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Pisces, your horoscope for 2021 promises great internal changes, endings, letting go, and coming face to face with your inner world. This is a process of shedding and loss, but also a time of enormous spiritual growth!

Your yearly prediction may also hold travel for you, Pisces, and some of you may even begin a time where teaching and working in an educational environment becomes important. It’s important, Pisces, that you get yourself entirely over to the service of others, putting yourself to one side and lending the world a hand. You are born for this, Pisces, so don’t shy away!

Fortunately, you have many helpful configurations this year that make you feel more than capable of handling the changes coming your way. Your confidence and intuition are boosted in the best of ways, and your mind is being opened to new things.

Pisces Horoscope 2021: Your Main Planetary Influences

Pisces, your yearly 2021 prediction focuses on your traditional ruler, the planet Jupiter. This is a planet that symbolizes growth, expansion, and faith. You have reason to celebrate, Pisces, because Jupiter crosses in your sign a few times over the course of 2021, only to settle towards the end of the year for a year-long stay.

When we have Jupiter in our sign, it’s coincident with a period of immense personal growth, joy, and optimism. We feel like we can do anything, Pisces, and for those of you born at the very start of your season (18 – 19 February), you’ll be feeling this the most, promises your 2021 prediction.

Neptune your other ruling planet, is still in your sign for some years to come, which is bringing you greater spiritual awareness, although for some of you this can feel like a confusing period overall, spanning a very long time.

Challenges for Pisces Horoscope 2021

The challenge for your free 2021 Pisces horoscope is due to the influence of planets traveling through what’s known as your “12th house” in astrology. The 12th house is associated with endings, loss, suffering, and isolation, as well as self-destructive tendencies that we are unconscious of.

These may be some of the challenges that face you as Saturn, the planet of lessons and karma, moves through this zone, where it’s time for you to come face to face with the things you do to stop yourself from living your best life.

However, the good news, says your 2021 horoscope, is the fact that Jupiter, your traditional ruler, travels with Saturn and eases much of the burden. In fact, Pisces, it may be that you do some deep inner work, and find the healing you need through retreats, prayer, meditation yoga, or some other spiritual practice.

This is a wonderful year for spiritual traveling and for therapy of any kind or form to release generational or karmic trauma, Pisces. If you make that priority, then you can grow hugely, promises your 2021 year ahead.

Career and Work Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your professional and career horoscope for 2021 is emphasized by the Eclipses traveling through the sign of your career – Sagittarius. With the South Node in this sign, it’s possible that you face some rather large changes, particularly in the middle of 2021 and towards the end of it.

The South Node is usually associated with some kind of destruction, Pisces, so it’s important that you prepare yourself, advises your yearly prediction. Perhaps certain jobs or projects get taken away and replaced with new ones, or possibly you decide to change your direction and focus.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, Pisces! You may simply be more focussed on your home life and family life for a while, instead of your career. It’s possible that you move or travel which has a major impact on your owing and career life. You may move far away, or be in a state of isolation, doing the inner work rather than the outer, external work.

With Saturn and Jupiter both traveling through the hidden zone of your astrology chart, many of you will be doing work behind the sciences, such as ghost-writing or being the power behind the trine. These planets may also indicate you taking time to finish and complete large projects, which you will show to the world in due course.

In all honesty, Pisces, this is the year in which you really need to focus on your inner world, your private world – the world of home, family, your subconscious, and your own healing. This will serve you in the years to come!

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your romance, marriage, and love 2021 prediction doesn’t have all that much to say, in truth. As the focus is on you and your inner growth and healing, you may find that your relationships follow suit, that you find ways to resolve the unresolved issues of the past.

It’s time, Pisces, to release the baggage you have been carrying around for so long. You will likely start dealing with the generational trauma of your family line, which will undoubtedly affect your relationships.

At worst, says your 2021 love horoscope, you may find that certain relationships just have to be released now, particularly long-term, toxic relationships. It’s also possible that you travel or live abroad which impacts your relationship in some way and forces you to be alone – which is really not a bad thing, Pisces.

Because even though some of these things feel hard, you may secretly feel happy to be alone, to be completely by yourself to re-discover who you are. Many of you have had identity issues over the years, not knowing where you end and someone else begins. Now is the time to learn better boundaries, and that can only come when you do the work on yourself.

You are feeling powerful, no matter your relationship status, offers your yearly prediction. And some of you may emerge, single, stronger, and more sure of yourself than you have ever been. Don’t be afraid of the journey, Pisces.

