June 12, 2024
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How to Change Your Soul Contract

There is good news and bad news. First the good news, yes you can change your soul contract and the bad news is that it isn’t easy. Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the “Asking.” Both books and the teachings of Egyptian Numerology will guide you towards the clarity, direction, and completion of your Soul Contract. 

There are 2 critical questions to ask yourself.

  1. What is a soul contract?
  2. What is the purpose of a Soul contract?

I talked about the soul contract in my last article, so I don’t want to be too redundant.

Let’s just re-cap what your Soul Contract is: Before incarnation, when your soul was ready to expand, your higher self met with the “Council.”

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The Council consists of your higher self, guardian angel, master ascended teachers, karmic board, twin flame, the higher selves of your soul group, and all other beings that can help you decide the best life to create in your new incarnation here on the planet Earth and your unique path to return home to Source.

All the terms to including people, places, events, and circumstances were carefully planned as a vehicle for opportunity. Before birth, your higher self chose your numerology, astrology, palmistry, iridology, and other aspects of your DNA Soul Blueprint, encoding your birth time, date, and name into your biology, destiny, and divinity.

The next important question is what is the purpose of my soul contract?

There are no accidents or coincidences. What you choose to do will always lead you back home. It just might take a little longer.

The purpose of all life is to return to Source light. We do this through the ascension process which involves raising our vibration from 3D to higher dimensions.

Whatever lessons you still need to learn that keep you grounded in the lower dimensions must be dealt with. No exceptions. When you incarnate, there are no guarantees that life will be fair, easy, and make logical sense.

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Once incarnated in a 3D body, you may decide that you don’t like your contract. Almost everyone has an experience that is questioned in its entirety. “Why the Fu**” did I chose this route? It’s no fun, it’s too hard, it doesn’t make sense, I’m not feeling it, I thought I cleared that lesson, and so on…How can I finally get off this rollercoaster of repeated lessons and move on?

To change your contract, you must have a full understanding of what you previously agreed to. How do you get understanding and clarity?

This is an important question…

The quickest and easiest way to learn about your Soul Agreement is through connecting to your higher self, angels, guides, and Source. Ask for remembrance and channel your records.

You have the memory already installed in your subconscious. You can get a professional reading in the field of numerology and astrology to help trigger your memory bank or Akashic records.

If you ask, your intuitive self will guide you to the method that will support the level of awareness you are on so you can receive and integrate the pertinent information into your life.

The reason that you need to know the lessons that you contracted to learn and teach is because you cannot change an agreement until you are vibrating at the same frequency that you were when you made the contract.

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Since you were assisted to construct your contract at a higher realm and state of being, you will remember your agreement when you once again return to this frequency.

Everything you agreed to aims to help you evolve, expand, and elevate your spiritual growth, bringing you home.

Being angry, hurt, disappointed, resentful, and dissatisfied are not valid reasons for a contract do over. They only serve to strengthen your conviction to seek and search deeper toward self-discovery.

There are 3 ways to change your soul contract:

  1. Learn the lesson and complete your mission.
  2. Change the past through healing in the present moment.
  3. Pray for grace, acceptance, and forgiveness.
  4. Love yourself and be open to receive guidance, take action, and teach what you learn.

The more struggles you initiate in this lifetime, the more profound the journey. Most of the time, we don’t have access to the big picture. We must cultivate faith that there is a power in the Universe greater than ourselves and trust that bonding with this Source is an unconditional loving, benevolent, omnipotent, multidimensional, and compassionate relationship to an energy beyond the understanding of our human capacity.

We get stuck when we allow our fear to become more powerful than our faith. However long you choose to struggle is equivalent to the amount of resistance you have created.

The only way we can feel “off track” is if we are comparing ourselves with others. What and who are we gauging our progress with?

When we feel inferior, it can be common to experience some level of jealousy. The blessings you see others receiving remind you of a limiting belief that you are unworthy.

Comparison can only root itself from a lower vibration that does not realize its own value and uniqueness. All beings are completely unique and special. The journey is different for everyone. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to live your life, there is only what you believe is right and wrong for you.

When you understand and embrace the truth that your journey is customized to the soul lessons you have chosen to partake in during this incarnation, it becomes easier to stay focused on your own spiritual growth. The only comparison that is beneficial is between you and former selves.

No feeling or belief just goes away without being healed properly through rising to a vibration where the undesirable emotion can no longer exist.

Comparison leaves us attached to a particular outcome. We experience loss, jealousy, and lack when we attach to someone or something and deem it more substantial than our relationship to self and with Source.

The lesson doesn’t always come from the circumstances, but rather with what lies beneath the surface. Experiencing an unhealed trauma response keeps you in Survival mode. This affects your nervous system and attracts people, places, events, and circumstances to keep you in survival mode.

For anyone who is attached to their limiting subconscious belief systems, it is no surprise that all emotions are stemming from that belief system, which is out of alignment with the “truth” of who they are.

Peace, perfection, and pure happiness is your natural state of being. So, anything that makes you feel otherwise can only indicate that your ego has a link to a belief based in fear, unworthiness, or doubt.

You must heal your nervous system and open your heart to attract the key that opens the door to your divinity. Once you step through the portal, the truth of who you are will lead you to the purpose of your Contract.

You are divinity having a human experience. All healed experiences lead you back to your divinity and sacred contract. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to develop the qualities of your personality and return home to Source light and love.

Also, love yourself unconditionally, embrace your contract. And return to authentic empowerment through the mastery of energy which is ever flowing throughout the universe.

We are all connected through our soul contract. There is a thread of spiritual intelligence that creates a tapestry of union and purpose. This process is all inclusive and connected to the universal laws of sacred order and timing.

Allow the sacred energy of Source light to guide you through time, space, and illusions of separation. You have the power to merge with something greater. Fulfill your mission, integrate into life’s tapestry, and return whole and perfect.

To conclude, I hope you found this article helpful. Learn more about your Soul Life Agreement with a private chart reading. Or if you’re serious about exploring your personal blueprint, developing your path, and fulfilling your contract, schedule a free breakthrough call to discover more. Go to ww.egyptiannumerology.org

Thank you and Namaste, Sara

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