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How to Deal with Jealousy Using Astrology

How to Deal with Jealousy Using Astrology

If someone is repeatedly getting involved in a relationship dynamic that is displaying a lot of jealousy, it would be best to first look at their own birth chart in detail and see where this tendency toward toxicity might be reflected. There is no particular sign which gets ‘jealous’.  Sure, there are certain signs that are more ‘intense’ than others.

Jealousy Within the Zodiac

Scorpios can be, shall we say, obsessive. With Pluto, the digger, as their ruling planet, this is not a sign that is not content with surface answers. They want to go deep in every aspect of their lives and sometimes this can verge into the suspicious or probing territory.  Taurus too can be quite protective of their partner and indulge in territorial behavior. This is the sign of personal resources, so the overriding motivation is to accumulate both positions and people. Leo too needs complete adoration and if they feel their partner is looking elsewhere can become engulfed and enraged by jealousy. Leo’s jealousy springs from the desire for appreciation. They must be number one in their partner’s life. However, if each sign has a partner that understands and recognizes their triggers, jealousy never has to rear its ugly head. 

The first step in getting a handle on these feelings is understanding the root. Note that to just look at just Sun sign astrology here would only be to scratch the surface. When we get into obsessive emotional behavior such as jealousy, we need to look at the underlying cause which is usually a mismatch of energies on the surface. As a general rule Air signs mix well with Fire, Water mixes well with Earth. So, Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini work well with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, for example. However, this can get complicated as we all tend to have a mix of energies in our chart. For example, you may have some conflicting aspects in your chart, such as a water Moon (highly emotional) and a fire Venus or Mars (volatile). These conflicts could manifest as situations where the people you are attracted to on the surface may not necessarily translate into something that would be very emotionally fulfilling for you: Fiery types tend to be very much in the moment, which is great and spontaneous, but not so good for someone who needs a lot of reassurance and emotional stability. Jealousy occurs when expectations are not matched. Of course, all relationships can work but you might want to recognize if you are a water Moon, that you need a less fiery type in your life–someone who will ground you instead. The trick is to find someone who understands and compliments your moon sign. The toxic element arises when you keep working against these fundamental harmonies.

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What aspects planets are making to the Moon and Venus sign is also extremely important. For example, Moon or Venus in tense aspects to Chiron (The Wounded Healer), can indicate someone who tends to be attracted to difficult relationships. In Greek Mythology, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, who could heal everyone else apart from himself. It represents where each of us has a wound that we cannot heal. When it impacts our Moon or Venus, we can be predisposed to look for relationships where our own wound always tends to resurface in negative emotions such as possessiveness and jealousy. 

The Best Way to Deal with it?

One way to deal with it would be to learn your basic emotional setup, aka your moon sign, and what you need to feed that on a daily basis. Our basic emotions from our moon sign are pretty much set-in-stone. In reality, our moon sign is one of the most important parts of our birth chart, but, strangely, it is the part that people get to know last (they see the Sun Sign and the Rising sign first). Only people who are intimate with us get to know our moon sign. If you have a Leo Moon, for example, your stage presence qualities will need a rapt audience in the theatre of love. You should gravitate, therefore, toward these kinds of signs–Sagittarius and Aires–to nourish but also ground that aspect of your own. So here we have a pretty clear relationship between something that is unchanging–our Moon sign–and then things we can control: managing and encouraging other Moon signs that will nourish us. It should also be noted that there are lots of different compatibilities or synastries connected to your Moon sign. It isn’t a one in million kind of thing to find the right people suited to you. It’s more like a buffet down at the Royal Fork. You know what you can eat based on your body type. The same goes for who you can connect with based on your Moon sign. If you learn to connect with people on an intimate level who feed your moon sign not stress it out, this is the key to eliminating negative emotions such as jealousy ever having to pop up.

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