Financial Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your 2021 yearly financial prediction is also not really an area that has a special focus. Last year, you had Mars, the planet of conflict, war, and action, Retrograde in your financial zone for months – even up intel the early part of 2021.

This likely resulted in a period of time where you really had to hustle hard, financially and faced some frustration or tension when it comes to money. Self-worth may have been low, too, due to financial issues. Some of you would have had higher expenses than usual and found yourself burning through money faster than you could imagine!

And luckily, Pisces, rebus, the planet that rules your other financial zone, only goes Retrograde at the very end of the year, so you have the entire year to get your money in order. She may reflect debts, so now’s a good item to prepare, Pisces. You still have Pluto traveling through your money-earned zone, which can sometimes spell huge ups and downs, massive gains and losses, when it comes to your paycheck. He’s here for still quite some time, but you’re learning to navigate things much better.

Health Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your health horoscope for 2021 is focussed, once again, on the planets moving through your 12th house. This house of your astrology chart is the zone where we can find chronic health issues arise, whether physical, emotional, or mental.

Some say that this can be the house of anxiety and/or depression, and hospitalization. Luckily for you, Jupiter is protecting you and so even if you have a problem that crops up, it’s likely that you will have very good doctors and support to help you through.

For some of you, your 2021 horoscope even offers a way through your problems and a final resolution of issues that have been nagging at you. Now’s the time to dive into your subconscious and find all the reasons why you could have been creating unwellness. Sometimes, unhealed trauma and a negative mindset can be the triggers for poor health, and this is the year that you can begin to see that, says your 2021 yearly prediction, Pisces.

As Jupiter starts moving into your own sign, you may decide to completely overhaul your lifestyle, Pisces, and lose weight, join a running group, or become a yoga teacher for example. You may eliminate sugar from your diet or give up alcohol. You have every chance of making this a success, so don’t hesitate to just go for it! This is a year to empower yourself in every way – mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your family and home horoscope for 2021 also has quite a bit of emphasis and even intensity to it. The Eclipse signs fall in this zone of your astrology chart, so there may be increased activity here, such as a major relocation, traveling, or a move of some kind.

Just be careful to avoid any family drama, Pisces, as that won’t serve you and can only drain you as you embark on a year of personal, inner healing. Make sure that your boundaries are strong, particularly those of you who will have Neptune on your Sun (mid-March babies, that’s you!).

You may just be giving a bit too much and feeling resentful. Don’t be a victim, Pisces, and rather, see what too can actually do to improve your situation now. There’s no use moaning about things when you don’t take action.

Some of you may experience a personal loss in the family, as Saturn moves through your 12th house of endings. However, this is not for all of you, so don’t panic! It may simply just be a symbolic loss, where you learn to forgive and forget the traumas of your past.

Your social life last year went through a number of changes, and you may have made some new friends and let go of old ones. There could have been a sense of isolation, which continues into this year but at the same time, you are realising who actually matters to you now.  

Spiritual Horoscope for Pisces 2021

Pisces, your spiritual horoscope for 2021 gets better and better. This is the area where you will find the most satisfaction, promises your 2021 horoscope for the year ahead. With Jupiter, your traditional ruler, traveling through your spirituality zone, it’s very likely that you’ll be doing a great deal of inner growth.

You’ll start seeing this inner growth reflected in the outside world as Jupiter slips back and forth in the sign of Pisces – you’ll start slowly showing what you’ve learned and feeling confident and capable, as well as have your faith boosted.

There will be moments, Pisces, where you will have doubt, some suffering and loss have to happen to build character, so don’t avoid it – face it.

Advice and General Outline for Pisces Horoscope 2021

Pisces, your year ahead for 2021 is one in which your inner world is so much more important than the outer. It’s a period in which you’re going inside to look at your internal workings, your subconscious mind, and dealing with old trauma and baggage.

Think of this as a learning year, Pisces, as a year in which you really grow within. Jupiter is supporting you wholeheartedly so the process should be very enjoyable. You’ll start really feeling the changes as Jupiter moves fully into your sign at the end of the year and owning your new identity.

This year can also bring about health issues that need to be dealt with, weight loss and lifestyle changes, as well as potentially traveling, too, Pisces. You may feel some ways, isolated, but with Uranus traveling through your 3rd house of landing, you are also feeling open to new ideas and philosophies. Make sure you get any support you need and be prepared to cut some losses. Think of your life as a field that you’re pulling the weeds from so that new life can grow. Don’t be afraid to pull out the deadweight, declares your 2021 horoscope, Pisces!

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