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Astrologically Compatible Match

Are We an Astrologically Compatible Match?

Astrology has a lot to do with energy, particularly the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Everyone’s birth chart is composed of different elements and energies, which reveal things about us. For example, we knew a Pisces girl, with her Venus in Aquarius—this means this Pisces girl will also connect with air signs and probably has some air sign connections in her life.

Compatibility is all about the elements, and this article highlights what the lack of certain elements/too much of certain elements does. It also reveals aspects of your compatibility.  

A birth chart can lack or have too much of a certain element, which will affect how a person behaves. A birth chart can lack earth, and this may make it difficult for that person to settle down, in a self-loving relationship. So, how do you know if you are an astrologically compatible match?

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A Lack of/or too Much Earth in the Chart

If you lack earth, you can lack stability and may want to seek a partner with a lot of earth to compensate for the earth that you lack. Earth signs in the zodiac are Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. Too much earth could make it impossible for you to see things in alternative ways. It can make you highly stubborn.

It might make you too introverted or closed off. Earth signs are generally relationship signs—they tend to want to be with one person. Virgo is the exception to this rule, and they often don’t settle down until later years.

Virgo is the pickiest of the earth signs and least likely for commitment, but at the end of the day, most earth signs thrive with a partner by their side and will want that.

Earth signs also connect strongly to water signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Water signs tend to soften earth signs up, providing them with a much-needed emotional outlet and empathy.

These signs can form a very powerful balance. Except for Virgo, which is Pisces’ opposite. These two signs do have what it takes to complement each other and hit it off, but Virgo may not be able to support Pisces’ emotional needs, and these two can fall apart.

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Regardless, with 70% compatibility, they do stand a chance of making it work as all opposites do. Apart from Scorpio and Taurus, who can almost never make it work.

Too Much Fire in the Chart

Too much fire in the chart can result in a lot of intensity or an inflated ego. Fire is diabolical and confident like fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. It’s these qualities, which promote unfaithfulness. Fire gets caught up in the moment. They get swayed by attraction.

They don’t have the patience for most people, fire signs have got to go. Other fire signs are great for fire signs because they are usually on the same level and can be good for one another.

Air signs also do well with fire signs, and signs like Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. Fire is good with air if they don’t compete with the other or bring up problems of jealousy. Fire-like air is flirtatious and they need to be partners with those who are comfortable with this and have the utmost trust in their mate.

Air needs to complement fire. Air signs are great for fire signs because they love adventure and excitement, but they don’t feel the need to steal the limelight—most of the time. Gemini might be the only air sign who has a problem taking a back seat—Gemini is usually a leader type.

They have so much charm, it’s a waste if they don’t use them.

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Your Astrologically Compatible Match

Your most compatible signs are the signs of your same element. As mentioned, fire signs are great together like fire signs Leo and Aries who are 90% compatible. It works this way with every element. Birds with the same feathers tend to flock together.

Water signs love water signs, air signs love air signs and earth signs love earth signs. You will generally relate (in a big way) to signs of your same element. You will have common ground and similar modes of expression.

Astrologically compatible match

Same Signs and Opposite Signs

Certain energies are a gamble, like people born under the same sign as you (two Geminis) or your opposite sign. Opposite signs all present some difficulty, but there are opposites that tend to get along like Virgo and Pisces.

These signs don’t always see eye to eye with each other but can become the closest of friends by providing alternative perspectives for each other. Other combinations include Libra and Aries who can help each other.

Aries can get Libra motivated and Libra can help Aries find a sense of harmony.

Opposites Aquarius and Leo can also be a beneficial pairing. Leo helps Aquarius build emotional confidence and make decisions that please the self. Opposites Cancer and Capricorn are prosperous to each other because Cancer can help Capricorn sense other people’s needs and feelings.

They also help them to express their emotions. Opposites Gemini and Sagittarius do often come together, from Sagittarius, Gemini can learn a broader view at looking at things. Sagittarius gives structure to all the things lingering in Gemini’s head.

The consensus on opposite signs is that matching up with one means being with a sign that challenges you, but also a sign that shows you an alternative way of looking at things, which could exactly what you are looking for.

It has also been saying the opposite signs attract and have explosive physical connections. A lot of the time, people are attracted to what they are not and attracted to a challenge, which is why opposite-sign pairing is very common.

When a Person Has Too Much/Too Little Air

When a person has a lot of air in their chart, they can be very indecisive and uncommitted, a lot like a butterfly they can be touch and go, and unable to find a place, which they want to stay. Too much air can make you flakey and unmotivated.

Too little air makes you too rigid. You need the air to help chill you out. Without much air, you have a hard time letting things go. You know what you want, but that doesn’t mean this is serving you.

Signs that are Attracted to Each Other

There are certain signs that might not have been documented in Astrology books to work out, but they have shown a lot of common attraction. Signs like Scorpio and Sagittarius, Aries and Cancer, Gemini and Capricorn, Sagittarius and Pisces, Libra and Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius, Virgo and Sagittarius, Leo and Virgo, Aquarius and Cancer, etc.

Some of these signs date for a long time, but many of them break up. Needless to say, there is an attraction between these signs, which could evolve into more.

The Importance of Venus and Doing a Birth Chart

Don’t forget about the planet Venus: the planet of love and relationships. It is important to know where your Venus is placed, this will reveal a lot about you and the type of relationship you are looking for.

For example, if your sun sign isn’t compatible with a potential mate, but your Venus signs are compatible, you could easily hit it off, especially if those two Venus signs are Astrological soul mates.

The compatibility will be strengthened by doing your chart. This way you know where you stand by looking at the whole picture and what your astrologically compatible match really is. A birth chart lets you know what you are working with.

For example, one chart revealed that the person was an air sign, which changes her whole wavelength of compatibility and perspective. Another set of charts from a couple predicted they would be happy together.

It was predicted that they would be married depending on their Venus Compatibility. They got married two years ago (after this prediction) and are currently embracing the journey of being new parents.

Another couple’s set of charts was of two people whose charts were aligned (meaning they had the same placement on each planet) in over seven places. I predicted they would be married, and last summer that is exactly what they did.

If you’re not interested in learning about your future, how you relate to others, how you communicate, what your luck and fortunate looks like, and how this measures up with your partner–you can skip the chart and focus on sign compatibility.

Don’t forget to keep cusp signs in mind, as they will have even more options for Astrological compatibility. If you are frustrated by the sun sign compatibility for you and your partner, I highly encourage you to look into your chart in order to get the most accurate compatibility reading.

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