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About Rising Sign

To understand how others perceive us in terms of astrology, we must pay attention to the ascendant. The ascendant is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment that you were born. This sign has a significant influence on us, sometimes just as much as our zodiac sign.

If your ascendant is Sagittarius, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Sagittarius ascendant

Your ascendant makes you a rather likable person because you have a lot of charisma and people are comfortable around you. Your benevolent nature also makes it easy for you to care for what other people have to say.

You are open-minded, and it is easy for you to communicate with other people and understand them. People see you as a very pleasant, human, intelligent, and knowledgeable person. When they get to know you better, they understand that your pleasant and controlled behavior hides the heart of a rebel and unlike anyone else. It is hard to pin a specific title on you because you often get off the beaten track.

Your Sagittarius ascendant sign grants you an enthusiastic nature that usually translates into a lot of spontaneity. You should use this aspect of your ascendant sign to genuinely understand other people and their problems. This will let you help them if you can, they will be grateful for it, and you will make loyal allies out of them.

You have a lot of projects that you would like to undertake, but you can go a little overboard sometimes. In that case, you tend to easily give up halfway through. Do your best to hold on to your enthusiasm when you devise a new plan, or when you want to push a project forward. Kindle the flame of your enthusiasm by combining it with truly deep motivations.

The inner force of Sagittarius ascendant

When you are full of enthusiasm, you want things to move forward quickly, but as such, you tend to neglect a few details. You are not faint-hearted and like to take action. So pay attention to these minute details that might bring everything down or lead you to recklessness. This might ruin your efforts and sap your enthusiasm.

You can quickly become passionate about several different interests, but sometimes you rush into it carelessly. Consequently, it can be hard to see things through when your commitment is the result of impulsive decision making with no clear plan behind it. Always make sure your motivation is strong and well defined before you act.

This might play tricks on you so think twice about your genuine motivations before you commit to the fulfillment of a new project, stay away from sudden but short-lived interests. Likewise, look at any project from various angles, or you might lose your motivation and eventually give up.

Follow this advice as much as you can. Especially because you can truly move mountains when you put your mind to it, you do not mince your efforts when working towards your goals. Your Sagittarius ascendant sign makes you an open-minded and honest person. You say what you mean. This is not to everyone’s liking, but your free speech is important to you and your independent mind.

SagittariusSagittarius, an ascendant for learning

Nevertheless, learn how to make your ideas palatable, because you might hurt other people without meaning to, which might cause problems with some people who might help you in the future. Your Sagittarius ascendant is the reason why you like to be noticed. You might be deeply sad or feel a lot of frustration when people ignore you, a consequence of your great sensitivity.

Learn how to grow a thick skin and do not necessarily see each criticism as an assault on your dignity or an attempt to accuse you. You have a lot of energy that stands ready to be spent in any circumstance, but you need to strengthen your confidence. You can do it by accumulating small successes and satisfaction.

You have a strong sense of individualism and great independence of mind. You have a bold temper. Your competitive spirit urges you to constantly accept new challenges. Your Sagittarius ascendant sign grants you great intuition and empathy with others. You are extremely sociable and love to meet new people and experience exciting new things.

You have a very open mind and love to acquire new knowledge because you are extremely curious. This curious nature leads you to get interested in several topics. You can often spread yourself thin, and it could cause a backlash if you constantly switch your focus between them.

Sagittarius ascendant routine

You love traveling, and you are interested equally in other cultures and in people with different mindsets. You tend to be a jack-of-all-trades… but you will be a master of none if you spread yourself too thin. Learn how to make a choice, or it will be hard for you to meet your goals.

You do not like to make your life harder than it might be and will readily avoid any situation that is too complex because you want to lead a simple life. You love life and want to make the most of what it has to offer, as often as you can, as soon as you can. You want people to be happy around you, and you do everything you can for it. This is why you are so sincere and loyal in friendship and in love.

You stay away from any kind of routine because you can easily get bored when you keep doing the same things over and over again, which explains your great curiosity. When you commit to a project, your energy, willpower, and determination can do wonders when your motivation is high.

Beyond your whimsical side and your thirst for adventure, you deeply crave security and serenity, and it is hard for you to hold onto it. You have a rather optimistic viewpoint and nature, and you believe nothing is ever lost when you still have hope. If you are truly passionate about a project, you can acquire all the knowledge you need and go out of your way to achieve your goals.

Sagittarius ascendant Traits

People see you as a benevolent and honest person, so you often make a good first impression that can open many doors for you. You have a gift for human relationships, and it can hasten your climbing on the social ladder. You know how to adapt to any situation or person at any time, but you can also change your mind quickly and unexpectedly. This might come as a shock to your loved ones sometimes.

You try to go beyond appearances. You always try to find some meaning that might be hidden within them. You are still looking for your own truth. It is hard for you to imagine yourself in the future or make long-term plans. You would rather live day by day and simply react to whatever might happen. You love to move and experience new adventures in order to broaden your knowledge and improve your living conditions.

You always need to look at yourself from another angle, this is why I love traveling so much, it is part of a strategy of change while acquiring new experiences. You believe that anyone can take their life into their own hands, so you won’t passively wait for your luck to fall on your lap, you would rather go out of your way to trigger it.

You do everything you can to go beyond your own limits because you want to push them back further and further away on a regular basis. There are many opportunities for it due to your various interests, coupled with insatiable curiosity. You also love to learn and share what you have learned because you are a natural born teacher gifted with the conviction you can help other people this way. You are extremely honorable, have the nature of an idealist, and unfairness always angers you.

You don’t have a closed or evil mind and like to broaden your ideas. This is why you tend to follow your conscience before you commit to any path that might lead you away from your own principles.