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Sagittarius Zodiac Color

Sagittarius Zodiac Colors

“Gold opens all locks, no lock will hold against the power of gold.” – George Herbert (Sagittarius Moon)

Sagittarians are as good as gold! They are known to be the Robin Hood of the zodiac. These people are the ultimate truth seekers and their main motivation is to have the truth known. Sagittarius possess a fighter spirit as the fire signs do and they will fight till the end of the Earth for the truth to be known. Pretentiousness is a word that doesn’t even exist in their dictionary and they have a big sense of honor. Their motivations are usually pure as gold, and they want to be a teacher and hero to others. Gold and silver is a pure metal, which is a good representation of the real and honest nature of Sagittarius.

Gold symbolizes success and prosperity. Sagittarians are known to have extremely good luck, and it is also the sign of luck and abundance and these people tend to come across a lot of lucky situations through their life. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you are able to do and Sagittarians are usually very well educated in their field, Their knowledge and understanding will bring them much success and prosperity in their life. These people are on an endless pursuit to expose the truth, and to learn more than they did yesterday. Once they find the truth, they will fight to make it revealed. They despise corruption and will always be on the side of the underdog and will apply their strength and knowledge to help those who need it the most.

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Color guide for Sagittarius

The Sagittarius wardrobe

When visualizing the attire of a Sagittarius, think of a king’s knight. Royal blue and purple are ideal colors along with additions of silver and gold. Sagittarians should wear as much jewelry as possible as they can pull off the glitz and glamour look with no hesitations! These people have a tendency to get body piercings as they love to adorn themselves with silver or gold all over their body. Medieval styled clothing suits them very well! Silver is a good color to wear for public speaking and bringing across your word, and Sagittarius loves spreading their truth to others through speech and stories. Purple is also beneficial to wear as it symbolizes higher wisdom and being naturally philosophical it could allow Sagittarius to have higher, spiritual experiences by opening their Crown Chakra. Purple has a calming effect on the mind-body, and it will help calm their fiery tempers that might flare up every so now and then due to being a fire sign.

Sagittarius Females – These women can wear as much jewelry as they want! The more is usually better, and it will attract a lot of attention, something a fire sign is always a fan of! Purple tops and dresses are good to wear while learning to stimulate the higher mind, and gold and silver sequence dresses will make them the center of attention in any room, making the crowd listen to what they have to say!

Sagittarius Males – Royal blue shirts make these men look extremely handsome and intelligent, as well as dark purple collar tops. Gold and silver watches and cufflinks are a great addition. It is rare to find everyday casual clothing in gold and silver, however when attending social gatherings and events, wearing gold and silver will attract people to them and will give the perception that they have a lot of substance in their speech.

The Sagittarius home

Sagittarians have a heart of gold, and their home usually replicates their inner state. They usually like having a clean, simple and minimal environment with only the essentials. They do not like clutter and are usually well organized. Gold and silver ornaments should be abundant in their home. Purple and royal blue couches and curtains are also the best colors. They should have easy access to knowledge and learning so a big bookshelf and a decent desk with a computer is essential for them to do their research. They love traveling and can have many souvenirs from their travels in their home to remind them of what they learned on their adventures.

The Sagittarius workspace

Sagittarians are definitely worth their weight in gold! They are hard workers and are a valuable asset anywhere they apply themselves. They have positive, encouraging attitudes and always see the silver lining. Purple helps trigger creativity and Sagittarius have a lot of creative abilities from their high volume of information they have gained over the years. Purple used to be a very expensive color to produce, therefore it is associated with riches and royalty. Purple is used to connote premium services or products, so using this color in the workspace will portray the image of an elite, successful business! Purple is also associated with wisdom that is why academic institutions use this color in their branding quite commonly as this color will portray the message that the business is knowledgeable in their field.

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The Sagittarius car

Royal blue cars are the best for Sagittarius, as it is a neutral, non-threatening color and represents the neutral, balanced energy of Sagittarius. These people can also pull of chrome silver and gold cars with ease, as their level of confidence, is usually very high and they do not mind attracting attention. They prefer vehicles that are versatile and allow them to travel as they have a passion for seeing the world. Sagittarians ideal vehicle is an RV.

Colors to avoid

Ruled by Jupiter, which symbolizes growth and expansion, Sagittarians are usually very versatile and are able to incorporate most colors into their lives successfully. Sometimes they can have a tendency to wear a lot of black, however, this is best avoided as it can dull their usual cheerful spirit. Overly bright colors like yellow and orange are also best avoided, as these colors produce a more carefree, lighthearted energy which can remove focus from them while learning and studying.

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