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The tenth house also called the House of Social Status among the astrology houses, describes our true calling and our destiny. It lies in the zenith of the astrology chart and is ruled by Saturn and the sign of Capricorn. The cusp of the tenth house in astrology also bears the name of Midheaven (MC), and the planets in the tenth house can indicate the career path of an individual, along with his social standing and public rank. The job an individual does in order to make a living is not necessarily the one that is his true vocation, and the job as a profession is described in the sixth house, while financial matters fall under the second house.

It takes a long time for the tenth house to develop fully, and this is why many people cannot even reach its complete development within their lifetime. The tenth of the astrology houses meaning is tightly connected to Karma, and its development continues even after one’s existence ceases in this incarnation. The cusp of the tenth house is called by astrologers as “second Ascendant,” because in this house it is revealed how we are described by other people. The way others see us is different from the way we present ourselves in interpersonal communication.

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What Role the Tenth House Plays in Your Life

What is the meaning of the tenth house in astrology? As the tenth house mainly describes one’s career path, the planets present in this house along with the sign on its cusp reveal the nature of one’s occupation. Compared to the matters described in the second and sixth astrology houses explained, the tenth house is responsible for your career in something you love and cherish. It can be also called your dream job, something you look forward to every day, and the job that contributes to your evolution and personal development. The job described in the sixth house is generally the one easier to obtain, as it takes a long time to find our true calling and the career path we truly love.

Governmental jobs are described in this house, and often people with planets in the tenth house will leave the jobs spoken about in the sixth house in favor of the tenth house governmental positions. Through governmental jobs from the tenth of the astrology houses, it can also be observed how you are treated by the government along with how it is treated by you.

What is the tenth house in astrology? Dealing with the material realm, the tenth house demonstrates your actions in the real world and your ability to work on and to complete things. In order to express yourself in the tenth of the astrology houses, one needs to have a solid power, an inner authority. These qualities one can achieve through wisdom, experience, perseverance, and success in the past ventures.

Since this house describes how others perceive us, it is related to our reputation and the opinion of others about us. People with many planets in the tenth house will often go on to become famous in their profession, while people with malefic planets in the tenth of the houses in astrology might become famous, but in a negative way, and will be criticized by others. Astrology tenth house also speaks about your career possibilities as a mentor for others and how your influence can guide people in their lives.

The Tenth of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The tenth house, or the House of Social Status in astrology, speaks about one’s true calling in life and their true career path. There may be many temporary jobs one will be doing throughout their lifetime, but the astrology tenth house is about the profession one was made for, the one defining their career destiny. People with the tenth house astrology in Capricorn take a slow approach to work and work-related projects, while those with the tenth house in Gemini get tired of the routine very fast and often have to switch projects to keep their mind entertained. Learn about the placement of the tenth house in all astrology signs below.

The Tenth House in Aries

Those with the cusp of the tenth house in Aries concentrate their efforts on their career and financial success. Such people are material-oriented and they feel immense satisfaction after each major career achievement. At work, such people take the position of leaders and are successful in being team leaders or company heads. Because of their ambition to achieve new heights in their job, these people will succeed as innovators, as they enjoy creating something new and unconventional.

Such individuals tend to take a decision quickly, often without consulting others. Such quick decision-making can be good if they are put on the spot; however, when it comes to their career needs and goals, it would be better to calmly analyze the situation and their interests. They will succeed in professions related to competition of some sort, such as military, entrepreneurship, or a sports career.

The Tenth House in Taurus

If your tenth house astrology is in the sign of Taurus, you need to find a profession where you can make enough money to do what you enjoy in your free time. These people want to have the freedom to eat the food they like, buy the things they desire, spend their money as they wish, search for sexual pleasures, and follow a healthy routine.

Even when such people do not possess much, they still carry themselves with an aura of wealth and status. When it comes to their career, something in arts or finance can be suitable for those with the tenth of the houses in astrology in Taurus, as they prefer to work on their projects slowly, without a quick deadline.

The Tenth House in Gemini

Geminis get tired of routine very fast, so their true calling will be a career which stimulates their mind without letting them get bored. Careers suitable for those with the tenth of the astrology houses in Gemini involve intellectual work, such as public speaking, writing, planning, or teaching.

Such individuals are very sociable and often become the center of attention at their workplace. They like talking and expressing their opinions on the world around them, which is attractive for some people, while for others may become the reason for gossip and empty stories behind their backs. Such individuals need to learn that making mistakes is a human thing to do, but be quick to take action when needed.

