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Here’s what you can expect when dating a Taurus

Curious to know all there is to know about your sexy Taurus? Maybe you’ve just started dating, or perhaps you’re been together for a while already. Or, maybe you’ve recently split up with one and need some insight into their character. Whatever your situation is, we’ve got you covered! One thing you need to first know about this sign is that they’re ruled by the planet Venus, who happens to be the planet of love, beauty and relationships. Thus, Taurus people are naturally built for love, and seldom do you find them not in a relationship. Yet, they also do take some time to warm up, so the single ones have likely been that way for some time, and won’t change their status for just anyone. Their love needs to be the best quality – nothing less will do. So, without further ado, let’s explore further what you can expect when dating a Taurus.

Dating a Taurus

When you’re dating a Taurus, expect to be wined and dined. Their second-favorite thing after shopping is good food. They’ll whisk you away to a delicious restaurant and tantalize your tastebuds with gourmet meals and excellent wine. Once they’re sure of you, you can expect to be taken to the same places a few times, creating a secure, committed and safe dating routine. You see, Taureans aren’t the most adventurous. They have tried-and-tested activities that they enjoy, making it a terrible idea to surprise them – you’ve been warned! The best thing about dating a Taurus is this consistency. If they say that they’ll be somewhere, they’ll be there – on time, with flowers and a romantic kiss. You seldom need to worry about these signs ‘ghosting’ you, once they like you. The best advice when dating a Taurus is to show the same level of consistency. You’ll also need to be patient with them and allow them to take things as their own pace. When you do, they’ll love you all the more for it.

Communicating With a Taurus

Taurus is more of a sensual type. Over analyzing things is not really their cup of tea, so if you happen to be an air sign – Aquarius, Libra or Gemini – you may need to accept that your Taurus is in your life to help you get out of your head and into your body more. Taurus prefers to communicate via touch, and perhaps also through the giving of gifts. Of course, this can become frustrating, especially when all you’re getting out of them are grunts and vague body gestures. As with everything else when it comes to Taurus, patience is absolutely key. If there’s a conversation the you need to have, give them fair warning. Ask them when they have the time and space to sit down, perhaps over a good meal. The way to this zodiac sign’s heart is through their stomach, after all. Springing a sudden conversation on them is not going to be constructive, in the long run. Confronting them is also not the best of ideas, either. Gentle, slow, patient and level headed is the way to go with this sign.

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How A Taurus Shows Their Love

Ever heard of the Five Love Languages when dating a Taurus? Coined by Gary Chapman, this is known to be a great guide as to how different people show their love. With Taurus, their ‘Love Language’ is likely to be gifts. These signs can either be extremely generous or the total opposite, depending on their material situation at the time. When they love someone very deeply, they tend to be givers, and they don’t stint on quality. They’ll buy you incredibly expensive things that show soulfulness and consideration for your personality. Another way that they demonstrate love is though physical touch. Taureans love to give massages, hold hands, cuddle, get sensual. They also love to create a lush setting in order to fully immerse themselves in the experience. When your Taurus touches you, know the this is a signal of their deep feelings. Don’t forget to do the same back, because that’s how they feel love, too.

What Turns a Taurus Off

Taureans have a few things that turn them off – this zodiac sign is actually quite particular. Being so highly attend to their senses makes them quite sensitive to loud noises, bad smells or rough edges. If you happen to be someone who’s extremely loud or doesn’t care for perfume, you may have a problem on your hands. Taureans are attracted to someone just as sensually attuned as they are, who can provide them with a sensory experience. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like the more primal side of things – if fact, that’s a huge turn on for this sign. Speaking of which, if you happen to be someone shy of your sexuality or avoidant of wild and messy bedroom behavior, that could be a major turn off for this sign. They appreciate someone in touch with the human, physical side of life. Finally, a big turn-off for Taurus is someone who is flighty, non-committal and constantly craves change. They want to feel safe and secure in their relationship, and being with someone who seems unreliable is not going to fly with them.

Strengths of Taurus

Seeing as this sign is symbolized by the ox, Taurean have many, many strengths, both inside and out. First of all, when dating a Taurus, they are enduring, patient and calm, even in the face of absolute crisis and turmoil. They’re the ones to turn to when the seas get rough and there’s no anchor. Just being in their presence is incredibly grounding. These are level headed signs, and always practical. Their pragmatism and realism are wonderful to lean on, and they have a way of making the world a simpler place. They consistency and commitment are also great strengths. – they can do one thing for a very, very long time and get extremely good at it. This includes their relationships – when they’re in, they’re all in. Taureans also have excellent taste in food, clothes and art, and tend to be very creatively minded. They know quality when they see it, in other words. Lastly, Taurus people are masters at slowly building things that truly last. They don’t believe in poor quality or weak foundations.

Weaknesses of Taurus when dating a Taurus

Everyone knows that the greatest weakness of Taurus is their stubbornness! You see, when that wonderful consistency of theirs becomes obstinacy, it’s hard to appreciate them. When a Taurus digs their heels in, there’s just no way you’ll get through to them. It will be like bashing your head against a brick wall. Because of this, it’s a wise idea to cultivate within yourself adaptability and flexibility. Working with the Taurus is much better than working against them. They’ll seldom stop you from doing what you want to do, but don’t force them to do the same. The other weakness of Taurus is their materialistic side. This sign can often numb themselves with retail therapy or craving the next expensive thing. They usually want only the best of the best, and when they don’t have it, they can be sulky. And they need a partner who takes them out of the material world and lets them dip their toes – without force – into the ethereal realms. They might find it a bit funny at first, but over time, with patience, this sign can start becoming a little more open to things outside of their comfort zone.

Most compatible signs with Taurus

Same-element signs are always best together. So, if you happen to be a Virgo or a Capricorn, then you’re in luck. Together, you’ll stand the test of time and be deeply committed to one another. You know the value of building an empire, and you’ll love having a home and place to call your very own. You share the qualities of sensuality and pragmatism, which you’ll appreciate about each other. Next best is if you’re a water sign – such as a Cancer, Pisces, or even the opposite sign of Taurus, which is a Scorpio. Water and earth make sense, as your nurture and feed each other, help each other to grow and feel safe. You’re the perfect person to chip away at your Taurus’s slow, stubborn nature. Gently, slowly and sweetly, you’re probably one of the only people that can get them to open up to new experiences.

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Least compatible signs with Taurus

The least compatible element with Taurus is air. With that said, when dating a Taurus, Aquarius and Libra still have a good chance, as you share a love of beauty, harmony and are committed. Gemini, in particular, is a tough sign for Taurus, as it’s very restless and needs constant change. A typical Taurus will find this quite threatening to their sense of security and may even get frustrated at the lack of commitment from Gemini. They may feel the same way about a Sagittarius, who is just as changeable and eager for spontaneous adventure, 24/7. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it work, but it may prove to be a challenge. Lastly, Aries is a tricky partner for Taurus, as this sign tends to be the leader and just as hardheaded as the Taurus. There’s lots of physical attraction, but it will take some work to see eye to eye and get along.

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