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People who have their birth dates fall within November 18 to 24 November belong to Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. Now, what exactly do you mean by Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp? The people who are born on the cusp do have one zodiac sign, but they show attributes of Scorpio and Sagittarius both which are not very common.

It is not very usual to hear born on the cusp. But, if your date of birth falls within the few days when the sun tends to move and changes from one zodiac sign to another. As this process of the movement of the sun where the zodiac signs change is that of a few days. So, if you are born on some date when the zodiac signs are being changed, then this means you are born on the cusp and you may be influenced by two different zodiac signs and take a mixture of both the personalities.

Celestial bodies

By now you might already be aware how the zodiac signs function. One of the significant roles in the functioning of the zodiac signs is played by the celestial bodies. The knowledge about astrology can be obtained from the movement of the celestial bodies that comprises of various figures like the stars including the sun itself, different planets, the 12 zodiac signs, the moon and the four elements including fire, water, air and the earth.

Whereas the primary zodiac sign by which an individual is identified with is that of the sun, which depends on what sign the sun was in when the person was born. That is the sign that the person takes and is identified with the characteristic of that particular sign. The significance of these zodiac signs is that they tend to provide an individual with a specific set of skills, qualities, and emotions which are unique to people who belong to some other zodiac sign.

However, the whole story here is that whatever is happening in this entire universe depends on the stars to provide the future outcomes. But the astrology information regarding the cusps turns out to be very limited for some reason. But when you read about is it is a fascinating fact, and you are keen on finding more about it.

People Born on Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp

People with their birthday between 18th and 24th November are considered to be born on Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. Belonging to this cusp cannot be better defined than as people who possess an incredible source of power and strength. Another interesting fact about these people is that they are born on the Cusp of Revolution which gives you with immense power and makes you capable, ready and passionate to stand up and fight for your goals and beliefs.

Since you belong to Scorpio Sagittarius cusp, the planets you are influenced by are planet Pluto and Jupiter respectively. Pluto is the planet that represents the Scorpios whereas the planet Jupiter represents Sagittarius. Pluto, which is a planet that is the planet of death and rebirth, it motivates you to differentiate between what is right for you and what is wrong for you, and it also embraces the personal powers that you are gifted with.

Whereas on the other hand the other planet that dominates your personality given you are born on the cusp Jupiter, aids in fueling the optimistic approach and outlook that you possess. Belong to this particular cusp you enjoy sharing your matters with someone of your own and like telling them about how you feel.

However, this energy can turn out to be too much for some of the people who can make them unapproachable because they might seem you as intimidating. In fact, this energy of yours can often be misunderstood by some people as they are not sure which version of you will they come across: the flexible, complex creature, fierce, fun or life of the party.

Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp: November 18 to November 24

Starting from November 18 and going up to November 24 are the exact Scorpio Sagittarius cusp dates, that mark the period of the people who are born on the cusp. However, a thing that needs to be taken into consideration in order to keep you from getting confused by this phrase born on the cusp is that it will be easy if the order in which the zodiac signs are arranged is maintained when using such terms so that it is not made complicated and it is easy for everyone to understand this phenomenon which is not very common.

Many people may also refer to this as the Sagittarius Scorpio cusp which might lead to confusion among people, so it is preferred to maintain the order of the zodiac signs in which they are arranged. As when referring to people who are born on the cusp can have qualities that belong to two different zodiac signs and having the qualities of two different zodiac signs mean that you will be influencing two planets instead of one. So, people with Scorpio Sagittarius personalities are influenced by two planets which is Pluto and Jupiter.

Being born on the cusp of revolution makes you very daring as you are not afraid to speak what is in your mind. You are seen to prosper and grow around those people who share your vitality and strengths. You can achieve great things in life only if you are granted with freedom and independence but at the same, this might also cause you power struggles when talking about relationships and might also lead you to conflicts with them.

So, you should channel your ferocity into your ambitions instead of channeling it into aggression, and this will make you unstoppable.

More Insights about Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp

People who are born on this cusp are extremely powerful and strong. Because they possess every quality of belonging to the most powerful zodiac sings. Because of this reason people who are born on Scorpio Sagittarius cups are tending to be blessed with both the empathy of the water sign which is the indication of being a Scorpio along with the excitement that is attached with the fire sign which is the indication of being a Sagittarius. Both these signs provide you with a wide spectrum of abilities.

People born on Scorpio Sagittarius cusp are considered to be incredibly generous as they possess a great combination of friendliness and compassion within themselves which gives them this quality. You need to be very careful from those people who are looking to take advantage of you and your giving nature.

Powerful personality

Born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius you have a powerful personality and are powerful along with action-oriented. You are never afraid of anyone, and you are always ready to be an inspiration for the rest and to lead them. You possess the abilities where you stick to your guns no matter what, and the charismatic attitude that you have might have you turning heads, whether it comes to making a move or being involved in doing and taking important decisions in your life.

However, one significant thing that can be used to hold you back from moving forward is lack of freedom. It is for the fact that the more tied down you are you will feel more frustrated and more stuck. So, for you to prosper, grow and achieve your targets it is important that you are set free and not tied up. So, to do that, try to look for opportunities that will allow you independence and freedom both.

A Few Interesting Facts about Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp

The stars of Scorpio Sagittarius cusp are not only merciful by making them proactive and strong, but it is also stated for the fact that the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp man can tend to be a little rebellious and wild at times, whereas on the other hand Scorpio Sagittarius cusp woman are not less than the men. As they also show the same personality traits as the rest who are born on the cusp.

Apart from the patterns that are mentioned above regarding the people born on this cusp, yet another interesting fact is that how these astrology cusp takes inspiration from the stars. As the dates of Scorpio Sagittarius cusp start from November 18 so people born on the cusp more likely favor Scorpio as their zodiac sign as to that of Sagittarius because November 18 is closer to Scorpio.

While on the other hand November 23 zodiac cusp are observed that they favor Sagittarius more because they are closer to it. However, the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp horoscope will provide you with all the answers regarding the questions you have when talking about their compatibility.

Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility

You are a genuine firecracker hence you need to find a partner who respects your independence and your freedom. As Scorpio can turn out to be a very suspicious sign and Sagittarius prizes honesty and trust is one of the essential things that is required in a healthy relationship. You get very attached to those people who are very passionate about their talents or work, and you love to show your support towards them and encourage them at every step in life. The fire sign will dominate your personality and will mirror your intensity and will make you a fun life partner.

A relationship that comprises of fire sign can be full of intimacy, but at the same time, it can lead you to a steamy argument as well. However, the water sign will provide you with the connection and affection that you desire in a committed relationship. The water sign may turn out to be more emotional for you, but their ability to care deeply and the efforts that they make to understand you will make you feel loved beyond you can imagine.

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp: Strength

The combination of determination and vision that you possess will provide you with a competitive edge which will take you very far in life. You can understand yourself and know who you are because you think too philosophically and deeply. With the intensity and energy that you feel fuels the desires that you have to bring about positive changes in your life and in the people, who are surrounding you. You also tend to gain loyal friends fast because of the amazing sense of humor that you possess along with the willingness to interact with people.

Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp: Weakness

Some of the things that might contribute to as your weakness are wild, secretive, aggressive, rebellious, misunderstood, selfish and blunt. With the combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius both, your demeanor may seem overwhelming and aggressive to people who are around you.

Since you have a very impatient person, you might get a bit aggressive with people who try to get into your way as you like being on the move so be nice to them. Among a lot of things one thing that is admired about you is that you fight for your beliefs, but it may seem frenzy if not channeled properly.