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Zodiac Cusp Signs: What it Means to Be Born Between Zodiac Signs

When it comes to your personality and who you are as a person, you know that various influences from your horoscope play a role in who you are. That includes your sun, moon, and rising sign, as well as the houses where the planets reside in your chart. However, even though your sun sign makes up a fraction of who you are, it makes up a significant fraction. If you were born on a day where two zodiac signs meet, then you may find yourself taking on traits of both zodiac signs.

For instance, if your birthday is on April 21st, you will take on the traits of Aries and Taurus even though you technically have your sun in Taurus. The kind of birthday you have is known as a cusp birthday, and that falls within three days before and after the day when the sign changes. Let’s now look further into what it means to be born between zodiac signs.

Aries – Taurus Cusp: April 16th to April 22nd

The Aries-Taurus cusp is known as the cusp of power because those born on the cusp are incredibly powerful. When you combine the tenacious traits of the Taurus to the bravery displayed by the Aries, you have a powerful being. Those born during this time would make excellent leaders, and those who have a cusp birthday would be the type to not only work hard at something but will finish it up quickly. You cannot change the mind of those who have this particular cusp birthday. However, that also depends on the rising and moon sign of the individual like it would for the other signs.

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Taurus – Gemini Cusp: May 17th to May 23rd

If you were born between the dates of May 17th to May 23rd, then you were born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp, which is an energetic cusp. You are combining Gemini’s sociable traits with the hardworking feature of Taurus. That makes you a very hard worker, and once you have to complete a task, you will achieve it without anyone or anything interrupting you at all. However, after you complete the job, you ensure that you are going to have some fun. That means after you complete your job, you will call up a friend to hang out. That is the only way you can recharge.

Gemini – Cancer Cusp: June 17th to June 23rd

If you were born between the dates listed for the Gemini-Cancer cusp, you are incredibly friendly. You also are often in a relationship of some sort, or else you become moody. It does not matter if you are in a romantic relationship or have a good friendship. You have a lot of great things to offer as you know how to become the party’s life because of the Gemini trait. However, you also are an excellent and nurturing friend because of the quality of Cancer. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. However, you need to have some relationship, or else you will be miserable.

Cancer – Leo Cusp: July 19th to July 25th

If you were born on the Cancer-Leo cusp, you are highly emotional, and you will make a huge deal out of anything that occurs, which could be either positive or negative. If something goes wrong such as your home baseball team loses a game, you will dramatize your disappointment which comes from the influences of both signs. However, at the same time, if your home game wins, you will be the one to celebrate. There is no in-between when it comes to your reaction to external events and circumstances. You will not stay quiet about it either.

Leo – Virgo Cusp: August 19th to August 25th

If you were born on the cusp days of Leo and Virgo, you would make an incredible leader or business partner. You would feature traits of Leo’s assertiveness and warm energy, and at the same time, your Virgo traits would ground you and make you down to earth. Those are the traits of an ideal leader. You know how to lead, yet you are also careful not to get ahead of yourself because your Virgo traits keep you grounded. You could be someone’s dream boss, but once again, that also depends on the other parts of your horoscope.

Virgo – Libra Cusp: September 19th to September 25th

If you were born during this cusp time of Virgo and Libra, you are pretty charming yet keep yourself closed-off and distant. Libra is highly social, and Virgo is quite introverted. When you mix Libra’s charm with Virgo’s hermit-like and analytical nature, then you have someone caring, friendly at arm’s length, and is the type to keep to yourself and analyze things. You have a very caring nature, and you intuitively know what your friends or partner need without them telling you. You prefer to have an intimate time at home with those you care about rather than go to any party.

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Libra – Scorpio Cusp: October 19th to October 25th

If you were born on this cusp time, then you are like a Libra with some heavy Scorpionic traits. Therefore, the best way to describe you is that you are very charming, but at the same time, you know what you want. You don’t struggle with the indecisiveness of a Libra, but you are more open and friendly than a Scorpio. You are not overly secretive and mysterious. However, you still don’t like conflict, which means that you would show passive-aggressiveness if you are not happy with something that someone does. Therefore, those that are born on this cusp can be involved with plenty of drama in that case.

Scorpio – Sagittarius Cusp: November 18th to November 24th

If you were born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, you have similar traits to those born on the Aries-Taurus cusp. That means you are intense and highly motivated. You have the intensity of Scorpio and have the passion and fire of Sagittarius. That means you will complete tasks quickly and efficiently. You will not waste time grumbling about it when you know there is a difficult chore to tackle. Instead, you will go and get it done. Therefore, if the bathroom needs to get a good cleaning, you will not give it a second thought, and you will scrub it up in no time.

Sagittarius – Capricorn Cusp: December 18th to December 24th

If you are born during this cusp time, then you have the optimism and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius and the no-nonsense trait of the Capricorn. Therefore, you are an excellent planner, and you take your work and duties very seriously. You perform tasks with optimism, and you are incredibly enthusiastic about your goals. Not only are you ambitious, but you are ambitious with fire and passion. Does that mean you love to do every task there is? Not at all. However, you find the good in all of your duties, and you give it your best.

Capricorn – Aquarius Cusp: January 16th to January 22nd

If you were born during the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, you are incredibly unique. You are reclusive yet friendly, and you can see the big picture when it comes to every goal in sight. And you are an excellent problem-solver. You tend to keep to yourself, but when someone comes up to you because they need help with something you offer, you will eagerly help them solve the problem they face- even if you are in the middle of doing a task. For instance, if someone has a problem with their new software, you will be the one who they will call. Even if you cannot solve the problem, you will know how to direct them to the right people who can.

Aquarius – Pisces Cusp: February 15th to February 21st

If you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, then you are incredibly sensitive and introspective. You may tend to lean towards the pessimistic side of life because your compassionate Piscean side sees the problems in the world. And, at the same time, your introspective Aquarian side looks for ways to make it better. Therefore, you will be the one who will focus on environmental problems such as climate change, world hunger, water shortages, and so on. You may focus on those problems, but at the same time, you also talk about solutions which is why you would be the one who would become involved in non-profits.

Pisces – Aries Cusp: March 17th to March 23rd

If you were born on the Pisces-Aries cusp, you have a passionate and compassionate side. You know what you want, and you will go after what you want like an Aries. However, your Piscean side will not step on anyone’s toes while you get it. You will find other ways to go after what you want aside from watching your competitors. You only will go after goals that will help others more than it helps you. In other words, you may want to start a business, but you will only offer a product or service that will help others.

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That is how businesses succeed in the first place. However, your motives are somewhat different than the average business owner. Since you really do want to help others, you are happy to give steep discounts or use sliding scales for those who need your products or services that cannot afford them otherwise. Your ability to help them is more important than you making money for yourself.

If you are a cusp baby, but you don’t particularly resonate with the corresponding cusp signs, then you always have to remember that your moon and rising sign do have a significant influence over you. Don’t forget about the planets in your houses too.

For instance, if your birthday is on March 22nd, but you admit that you would rather make a profit than to take someone on who cannot afford your services, your Pisces-Aries cusp is not overly influential in this case. Perhaps you have a Moon in Aries or Taurus or Capricorn. Maybe you have a stellium in your Tenth House which would also highlight your ambitious side. You get the idea. However, somewhere within you, you will find that side to you regardless because your cusp birthday does hold some significance to you.

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