July 14, 2024
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North And South Node Moving Into Aries and Libra

On July 17th 2023, the North Node will be moving into Aries and the South Node into Libra. Both dictate strong themes within the human psyche, one representing your future, and the other your past. But what could the Aries energy really mean for your future Self? Or how does Libra affect your past and current relationships? Well, keep reading to find out.


What Does North and South Node Really Mean

The Lunar Nodes are actually a calculated point in the sky, not an actual celestial object such as a star or a planet. They’re a conjunction of the energies of your Sun and Moon placements, thereby determining a large part of your not-so-obvious personality. Incredibly potent celestial spots, located right next to each full moon, they represent all deeply spiritually impacted areas such as: karma, mission, purpose, past life healing and destiny.

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So whenever we see a nodal shift, which happens once every 18 months, we in a way see a large shift in the collective, societal focus. It’s like we’re moving into a new chapter within our Books of Life. And with the last one being in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this might feel like a more joyful chapter. Not always easy, but great joy might arise within you, as you start embodying this North Node Aries energy.

Now it is important to note that the nodes always work in opposites. Meaning that wherever the North Node is placed, the South Node will be in its opposing zodiac pair. With North Node in Taurus, as we had in the past year and a half (which raised prices a lot), we by default had South Node in Scorpio (which triggered a lot of karma to be brought up to the surface for healing). So moving forward, till January 2025, as we’re having our collective North Node in Aries, its opposing pair, or sister in arms, will be in the antagonist sign of Aries, that being the Libra constellation. But what does each one really mean?

The North Node in Aries

So let’s first dissect this equation. The North Node embodies the energies of who you are becoming, your future self, and your destiny or purpose in life.

Now together with Aries, a masculine-ruled sign, the God of War himself, placed within this specific astrological axis, what could the conjunction of the two entail for us?

Well. It has a lot to do with your identity. Your goals. Your dreams. Your needs and desires. And most importantly, acting upon them, relentlessly, without shame or guilt. Aries is an external, expressive energy and so is that of the North Node. In unison, we could say that the next year and a half, is a year of creation. It’s a year of spirituality brought forth. Of needs being met and dreams fulfilled. It is not the year where you explore, find yourself, or take a 2-year-spiritual vacation, no. It is the year where you show the world what you were made of. The year where you show your ancestors that they did not fail. They did not fail, because you’re still here, carrying the bloodline, not only physically, but spiritually as well. And this sense of duty, this sense of leaving your fingerprint on the world, this sense of owning your purpose, is the main energy of this North Node placement.

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Realizing that victim emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, and despair do you or others no good. And it is better to reject them and learn to say no, instead of acting upon things with the frequency that these low-vibratory emotions hold.

It is time to realize that you didn’t come here to take care of your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, dog, or whatever. These are all human responsibilities. And yes sure important, but if the Divine is cut off from your life, the rest don’t really matter anymore do they? If this sense of purpose is not there, you need to pause and reflect on this. What did you come here to do

Because above all things, you are Divine first. A Spirit-Soul-Essence, here traveling throughout the human experience. And unless this Spirit-Soul-Essence is prioritized above all things, you’ll get lost within the Earth matrix. The attachments, entanglements, and tethering of this world will dilute you and confuse you till you remember no more. The atmosphere here on Earth is “too cozy”, and we must learn to be warriors. Always with purpose. Always seeking to outgrow comfort. Learning to “be in the world, but not of this world.” It is your best survival mechanism. To thrive.

And Aries is here to make sure we do that. He is here to remind us that we came here to fight. Not some external government or fake-mass-media agenda. We’re here to fight for our right to be free. And freedom is an inside thing. Always has been and always will be.

In the words of King Leonidas himself, ending his pre-battle speech at the Gates of Thermopylae:

“Spartans, what is your profession?!”

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There was no reply. Only a loud battle chant was uttered.

And so like the Spartans, we do not really have a profession. The true spiritual warrior’s profession is spirituality itself. The cultivation and growth of life within life. But unless you prioritize life, it will not prioritize you. What you seek, seeks you. So go out and build it. Build your life. The life of your dreams. Your true dreams. And trust that everything else will fall into place, as you serve the highermost purpose. Your purpose.

The South Node In Libra

Now the South Node is the exact opposite of the North Node. Whereas the North Node is an outwards expressive energy, the South Node is an inwards, implosive energy. It governs the areas of our life which are still in the shadows and prone to show us where we’re still unhealed and may require further decisive action.

Most astrologers are of the opinion that the South Node tends to kind of distort a sign, so when it comes to Libra, in short, we might be seeing the distorted side of the zodiac sign, aka a lot of toxicity showing up in relationships, especially of romantic nature.

This whole notion of “I hate you but I also love you?” Yup. Expect more of that. But don’t be fooled. What stimulates and excites your programming isn’t necessarily Love. It’s merely human emotions flowing through. And this will be a big one to realize over the course of the next year and a half, because if one is not aware of such entanglements, she or he will be prone to extreme levels of co-dependency. And co-dependency is deadly.

And this is what the South Node in Libra energy is bringing for us. Its extra-sensory relationships in conjunction with the exalted inwards expression of the South Node, will manifest extreme levels of dependency and victim consciousness all around the globe. People will start hyperventilating if you don’t call them back or reply immediately.

The solution?

Good. Let them hyperventilate. It is only once you overcome your weakness, your need to be validated by your own existence, that true power arises. Humans who consistently rely on other humans are merely slaves. A true Sourceful expression has individuated from Source. Meaning that it’s so connected, so intimately One, that it doesn’t need “guidance” the way a student follows a teacher. Source lives within. And as that is realized, entanglements fall away, and a sense of inner peace, inner thick Love, arises, and that is the transmuter of all energetic attachments amongst humans.

And this is our lesson here. Some of us have become so “nice” that we have become completely immobilized. Afraid to say or do something wrong socially. We want others to feel at home so we bypass our own needs and morals, to do so. But that’s not how energy works. What you feel is what you’ll pass on to the other. If your niceness is forced, if your actions still hold guilt, you’ll only do double the harm. We must all learn to say “no” till we are ready. Otherwise, it’s an endless, vicious spiral. Consistently half-acting, half-assing everything with no real commitment behind actions. But this time is coming to an end. It’s time to turn off the radio that is concerned with others 24/7 and turn on the personal truth radio. It’s time for the real voice to speak. It’s time to be a little bit more direct. A little bit more blunt. It might be uncomfortable yes, but what other choice have you got? Live in submission eternally? I didn’t think so. Off you go. Your dreams await.


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