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Let us start off with the simpler stuff. What is an astrology cusp? And where does it find footing in astrology? If you were to take Astrology 101, the first thing the instructor would tell you is this: everything in this universe is connected to the movement of the celestial bodies. These celestial bodies are the planets, the sun, the moon, and all such bodies whose movement affects the universe. Everything in this universe is governed by the movement of the planets, which subsequently award each person a sign at their birth.

This is the same sign that a planet is experiencing at the time of the said person’s birth. In astrology, each planet gives its sign, but the primary one, which governs every other is that of the sun. When you tell someone, you are a Virgo; it is the sign the sun was going through at the time of your birth. While all of this comes down to the 12 zodiac signs that each planet goes into, there are moments when more than one sign comes into play. It is such moments when people are born on the cusp. For instance, a sign changing from Cancer to Leo would have a person born on the Cancer Leo cusp.

People Born on the Cusp: Cancer Leo Cusp

Now, these twelve are the very signs that determine the personality traits of a person. With constant studies of hundreds of years, astrologers can accurately predict every reaction you would have based on your natal chart. However, there are times when these fixed personality traits get, as some would call it, mixed up.

This occurs when one sign is changing to the other. If a person were to come into this world on such a day, astrologers believe he or she would possess the qualities of both the signs at work. This phenomenon is known as being born on the cusp. Typically, this lasts for three days around the time that the sign changes, to be sure of any ambiguities.

The influence of each sign’s qualities on a person born on the cusp can be assumed to favor the side of the sign the person is born on. For instance, a July 25 zodiac cusp would favor more of Leo’s personalities because it lies closer to it than Cancer.

The Cusp of Cancer and Leo: Cusp of Oscillation

It is indeed an apt phrase because if there was one thing in the world that the Cancer Leo cusp would relate the most to, it would be oscillation. The cusp dates looking over the change from Cancer to Leo start from 19th of July and end on the 25th of July.

The basic concept to take away from here is how the emotions of Cancer and the fiery spirit of Leo come together to bring something so huge; it might even be a threat to itself! This is a combination that can make the tiniest of issues explode. On the bright side, however, it does keep things warm all the time…

More about the Cancer Leo Cusp

You may wonder why exactly this combination is so different than the rest. The answer to it is simple. As you may already know, there are four elements and combinations of them in zodiac cusps can be friendly, or not. Similarly, one has to look at the compatibility of the two celestial that is at hand. In the case of a Cancer Leo cusp, the two celestial bodies coming together are the sun and the moon.

Some may call it like bringing together water and fire! However, it is not like all hope is lost, since personality traits only work if properly harnessed and developed. Otherwise, every cusp and every zodiac sign’s traits would fall into blunder and errors.

As astrology information goes, it might also be helpful to know that reversing the order when calling out the name of a cusp means the same. For example, a Cancer and Leo cusp means the same in astrology language as a Leo Cancer cusp.

Cancer Leo Cusp Compatibility

Compatibility is something that comes uniquely for all cusps. While many astrologers believe there is a common way to find compatible partners for all the cusps, some do believe that astrology answers differently. A Cancer Leo cusp man may find the truest compatibility with a Cancer Leo cusp woman, but the outcomes of such a match greatly vary. Moving on to the method that most astrologers believe in, it involves the study of the Cancer Leo cusp dates.

The simple principle that governs the compatibility is to see how close the date of birth is to one sign. If it leans on towards the zodiac sign of Cancer, astrologers believe that a person would find great partners in the signs of Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. This comes because Cancer’s emotions are significantly handled by these signs which are not only good listeners, but great care about the next person.

However, if the date of birth of a person lies in the section favoring Leo in a cusp, then a good choice of a compatible partner would be to look for the signs of Aries, Gemini, or Libra. This is because these bring balance to the fiery and sometimes over-energetic self of Leo.

Positive Traits of People Born on the Cusp: Cancer Leo Cusp

There are many qualities that a Cancer Leo cusp brings to the people born on it. While a Cancer Leo cusp personality tends to blow things up, it is equally gifted with personality traits very few can boast of. To top this list is the quality of photographic memory. People born on the Cancer Leo cusp can recall the tiniest of details of every event they experience.

