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The third house in astrology is a cadent house also known among the houses in astrology as the House of Communication. The third of the astrology houses explained, along with other astrology houses, is very important in the analysis of our natal chart because it signifies our surroundings in three spheres of our lives, including family, everyday trips, and self-expression. This house determines the way we think and process information in our minds, which further leads us to decision-making. Similar to how the first house speaks about one’s body and physical characteristics, the third house speaks about the state of one’s mind.

While the first house is connected to the presence of one’s consciousness, and the second house describes the relationships between the individual and the self, the third house speaks about things that go beyond the consciousness and self-identification. This way, depending on the position of the planets in the third house, it describes mind, mentality, and the means of communication and organization.

House 3 communication

What Role the Third House Plays in Your Life

What is the third house in astrology? The third house puts all of our connections in a perspective of a family. It represents how we think, speak, write, and reason in different situations in life. It covers your relationships with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other relatives, but it also goes beyond the people related to us by blood, like our friends and neighbors. Moreover, it speaks about the trips connected to work or school projects, and our use of language.

Our mind and intellect are revealed by the third house, including the way we perceive and analyze information and approach difficulties. This house of communication describes the process of learning the world around us – we learn from our siblings, neighbors, school subjects, trips, seminars, courses, trainings, and the words we and the others speak. In it, we should perceive everyone as a teacher and everything as an experience. Primary education and the basics of knowledge are regulated by the third house, the skills the development of which is further shown in another one of the astrology houses, the ninth house.

What is the meaning of the third house in astrology? The third house allows us to gain information about our environment and the changes that happen in the world around us. Losing the richness of the third house will mean losing the will to acquire new skills, to be fascinated with the world, and to taste new words. In the third house, quality is more important than quantity, meaning that the quality of the things we learn is much more important than how much information we receive. Recognizing the true purpose of the third house means using the opportunities to improve oneself.

When touching upon personal relationships, we talk about the third of the astrology houses meaning not the intimacy between people. This house is about learning others, from the perspective that people are objects that arise interest, even fascination, within us. In the third house, we seek to understand how people are different from us and find what characteristics separate us from one another. However, because the third house of communication accentuates the connections people make with each other using language to talk to one another, it becomes one of the key factors in establishing intimacy between people. Language is very important for the human beings, and using language for communication is a characteristic that separates us from other living creatures.

Third house also rules the behaviors you express on an everyday basis. Understanding the location of the planets in this house helps to learn how you perceive reality. If you feel difficulties in communicating with other people, the third house might explain why and offer solutions. The ruler of the house is the sign Gemini along with Mercury, a planet that is also a ruler of communication in any form – messages, reports, letters, speeches, debates, and other. Thus, the third house describes the individual’s actions and devices used for communication.

When an individual’s house of communication is characterized by the presence of malefic planets, he can experience problems with communication or transportation, such as issues with car repairs, broken phones, or faulty online communication. However, the presence of beneficial planets helps one to enjoy the positive aspects of the third house. Among the people with planets frequently occupying the third house are individuals with extensive skills or knowledge, such as painters, mechanics, chefs, or sculptors.

The Third of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

The third house of communication tells many things about one’s personality and relationship with others, both at home and at work, along with their learning process and fascination of others. People with the third house in Leo seek a creative approach to every matter and concentrate on themselves, while those with the cusp of the third house in Scorpio tend to enjoy the factual information and might criticize others in a conversation if their statements seem wrong. Following are the characteristics of the individuals of each zodiac sign hosting the third house.

The Third House in Aries

Individuals with the third house in Aries are aggressive and stubborn in interpersonal communication. They are full of energy and enjoy working and completing their tasks. While these are great characteristics for work, these individuals may suffer from anger management issues, so they should be careful in their communication with coworkers.

People with the astrology third house in Aries tend to divide people into good and bad. They do not accept people who lie, lack confidence, do things slowly and who are unsure of their actions. In their communication with “bad people,” these individuals may demonstrate the negative traits of their character, such as being stubborn and becoming angry easily. However, if their character develops in harmony, there will be no issues in interpersonal relations.

The Third House in Taurus

Having the third of the astrology houses in Taurus means practical and constructive thinking. These are materialistic individuals who do not shy away from the boring details of the projects that no one else would like to work on. They look for financial gains and the promise of a luxurious way of life, and they meet, and judge people’s characters based on their choice of clothes and financial situation.

These individuals find it difficult to learn new information. They must visualize the information to remember it well. It is important for them to be able to systematize the acquired information to avoid failure in their studies.

The Third House in Gemini

Gemini is the most natural position for the third house. Literally, it means an individual’s closeness to their siblings and the importance of communication in their lives. It also means that the person’s thoughts and words are both clear and honest. For these individuals, everything that happens to them leaves a mark on their lives.

