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Correlating with the sign of Taurus and planet Venus, the second house or the House of Possessions in astrology, represents the materialization of our energy, of ourselves, into something we can touch. It is a succedent house, the second of the astrology houses explained, that describes our possessions, our favorite food, and the habits that subjugate our actions and influence our thoughts.

When our habits correlate with our objectives or desires, the second of astrology houses can produce quality thoughts, but when the conditions are not met, it can make room for depression and less inspired choices.

The second house is the space where the forces of what we want materially, things such as money, good looks, healthy bodies, cars, houses, and what we get depend on how well we align those desires with what we do every day. Although this house is a lot about wealth in a material sense, it is also about self-worth and self-esteem and about everything which we give value to.

House 2 possessions

What Role the Second House Plays in Your Life

The second house speaks a lot about food. Being one of our basic needs, food is always something we think about whether we like it or not, and like everything else, we associate it with a price. How much money a product costs, and is it worth the money, and is it worth buying it or not – these are some of the decisions that are taken in the second house. However, food is not all about its price, and understanding its value can give us a great advantage. Ultimately, the food conversation can be just as much about the nutritional value and the health benefits of what we buy as about whether we think the food is overpriced or a bargain while deciding what to add to the cart.

As you can see, the influence of this house is something that should not be underestimated. It can really help you to get a clearer picture of yourself and your destiny, since it is one of the main elements in your astral chart, along with your sign.

What is the second house in astrology? The main purpose of the astrology second house represents seems to be to support the entity that was created in the first house. Everything that you can call your own is described in this house. These are the things you can and cannot purchase. As children, our second house was always full with the objects we desired; however, as you grow older, you must learn how to use, manage, and protect the resources in the second house. This is about learning how to manage your financials and how to make good investments, and even though money is not everything, it is a good starting point in analyzing characteristics of one’s second house. If your possessions reflect your individuality, this means you have made an achievement related to the matters in the second house.

Going further, the house of possessions reflects very well in our ambition to accumulate wealth, sex, property ownership, and how hungry we are for growth. It is not surprising to hear that a lot of entrepreneurs are Taurus. Like any individual, they can do good or bad in their position of power, but if they are not oriented strictly toward accumulating wealth and riches for their own benefit and are willing to share with the community and make a positive change in the world, there is no need to stop them from doing so. It would not be easy to stop a Taurus once he has set an objective in mind, but it is important for the representatives of the sign to know the borders the should not cross in doing business.

What is the meaning of the second house in astrology? The second house rules over our material possessions, along with inner desires, values, and goals in life, whether it is career ambition, wealth, success, or affluence. Besides these characteristics, the second house also speaks about self-esteem and your evaluation of yourself. Generally speaking, we talk about the second of the astrology houses meaning our individual fulfillment through material possessions, like food, money, and objects. The planets in the second house determine these characteristics for every individual differently.

The Second of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The second house astrology describes your relationship with material objects, your belongings, and your finances. You can learn the value of objects and demonstrate great skills in saving money for useful purposes, if your second house is in Taurus, or you can misplace your investments like people with the cusp of the second house in Sagittarius. Below you can find more information on the position of the second house cusp in zodiac signs and its influence on people’s relationship with money.

The Second House in Aries

Unless feminine planets and the Moon can balance the influence of the second house, the sign of Aries is generally characterized by instincts and quickness. Valuing entrepreneurial and leadership activities, people with the second house in Aries are eager to start new projects and try new things. These qualities will help them to see opportunities to make money, but they will also tempt them to spend time away trying new interesting things and ideas.

These people will have the instinct to create something in the material world to increase the feeling of self-worth. Being overall defined by quick gains, it can be someone that plays at the casino and feels comfortable taking risks, someone that eats spicy and prefers red meat, or someone that leads others to achieve great things and prefers to be vegan to help save the planet.

The Second House in Taurus

People with the second house in Taurus will have a luxurious life and save up every penny for purchases they desire or know will make their life better. They are practical and become good finance managers both on a personal level and at work.

Born to enjoy the material side of reality, Taurus is perhaps the most natural position for the second house. With the ability to put a price on everything, such individuals have the gift of learning the value of things. If they stay true to their nature and do not have their worldview corrupted by others, there should not be anything that can stop them from accumulating wealth.

The Second House in Gemini

People with the second house in Gemini are great at making budgets. It will be easy for them to make money and hold on to it if they do what they love, but if their work is not their passion, it would be best for them to have more than one source of income.