The Tenth House in Cancer

People with the tenth house astrology in the sign of Cancer most likely had a traditional upbringing and they seek to shape their own family in the same way. Such individuals do not have a clear distinction between work and personal life, so very often their true calling may be connected with something they do for themselves, like starting a family business or being a housemaker.

These individuals let their job affect their emotions, and they will jump with excitement when everything goes well at work and become upset when something is wrong. These people are creative and ambitious, and they desire the respect of others. They are very helpful both at work and at home.

The Tenth House in Leo

Those with the cusp of the tenth house in Leo will find themselves happy in a public career, because of their desire to shine and be recognized by others. Celebrities often have the placement of the astrology tenth house in Leo. These people will not become good team players, as they prefer to do work on their own and can be too dominating when working in a team.

If your tenth of the houses in astrology is in Leo, your strong and dominant nature will make you most likely succeed as a manager, even if you are not talented in governing others. Such individuals choose professions where they have to exhibit the strength of their character on a daily basis and often have their family help them on their way to success.

The Tenth House in Virgo

People with the tenth house astrology in Virgo often fail to acknowledge their own strengths because of being afraid to make mistakes in their career. These individuals often end up working for others and have careers such as accountants, secretaries, and related jobs that involve dealing with paperwork. If they forget about self-judgment from time to time, they have good chances to achieve professional progress.

In order not to get bored in their profession, individuals with the cusp of the tenth house in Virgo need to look for a job that involves the use of their mind. Even though these people prefer to work at conventional places, they choose to have a profession where they can exchange ideas freely.

The Tenth House in Libra

Libra is the sign that achieves most success through relationships with others. Such individuals will be most productive if working as a part of a team or partnership. They are good team players because they know how to treat others equally fair, and they are charming individuals both at work and in personal life.

Such individuals seek professions which involve dedication and diplomacy, so they can often find themselves working in law, politics, or marriage counseling. In personal relationships, people with the cusp of the tenth house in Libra look for a perfect soulmate and will not settle down until they find their one and only.

The Tenth House in Scorpio

Individuals whose tenth of the astrology houses is in Scorpio do not let their lives be ruled by superficial feelings and emotions. They chase their career goals obsessively and achieve professional success. Such people are motivated, strong, and aggressive in their search for career achievements. They will find themselves successful in such careers as science, psychology, and medicine.

People see those with the tenth house in Scorpio as strong and powerful individuals. Their strong will is almost equal to the guarantee of success in their profession, as long as they do not let their extreme actions and emotions get in the way of their career path.

The Tenth House in Sagittarius

If your cusp of the tenth house is in Sagittarius, you have a clear distinction between work and personal life. You are a hard-working person, but you do not become obsessed with your career to the point of forgetting about your family and personal goals. Such people will achieve success in professions connected to traveling, education, public speaking, writing, or cultural work.

Such individuals place learning and knowledge as their top priority for achieving success in their professional life. The desire for knowledge may lead them to travel a lot and explore other countries and cultures, and they will find it exciting to work abroad. Sometimes, people with the tenth house in Sagittarius find it difficult to direct their energy toward a single element and may attempt to do too many things at the same time.

The Tenth House in Capricorn

If your tenth house astrology is in Capricorn, you may find yourself enjoying professions in politics or entrepreneurship. Such people take a slow and steady approach to work; they will most likely achieve success in their job after many years of hard work and progress. Others see them as practical and determined people, as they take their profession very seriously.

People with the cusp of the tenth house in Capricorn are ambitious and they know what they want from life and career. Sometimes, they do not have the energy to work on things, and they regret their lack of action afterwards, feeling that they could do better in order to achieve their goal.

The Tenth House in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of people who deny ordinary. These individuals are different from others, eccentric, choosing bright and unusual clothes and taking an innovative approach to work. They have so much energy that sometimes it is difficult for them to stay grounded.

Such people will find their true career in science or technology, where they can engage their intellect and create something innovative. They do not enjoy working in public professions as they believe their work deserves the recognition, not themselves. These individuals are good team players and they are helpful when it comes to group projects.

The Tenth House in Pisces

Individuals with the tenth house in Pisces might struggle to figure out what they want from life and from their career. Their decisions are often impractical, which is something they need to work on going forward. Creative professions, along with careers that deal with spirituality, arts, or jobs that involve helping others will be a great fit for these individuals.

When the tenth of the astrology houses in Pisces, people strive to rid themselves of any destructive habits and behaviors that are holding them down. They are talented individuals and have the desire for others to discover and recognize their talent. This is why the tenth house position in Pisces can be found often in painters or musicians.