anxiety or concern.

Giving this sacred advice or guidance is not to be taken lightly nor used for your own personal gain, but rather to receive insight into a situation or relationship that may be helpful to the person asking the questions. You are a facilitator of the cards and the Querent must know that if they choose to do nothing with the information you give them, it is okay. It is their choice. They do not have to change their lives; they do not have to learn the lessons of this lifetime nor progress on the right path. It is always their choice. You may guide or suggest, but ethical practitioners NEVER use scare tactics or instill fear (as in saying curses were placed on them, their family, etc., especially if there are large sums of money involved. Be wary of these readers – they are con artists and nothing more)! The reader helps clients understand and be able to cope with the circumstances by giving them practical alternatives to their current or future obstacles and challenges.

In this way, you are using TAROT for the highest good of all, guiding souls to a more productive and happy life and in turn, feeling a sense of accomplishment and inner harmony because you have made a person’s life a little easier to handle. You have made an important difference in that person’s life and in the world. You may be the only one that this person trusts or comes to for advice, so make it appropriate and for their highest good.

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