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Family Astrology 101 Part 6

Family Astrology 101: Parenting with Astrology Part 6

Family astrology is one of the most useful practices in astrology; it can really help navigate parent/child relationships, parent to parent relationships, sibling relationships, and larger family dynamics (grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces). The articles within this series, Family Astrology, will explore various topics each month to help build an understanding of the astrology of family and how it can help you with your family.

This article is a continuation of the previous article.  If you are coming to this topic with this article first, then you will find it helpful to go back and read the previous articles.  I will be writing under the assumption that you have read the previous articles.  This article will focus on Venus, which deals with how we relate, what and how we love (people and possessions), and our preferred way to show affection and attention to others.

Getting to Know the Charts of the Child and Parent – Venus

This article will look more in-depth at the parent/child charts presented in the previous articles and shown here below. We will now look at how Venus energies in the two charts are most likely to interact, and what the parent and child will need to do to make interaction successful and positive.

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Parent Influence on the Child

Parent Influence on the Child

The inner circle is the child’s chart and the outer circle is the parent’s chart.  The parent’s chart “applies” to the child’s chart in certain ways.  In the case of this example, the parent has Venus in Virgo applying to the 6th House of the child’s chart.  Notably, the child has no points in this part of the chart, making the influence of the parent very acute.  The parent Venus forms an inconjunct aspect the child’s Venus, which is in Aquarius in the 11th House and another inconjunct with the child’s Hygeia and Ascendant in the 1st House.

This placement forms a geometric form known as a Yod, or “finger of God”.  Since the “tip” of the triangle that is formed is the parent’s Venus and not the child’s, the child’s points provide the foundation of the triangle and encourage the parent to “go in a direction” with the Venus energy of his/her chart.  Venus in Virgo is quite practical and concerned with the details of appearance and relating.

It is very likely that the parent will be concerned, both with the appearance of the child out in the world and the behavior of the child in public settings.  This would be the parent that says, “if you are going out in the rain, wear the proper boots, clothes, and jacket” or “this week you have your picture taken at school, so let’s get you properly groomed”.  “If you make promises, keep them.” “If you have a job, show up on time and work smartly; help others succeed as a way to your own success.”

Parenting the Child

The parent leads the parent/child dynamics; the parent is the one responsible for directing and processing the energy of the child’s chart, especially at the earliest stages of the developing child, but also until the child develops true self-sufficiency (i.e., becomes a full adult in a complete way – meaning a productive member of society).  Hence, the child will need to learn how to develop healthy ways of relating to the parent’s guidance.

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In the very specific case of these two charts, the parent’s Venus can help the child figure out how s/he needs to act and “do” when looking for the people s/he prefers to relate to.  The Aquarian Venus is going to attract and be attracted to people who are “outside the box” or the ones who represent the most idealistic version of a particular way of being in the world.  Aquarius can be either the most revolutionary or the most conservative because it prefers the “ideal” of whatever it thinks about and, with Venus, wants to join.

With the tie to the child’s Ascendant and Hygeia, it will also be important for this parent to teach the child proper nutrition and activity to help the child develop a strong identity.  This is the parent to show the child how to tie shoelaces, ride a bike, make food, brush teeth, and dress properly.  The parent will need to explain social rules and help the child understand the distinction between idealized relationships and practical, real-world, messy ones.

Newborn Influence on the Parent

Newborn Influence on the Parent

Now, let’s look at the reverse of the two charts; and consider the child’s chart influence on the parent’s chart.  As it turns out the child’s Venus is right on top of the parent’s Juno, which means this child will have a profound impact on this parent’s duty and commitment to friendships and how the parent communicates with the wider world, as well as family members and a committed relationship. Venus also trines the parent’s Chiron, suggesting that the child will be a helpful conduit for people to enter the parent’s life and help with communication healing.

It is very likely that the child’s play dates will connect the parent with other parents who can relate and form good friendships – parent to another parent.  The inconjunct aspect connecting the two Venus points will be a constant source of growth for the parent and child, triggering energy of the parent in his/her 10th House of Prosperity.  The presence of the child will probably force some change in the career path for this parent.

This parent-child relationship through Venus is very binding, but not necessarily smooth and easy.  There is a strong sense of commitment on the behalf of the parent, but the child may have a “let me spread my wings and fly” desire apparent with the Aquarius placement.  Also, this child is likely to bring home some real “characters” that may not always be comfortable for the parent to deal with.

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It is important to remember not being tempted to into thinking that strong binding is “naturally good”.  Depending on how the souls decide to use the charts they selected, this binding energy can express as “I can never seem to escape this person” and I really do not like who they are, or “we are just great together”.  In the next article, we will look at the parent/child Mars to Mars relationship and see how they are likely to challenge and conflict with one another.

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