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The Decans of Leo

The Decans of Star Lion Leo

Your zodiac or sun sign is not the whole story of your horoscope. Your birthday decan provides further insights into your zodiac persona or archetype. This month tells the story of Leo the star Lion.

Star Lion Leo


All zodiac signs are archetypes. An archetype is something that is considered to be a perfect or typical example of a particular kind of person or thing,

The zodiac signs paint a typical portrait of a person born at a particular time of year, in a particular season. This might seem like nonsense until you really think about it. A baby born in summer, for example, arrives in a different environment from a winter born baby, just as a spring lamb is different from an autumn lamb.

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So, what are the decans?

It starts with the zodiac. The visible area of the sky as seen from earth is what we call the wheel of the Zodiac, and represents an imaginary circle of 360 degrees. This circle was then arithmetically divided into the twelve zodiac signs we know today, as recorded by the Greek mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer, Ptolemy in the second century AD.

Each of the zodiac signs represents a 30-degree slice of this imaginary ‘pie in the sky,’ as seen from Earth. Each zodiac sign can be further sub-divided into three blocks of ten degrees, equivalent to about ten days in length. This is not exact and may vary by a day or two because not every month is the same length.

These three sub-divisions of all the zodiac signs are what we call decans.

The first ten days of your zodiac sign are the first decan, the second ten days or so are the second decan, and the last ten days or so of your sun sign are the third decan.

The Leo Personality

Leo the Lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac is a fixed fire sign representing the height of summer in the northern hemisphere (midwinter in the southern hemisphere.) Ruled by the Sun it brings radiance, warmth, and vitality. Leo brings heat, light, energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. The major arcana card representing Leo is Strength, denoting not only physical strength and courage, but moral courage, stamina, and fortitude in the face of adversity.

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Strength card Rider-Waite Tarot

The Tarot court card representing the fixed fire sign of Leo is the energetic, capable and charismatic King of Wands, as shown below from the Rider-Waite deck.

Keywords: active, bold, big picture, charisma, business acumen, optimism, innovation, leadership, communication, travel, entrepreneur, exports, estate agents, higher education, visionary, masculinity, virility.

King of wands Rider Waite tarot

But of course, there is no such thing in reality as THE Leo personality. You are a unique personality. Your zodiac sign (also known as your sun sign) is a major keynote but it’s not the whole story. These archetypes are based on thousands of years of observation, however, and your decan, which depends on where your birthday falls within your zodiac sign, digs a little deeper.

If you don’t feel like a ‘typical’ Leo, perhaps it is because you are a second decan or third decan Leo, rather than the ‘most typical’ first decan Leo.

The Decans of Leo


First Decan

Dates:  23 July-1 August

Planetary ruler: Sun sub-ruler also Sun

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Tarot card: Five of Wands:  contest, competition, strife, summer thunderstorms

Proud, passionate, purposeful.

This is Leo-Leo, ruled by the sun twice over, the most ‘typically’ Leo decan. The first decan subject of any zodiac sign is the most ‘typical’ (archetypal.)  This Leo, ruled by the Sun twice over, does not just enter the room. It makes an entrance and is charm itself, pride, dignity, warm, charming, talkative, with no shortage of ego in evidence. Others less confident or energetic may find them a bit overpowering, self-centered, or even arrogant, but really, it is just their natural exuberance.

This decan is generally attractive to others but is, once committed, faithful to its loved ones, and also hardworking, and probably something of a perfectionist. This decan is cardinal in its quality, which is to say, it likes to start new things. It is exceedingly determined and persistent, even more so than the other two leo decans, and that is saying something. First decan Leo will finish what it starts, whatever it takes.

They have high levels of energy and stamina, and set themselves exceedingly high standards and targets, though they tend to be fair-minded and realistic in their dealings with others, and as employers, ask only that others do their best. First Decan Leo is a loyal, faithful friend unless given cause to feel betrayed, which on occasion, indeed they may be, attracting to themselves, not only admiration but envy.

Second Decan

Dates: 2 August-11 August

Planetary ruler: Jupiter sub-ruler Sagittarius: Optimism, opportunity, growth, travel, higher education

Tarot card- Six Wands: victory, progress, pride in success, determined effort

Collegiate, intellectual and visionary.

This is Sagittarius-Leo, ruled by big, expansive Jupiter. Subjects of this decan may be literally taller and bigger than other Leo decans, with a tendency for having rather big, square, or otherwise noticeable white teeth.

The influence of its sub-ruler, cheerful, outgoing Sagittarius makes this Leo the life and soul of the party when they are in the mood, but this smoothest-talking decan is somewhat restless, for travel, for adventure – or learning. This is Leo on a quest of some kind, with a visionary quality, hungry and ambitious to know more and less settled in temperament than the other two decans. They are still solid and tough, but versatile with it, and generally good at problem-solving.

Leo tends to be a cat walks alone. Yes, it loves people, but all the same, it retains a certain aloofness. Its sub-ruler Sagittarius however, is about groups and communities, and it is this, somewhat more communal spirit, which sets second decan Leo slightly apart from the other leo decans.

They too are faithful to their loved ones, and they make loyal friends. Second decan Leo in particular may be an artist, writer or poet. They are something of a philosopher, interested in social causes, and keen to do their bit to champion the underdog.

Third Decan

Dates: 12 August -22 August

Planetary ruler: Mars sub-ruler Aries

Tarot card- Seven of Wands: courage, moral courage, stamina, endurance, fighting your own corner, defeating the odds

Fire, focus, and curiosity.

Ruled by fiery Mars, this is Aries- Leo with a double dose of warrior energy. This decan is confident, competitive- even combative on occasion. Driven, ambitious, sometimes this Leo decan loses patience and may not finish what it starts, due to restlessness, but it operates on its own terms, and is an excellent planner and problem-solver, finding failure almost intolerable. But the inner Leo influence helps tame and moderate the impulses of this decan’s headstrong and impulsive inner Aries.

This decan needs peace and quiet when its mind is working on something, to figure things out in its own way.  It has the usual Leo warmth but with just possibly, an explosive temper at times. Leo in general, however, is quick to forgive and forget and is not known for bearing grudges, though others may not necessarily be so forgiving in return.

This decan inspires respect, like all the Leo decans, but the third decan is particularly intense. They are deeply curious about other people and other cultures and make excellent listeners; the sort of person to whom strangers will tell all kinds of things.

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