Following that as the perfect partner is the great sense of creativity that these people possess. And it does not stop here. These people also know how to use their creativity best to steal the spotlight in any situation. A Cancer Leo cusp person loves the stage, with the determination coupled with the creative instinct, these people can be lethal in the glamor industry.

As you may have guessed already, with the flare for glitz and glamor comes the natural ability to be sociable and friendly. And this cusp seems to do it better than any other. Some astrologers believe so much that it is impossible for people of this cusp to lead an isolated life. The influence that follows this sociability does wonder for the people born on the Cancer Leo cusp. Another gift that being born on these dates brings is that of empathy and that too in abundance. You can always be sure when asking a Cancer Leo cusp personality for help that you will not return empty-handed.

Involving the Celestial Bodies in the Cancer Leo Cusp Horoscope

As we did mention before, the ruling planets of the Cancer and Leo cusp are the sun and the moon. The moon has always been associated with the inside of a person, the mind, emotions, and all, by astrologers. On the other hand, the sun, which rules over Leo, is, according to astrologers, responsible for the enthusiasm and energy.

The combination is unique in the sense that the instinct of the moon helps harness the unsurpassed energies of the sun, resulting in a person very well in control of his life. And since there is an equal possibility of it spiraling out of hand courtesy of the limitless energy the sun provides, it is always a good idea to keep yourself in check.

The Cancer Leo cusp also takes after Leo’s prime quality of being the most loyal friend one could ask for. So, if you have a friend born between July 19th and July 25th, you can be sure that they will never leave your side, no matter what troubles come your way. The moon also further influences these people to develop their philosophical side. Couple that with the physical energies Leo brings, you have for yourself a loyal friend who is beautiful inside out.

Brings balance

Who said only Libras tend to show balance in their life? Being ruled by the two signs, a Cancer Leo cusp is one of those rare cases where a zodiac sign brings balance without the presence of Libra. It is true that Leos can be unrealistically motivated, while Cancers can be emotionally drawn to a task yet be unable to do it, their combination is not just practical, but entirely realistic in setting up their aims. This leads to no extra bursts of motivation that take up more energy and a bonus reputation for being very responsible professionally.

Negative Traits of People Born on the Cusp: Cancer Leo Cusp

There might be a few things that any Cancer Leo cusp person would need to work on, just like any other cusp or zodiac sign. Even astrology brings the belief to the reality that nobody is perfect, as you are about to see for yourself. A Cancer Leo cusp is quite fond of things. This takes them on a ride to collect the finest articles from around the world. While it may be an enjoyable hobby, it can sometimes get to the head and turn a person into a materialistic being with no regard for human emotion.

One should always be careful of such matters. One more problem that stems from opposing planets and opposing elements in this cusp is that of mood swings. Quite literally, a Cancer Leo cusp working for a project could be triggered at the slightest of issues and start working against the same project. The word astrologers use for such behavior is volatile.

 Although this is not always a bad thing, as getting one’s voice to reach the top level sometimes does require rebel acts, it keeps the person on a path away from permanence, making people distrustful of you because of your unpredictable attitude. Such stuff also leads to one not being a favorite when being considered for leadership roles.

Cure the negative traits before they become a habit

Like we mentioned before, Caner Leo people are very family-oriented. And love to spend time with their families in and around the house. While nobody questions this to be a bad habit, it may lead to one for some born on the Cancer Leo cusp. You see, while your intentions remain pure, it may unconsciously lead you to become very dependent on the people you love so much! While nobody wants you to stop loving your family, we would recommend that you take breaks for your personal self. So that you do not become so absorbed into another human being, that you forget to pay attention to yourself.

Another issue that the Cancer Leo cusp people need to worry about is their intolerance towards constructive criticism. While everyone does appreciate all that you know and would gladly ask you for help, it is also essential that you treat them with the same amount of respect and regard to their knowledge. While it is always good to know stuff, being not-a-very-good-person about it can make you quite the unpopular one around town.

Lastly, and this one is directly connected to the last issue, the world does not revolve around you if you were born on the Cancer Leo cusp, or any other cusp, for that matter. Every person is equally unique in their personality traits. They may have what you lack, after all. In this environment of mutual respect, and a realization that everyone needs to be respected, lies the true essence of a society, as astrology answers.