The downside of these people is getting bored fast, but that pace comes with a blessing since they are also quick to adapt to something new or unexpected. They make for great freelancers and journalists as they are drawn to new things and like traveling and exploring new places and ideas.

The Second House in Cancer

Not as quick as Aries with taking opportunities, the people born with the second house in Cancer generally make investments after thorough analysis. They want money to provide for their families and are usually able to achieve financial security.

More importantly than money and investments, they will be focused on spending time around family and being grateful for what they have. It will come naturally to them to find happiness in the little things like dinner with those dear to them and a good meal. They will be feeling great cooking, driving, meditating and doing everything that will give them the opportunity to rest and recover.

The Second House in Leo

Individuals with the cusp of the second house in Leo are magnetic, charismatic, theatrical, and great at making money in the movie business and any creative profession where they have the opportunity to demonstrate their personality. Thanks to this personality, such people will be great at finding a job, but will also waste a lot of the money they earn willing to feel like they have enough to buy whatever they want.

They feel self-assured when they have enough money to spend away, but their ego will have to suffer when their purchases are not appreciated or when they do not have enough money to buy what would sustain their self-esteem.

The Second House in Virgo

In second of the astrology houses, Virgo knows how to budget. The people with these settings are practical and understand the value of living according to one’s means. They will not invest unless they think there is no better way to spend their money, and generally, they will not risk their financial security for anything.

No matter how much money they make, because of being practical, they will never let things go out of hand or go bankrupt. These are the kind of people that can consolidate business. Inclined to choose the hard way, they can go through a lot of stress, but thanks to this, they can also make for great financial advisers.

The Second House in Libra

People with the second of the houses in astrology in the sign of Libra take their feeling of self-worth from their connections and relationships with others. These people will make for great partners and spouses as they care deeply for those close to them. Such individuals achieve great progress at work by working on a team or partnership.

These people are good with their financials and enjoy balance in their family and work life. They, however, do not like changes in their financial goals, and tend to feel bad if they have to spend money on something unexpected. Having the job that they enjoy along with reaping the financial benefits will be a perfect setting for those with the second house in Libra.

The Second House in Scorpio

Finances of those with the house of possessions in Scorpio are a private matter which they may not share even with their partner. They do not appreciate public displays of wealth and do not throw money away on expensive presents or home decor. If such individuals desire to achieve financial prosperity, they will be able to do so as long as they find work interesting to them.

For such people, it is important to learn the importance and the joy of giving. They have to learn that nothing is given to you without an effort, which means their achievement will be a result of hard work. Often, individuals with the cusp of the second house in Scorpio have similar financial habits as their parents and ancestors.

The Second House in Sagittarius

People with the second of the houses in astrology in Sagittarius are not very good with their finances and tend to make misplaced investments. They enjoy investing into something with potential, regardless of whether the investment will pay off. In order to prevent themselves from spending too much, these individuals should open and maintain a savings account.

They are lucky in financial matters though, and they can solve any financial problems that arise in their family. Such people tend to make decisions fast and sometimes without enough thought, which can backfire by turning them into arrogant or bored individuals.

The Second House in Capricorn

Every financial decision of people with the second house in Capricorn is thought through. As opposed to Sagittarius, these people are not inclined to invest in something they are not certain will yield returns. They have good savings plans and are very careful with their personal finances and family budget.

These are people who work hard in order to multiply their wealth. If they are not satisfied with their financial plans for the future, they become restless as they recognize the timely nature of their financial stability. They also tend to exaggerate personal and financial problems.

The Second House in Aquarius

When the cusp of the second house is in Aquarius, such people will always experience a change of values in their lives. They like to take risks in all spheres in their being, including their finances. These are people irresponsible with money who associate spending money with a feeling of freedom.

Innovation is a characteristic of Aquarius, and people with the second of the astrology houses in this sign are innovative in all matters, including financial. They do not consider money as something important in their lives; however, they are creative when it comes to get-rich schemes and making money on the side.

The Second House in Pisces

People with the second of the houses in astrology in Pisces tend to lose things often. They lack confidence in many matters in their lives and are unsure of what to buy, what to eat, what clothes to wear, and so on. Sometimes, these individuals also overestimate their abilities or finances and tend to make mistakes.

A way for such individuals to learn to control their money is by example. It will prove very useful if such people could find a trusted friend who is good with his finances. They will teach people with the second house in Pisces how to manage their budget.