These individuals find it difficult to express their emotions, so they might experience problems in building close emotional connections with other people. They are fast learners and can become good teachers due to their high intelligence and public speaking skills.

The Third House in Cancer

When the house of communication is in Cancer, this means the individuals will have high intelligence inherited from their parents. People born in educated families usually go on to live in a similar fashion as did their parents and grandparents. They are fast learners and enjoy studying.

These individuals get very attached to their friends and colleagues, although experiencing trouble distinguishing between rational and emotional decisions. Sometimes, people with the third of the astrology houses in Cancer are overly sensitive in relationships. They keep their distance and are afraid to trust people completely. However, with very close friends and family, they are very attentive and caring.

The Third House in Leo

People with the house of communication in astrology in Leo are very ambitious, curious and imaginative. In personal relationships, these individuals mostly concentrate on themselves, which may make them feel distant to their friends and loved ones. However, they are set on developing their character, skills, and intellectual abilities.

When it comes to learning, it is important to maintain the interest of the individual in a particular subject. They get bored easily and do not recognize learning by simply memorizing the material. They can grow into authoritative teachers, but in any profession, they have good chances to be successful due to their natural ability to communicate successfully with any type of people.

The Third House in Virgo

When the third house is in Virgo, the individuals are born intelligent but often suffer from health problems and emotional dissatisfaction throughout their life. They have to learn how to find joy in little things without looking for faults in themselves and the world surrounding them.

People with the third house in Virgo set achievable goals. They are responsible in studies and at work. When it comes to personal relationships, these individuals are attracted to people who like having everything in their life organized. They always prefer facts over emotions.

The Third House in Libra

Those with the cusp of the third house in Libra pay a lot of attention to other people’s lives, thinking and talking about others very often. However, these individuals do not forget about their own lives and clearly know their personality, likes, dislikes, and behaviors.

People with the third house in Libra are reliable partners both at work and in personal relationships. They create strong fair and honest partnerships. These individuals recognize hierarchy in the society and feel the rule of the elite over common people. They actively support those in need the best way they can without looking for help from the upper class.

The Third House in Scorpio

Individuals with the third house astrology in Scorpio are interested in facts and scientific matters, while not being particularly adept at the matters of the heart. These people are often dissatisfied with life, and to be able to enjoy their journey, they need to have more laughter and positive emotions.

These people are highly demanding. Communicating with their family and co-workers, they prefer to keep quiet and not lead the conversation. However, if they decide to take part in the discussion, their words are always to the point and they might be harsh in criticizing the other person in the conversation.

The Third House in Sagittarius

People whose third of the astrology houses is in Sagittarius have sociable natures. They feel attracted to people who are energetic, lively, and enthusiastic while disliking materialistic people. These individuals are fast learners, but they get tired of the routine, so they tend to change the subjects of their studies often.

These people talk a lot, and people see them as pleasant and energetic, but inattentive. They easily make promises, but not always fulfill them because of their lack of attention. It will be important for them to learn how to concentrate on essential things while leaving the unnecessary for later.

The Third House in Capricorn

If the cusp of the third house is in Capricorn, the individual is rather tough. Such people are cold and reserved in their conversations with others. They prefer not to speak without having evidence to their words, which is why they can create an impression of quiet and unfriendly people.

For such individuals, it will be important to learn to recognize their emotional selves. They can grow to become an inspiration to other people with their practical and in-depth knowledge of things. Having enough rest assures that people with the third house astrology in Capricorn will easier tackle the challenges that come their way.

The Third House in Aquarius

People with the third house in a sign of Aquarius are very smart and sociable individuals. Their high intellect and understanding of things makes them arrogant at times, as they disregard the knowledge of other people and give advice when not asked for it. Very creative and intelligent individuals, they need to develop their negotiating skills and find ways to get along with others.

Such individuals communicate with other people in simple, traditional ways. Their home is often chaotic, and they do not like taking care of the mess. However, they often have very good relationships with neighbors and colleagues. People surrounding such individuals with the third house astrology in Aquarius respect them for their character and tend to seek their attention.

The Third House in Pisces

Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s fall, and when the cusp of the third house is in this sign, the person may expect to experience disagreement between reason and emotions. Such people might find it challenging to learn new things; however, by maintaining the clarity of mind, avoiding mind-altering substances, these individuals can still develop their talents.

In their learning process, such individuals enjoy an emotional approach to studies. It is important for them to have an emotional connection with their teachers. If they do not feel comfortable in their learning environment, they will not be able to learn efficiently. Sometimes, they might be unable to concentrate at school or at work, so they will need to work on their ability to maintain their attention on a particular subject.