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About Rising Sign

The horoscope signs rotate around our solar system, and while some pass through the sun during your time of birth, others are in the eastern horizon. This sign is your ascendant, also known as your rising sign, the sign that is involved in the impressions that others have of you. If your ascendant is Taurus, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Taurus ascendant

You can be quite impetuous and charge headfirst with enthusiasm towards the goals you have set for yourself. You can also act more slowly, but always with a lot of determination as you overcome every single obstacle on your path as you strive to make your dreams come true.

You tend to stick to your own ideas with excessive stubbornness sometimes and can easily yield to your own urges and flaws.

You should take care not to be overly possessive about people you love or are interested in. This is a flaw that might be hard to bear for them. The positive side of Taurus ascendant is that it gives you the ability to focus on your goals without steering away from your path, moving with determination towards the fulfillment of your objectives.

Under a calm and affable appearance, you hide a lot of energy and dynamism, ready to manifest at any time. However, Taurus ascendant grants you a rather unbending nature. Sometimes you should try to be more flexible.

You can display a lot of determination, but it is hard for you to be empathetic towards people who do not share your own preoccupations. You need to pay more attention to them. You can be torn between an urge to change what you don’t like in your existence, and a tendency not to leave your comfort zone.

Taurus ascendant inner force

You often hesitate between your desire to react quickly to any situation standing before you, while your Taurus ascendant urges you to be calm and thoughtful. You need to find your own balance between these polar opposites.

You can have very emotional reactions to topics that directly affect you. In these cases, you should try to control yourself; this is how you can be reasonable and practical. You have firmly set ideas and are loyal to your own principles about the way you act, regardless of situation or circumstances. People see you as a very serene person but in truth, a great inner fire burn within you.

You like life’s little pleasures and comfort, so you try to have good living conditions, but your tendency to look for security and avoid risks of any kind is preventing you from making your dreams come true. Your Taurus ascendant sign tends to turn you into a possessive person, and you need to keep it in check or try to get rid of that flaw because it might be detrimental for you if you are looking for long-term relationships.

You know how to use your power of seduction and how to stand in the spotlight to get what you want or try to persuade other people to help you. When you pay attention to your looks and outside appearance, you can be quite charming and can get what you want without too many problems. When you have set a goal for yourself, you can use enough perseverance to reach it.

TaurusTaurus ascendant road to success

You know how to adapt to any situation and any kind of personality while staying true to your own beliefs. And you can be patient when you need to so that your principles might triumph in the end at the best possible time for you.

Of course, you have a right to enjoy your own life, but you should moderate your appetite and cravings in many aspects of your life. Stay away from any excess, because your body and mind would have to drain your own energy and vibration resources to compensate. You need to invest more physical and mental energy into the various changes you wish to bring into your existence.

You will be successful in your projects when you get rid of (or considerably reduce) any activity that is not essential to your success, or that doesn’t work toward your goals. Focus on things that are meant to let you grow and not merely entertain you, keeping you away from your core objectives.
Taurus, as a rising sign, turns your willpower, organization skills, and patience into assets in your quest for success. As such, if you particularly focus on that third element, you should take some time to clearly define your projects and the way to make your dreams come true, regardless of their domain (success, love, family, finances, etc.).

If you do it, you will succeed in fulfilling your needs in every aspect of your life and ensure a high level of material comfort. You should nevertheless be wary of some inherent flaws like impulsiveness, irritability, or possessiveness, which all can slow down your ascension to success. Do not act on a whim, think before you act, and try to mix the urge to do nice things for yourself with a drive to help other people. This is how you will attract positive vibrations that will work toward the fulfillment of your projects.

Taurus ascendant Traits

To comfort your need for security, you should prioritize your core needs, especially on a romantic level. To that end, do not be afraid to express what you feel and let your romantic side show. You will seem trust worthier because people see you as someone you can rely on, full of infectious energy.

In truth, there is a fire burning deep within you, and you have many cravings you would like to pursue, with enough joy to make you cherish the little pleasures in life. Your Taurus aspect grants you obstinate willpower and unbreakable perseverance that you should use to achieve your goals.
You have an independent streak, and you do not like to follow orders, but you should work on some concessions in that aspect because if you follow certain rules you will fall under the good graces of influential people. You need to build every aspect of your life onto strong foundations. You like to put new projects into motion, and you can do every possible effort to achieve them when you truly want to.

You are naturally quite honest, and you often speak to other people without any filter or beating around the bush, and sometimes you might benefit from using a little more diplomacy. Try to compromise a little more whenever you can. You are particularly attached to the ideas that rule your existence, and you can fight for them to the bitter end.

Sometimes it can be hard for you to adapt to new situations, and it would be best if you could leave your pride behind in your dealings with other people because it would offer more flexibility and pleasant outcomes in your relationships.