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Scorpio Zodiac Color

Scorpio Zodiac Color Guide

“Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”

― Ann Demeulemeester (Scorpio Venus)

Scorpio is the sign of mystery, death, and rebirth. It is the sign that reminds us that we are born, we create life, we die, and this is the cycle of life. Scorpio’s are passionate, intense individuals. If someone has a Scorpio Sun, Rising, Venus or Moon, they will have a deep and vast emotional capacity that cannot be matched. Ultimate self-control and self-understanding are what these people strive for, and they feel a need to be in control of their emotions. Scorpio’s don’t just look on the surface, they dig deep, deeper than most people to find out everything they can. They are the ultimate investigators, and they have the ability to unearth secrets hidden for centuries. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, this combination gives them compelling personalities! Pluto is about building and releasing power, and hidden truths and Mars represents urgency and aggression.

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Scorpio’s have a darker perception of life, and they like to keep their own emotions hidden. Black is a good color for them. Black overpowers and hides most other colors, and it is a neutral color, therefore, it gives the idea of impartial energy. Scorpio is a water sign, which means they are motivated by their emotions instead of their thoughts and ideas. They will usually follow their heart and can be extremely passionate, and red is a good color to keep the passion in them flowing. Scorpio’s are extremely empathetic and have strong emotional receptors and can detect what others are going through. Black is a good color to wear as it deters negative energy from external sources, and it can actually be a very protective color for empaths to wear.

Scorpio Zodiac Color Guide

The Scorpio Wardrobe – Which colors to wear?

Black is said to absorb all light, thus absorbing all energies. Wearing black regularly will assist Scorpio’s in absorbing minimal energies from external sources, thus allowing them to focus on their own emotions instead of others. It is important for Scorpios to protect themselves, as their highly intuitive energy can get out of control if not managed properly. Scorpios tend to prefer a more classy, vintage look. Most of them will have many black clothing items they use to mix and match with other colors (mainly red) and can also lean toward more old-fashioned styles. Scorpio’s mission is control and power over their emotions, and black is a color that represents power.

Scorpio Females – Black and red shoes, tops, pants, jackets, and dresses are most likely already abundant in a Scorpio woman’s wardrobe. Scorpio women love to seem mysterious and deep and can even give off a witchy vibe! Thick smoke and mirrors, classy black dresses and bold scarlet lipstick! These women can pull off that mysterious yet charming look with no effort.

Scorpio Males – Black is a good color to give an aura of maturity and power, however, red must be used sparingly as it can increase anger and aggression when used too much. When out with lovers or friends it is good to wear red to enhance the passion in their heart, but when working or interacting professionally, black suits are the best for them, or even black collar shirts and smart pants. This gives the idea that these men mean business!

The Scorpio Home Arrangements

Control is very important to Scorpio’s, and they need to be sure that they have a measure of control over others, as well as within their direct environment. A Scorpio will not put themselves in a situation where they do not possess a degree of power. They also like to get to the point and avoid any pretentiousness. When a Scorpio is trying to be pretentious you can notice it as they will have a very sarcastic tone! Red bedding and curtains are usually advised, as it increases the heat and passion in the home! Black furniture is also good to help them process through negative emotions, and to give that feeling of a deep dark lair! Gothic styled buildings are their ultimate favorite. Scorpios need to feel a sense of intensity and mystery in their environment, and abundance of black and red gives their environment the feeling they want!

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The Scorpio Workspace

It is important to remember that although the Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, that is its lowest form. A Scorpio can have two forms, either that of the Scorpion (Grey lizard) or Eagle. When in scorpion form, they can be jealous, possessive, controlling, and manipulating, They are still learning how to make use of their intense power and may express it negatively. When in Eagle form, they know how to control their negative emotions and rise above them.

When a Scorpio is still in the scorpion phase, they must make use of red sparingly, as it can attract too much energy and attention to them that they do not yet know how to control. When in their eagle state, they can wear and use red with pride, as they have mastered control over their emotions and energies. Surrounding themselves with black in the work environment will keep them focused and will not allow too many negative emotions to overrun them. They also like to be reminded of the past and tend to decorate with antiques. Old, well framed classic paintings are usually in abundance in a Scorpio home or workspace.

The Scorpio car

A classic black or red vehicle will always suit a Scorpio. Black BMW’S, Mercedes Benzes, or even Fords are quite a common choice for this sign. They can also pull off a bright red car very well, but then the Scorpio needs to be sure they are of the kind that likes to attract attention. Scorpio’s love their privacy so it is not uncommon for them to have black tinted windows! They will also be sure to put protective measures in place, such as a tracking system or high-grade alarm system to protect what is theirs.

Colors to avoid

Scorpios love to dig deep, and they prefer an aura of mystery to everything. Like Aquarius, these people can get bored when there is no mystery for them to solve. They love to seem deep and mysterious to other people and wearing bright and light colors will definitely not give the deep impression they are trying to go for. When a Scorpio wears colors like pink, light blue and yellow it can make them seem more lighthearted and carefree than they actually are. It is important that they look the way they feel, otherwise, there could be misinterpretations by others, and it can lead to uncomfortable interactions and disagreements for the Scorpio.

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