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What do you already know about astrology cusps? What don’t you know? This page plans to answer all that and more. Let us begin right from the start. Why does one seek answers from astrology after all? Well, because astrology information is accurate. It can be trusted. And it works! Like you already know, astrology works on the simple fact, that the movement of planets affects everything.

This involves various factors, like the positions of the celestial bodies, the role of the four elements, the zodiac signs, and their subsequent division into one of the twelve houses. A small but very significant factor nestled among these is being born on the cusp. It is a simple phenomenon that ends up combining the power of two different zodiac signs. For instance, the cusp of Gemini and Cancer would be known as the Gemini Cancer cusp.

People Born on the Cusp: Gemini Cancer Cusp

Let us follow up on this in detail. A cusp is like a midpoint between the midpoints of zodiac signs. This could get a little confusing for you. Let us tone it down for you a bit. You must already know that the position of each celestial body gives way to a different sign. However, the primary zodiac sign that each person takes after is that of the sun.

Coming over to the concept of cusps now, we need to understand that the signs do not affect all dates in their period in the same manner. They will have their strongest impact right in the middle of the month that they govern, and will slowly wane on either side. It is this principle that affects the personalities of people born on the cusp. As a sign changes into another, the respective personality traits they offer too.

However, astrologers believe that within the three days that this occurs, people born may experience the qualities offered by not one, but both the zodiac signs involved. For instance, when Gemini would move into Cancer, a person would be born on the Gemini Cancer cusp.

This enables these people to have a certain advantage over others as not only do they exhibit the best of qualities that these signs offer but also greater control over them.

Magic Cusp of Gemini and Cancer: Born between June 17th – June 23rd?

Is June 21 a Cancer or Gemini?

A general rule of thumb states that any person born within three days of a sign change can be called as those born on the cusp. The sun moves into Cancer from Gemini between June 17th – June 23rd  and you would typically experience both personalities of the signs. This cusp is called “Magic”.

Two entirely different words come together when describing a Gemini Cancer cusp. These would be private and empathetic. Empathy would be quite simple for everyone to understand. It is a trait that is shared commonly by a lot of different cusps in the zodiac calendar.

However, these cusp dates are particularly fond of empathy. These people are kind and considerate, taking empathy to its best. They feel what the next person feels, and at that moment what follows is a pure desire to help the next person. Apart from that, you can count on a Gemini Cancer cusp personality to be the life of the party. They truly bring it. Whatever theme you may be following, or no matter how special of an occasion it is, you can always be sure that for the most of the night, a Gemini Cancer cusp man will be the center of attention of everybody.

More about the Gemini and Cancer Cusp

Like we mentioned before, private is another word that very clearly describes a Gemini Cancer cusp. Coming to it, while these people tend to grab attention at parties and always stay in the public eye for their Goodwill-inspired work all thanks to their empathy, underneath all of this they harbor a personality that is shy of opening up to others.

So while they show up to parties always surrounded by the people, it is usually only the people chatting and the Gemini Cancer person listening. It is also very rare that you get a glimpse into the personal lives of these people.

While we are at this, it is important that the order in which you take its name does not matter for the cusp. For instance, the Gemini Cancer cusp is the same as the Cancer Gemini cusp. It is also good to know that these cusps are also sometimes known by their dates in an individual manner, as June 21 zodiac cusp also equally represents the Gemini Cancer cusp.

Cusp of Magic Compatibility

Compatibility is another part of astrology that any Gemini Cancer cusp woman or man may try to learn of. The Gemini Cancer cusp compatibility goes just like the other cusps, as far as astrology is concerned. The basic principle governing this is how close your birth date is to a sign. For example, if you were born more towards the Gemini side, you are bound to find compatibility with the signs that are compatible with Gemini.

Similarly, if you were born on the side favoring Cancer, well, you know where to look. However, even apart from this, there are a few special cases where a Gemini Cancer cusp person may find love and comfort. Since this is a cusp, it may find solace and compatibility with the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius and equally with the cusp of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Traits of People Born on the Cusp: Gemini Cancer Cusp

Gemini Cancer cusp horoscope tends to bring with it a lot of different personality traits. Some of them are very good for a person to succeed, others as some hindrance which need to be controlled for one to move ahead in life. Let us look at these personality traits collectively to decipher what sort of a personality the Gemini Cancer cusp brings with it.

A tad bit more emotional than the rest

This is something that can’t be helped. However, it sure does need to be controlled. Gemini Cancer people are very emotional when it comes to people. They have a certain tendency to attach themselves with particular people in their life. This makes them somewhat limited with their potential because every decision they now take is somehow overshadowed by this person they love. While it is good to be kind and considerate towards everybody, it may get toxic if the other person does not harbor the same feelings for you. A person born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer should thus avoid getting into such situations.

Love food so much they become experts at making it

Another term for it would be awesome cooks! And yes, if your spouse is one, you have one more reason to love him/her. The art of good cooking comes from the love of food. And oh, do the Gemini Cancer cusp people love food. More important here is the fact that combined with the empathy that we discussed above, this good cooking is available to be shared with the world!

They Do Stick To Their Word

This trait is pretty common in all of the astrology cusps. However, this does not mean we take it for granted. Being dedicated and committed to a task is a very demanding job and not everyone can do it. These people are absolutely devoted to their mission and would go to the last mile to make it successful.


In today’s world, where everything is so fast-paced you barely get time to eat, having someone who is patient with everything is a gift from God indeed. You would agree yourself that it is one thing when stuff is not happening on time, but to actually be patient about everything on the schedule is also a virtue many of the corporate bosses do not possess. With the Gemini Cancer cusp, people tend to succeed in the professional as well as a personal world with this craft of giving people their time and space.

Always inspired

Remember that kid in school who always came up with wild ideas all the time? Guess what; they call him Elon Musk now. Elon is one of the thousands of visionaries who proved that being inspired and having crazy ideas all the time is not a bad thing at all. Although he does not fall in the Gemini Cancer cusp dates, his date of birth is still pretty close. However, the point we are trying to make over here is that one of the strengths of Gemini Cancer cusp people is their ability to be inspired by stuff. They may get a brilliant idea while casually sipping coffee, just like that. But to use it to its maximum potential, of course, they would have to work hard. Really hard!


This is just another iteration of saying how a person born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini is very empathetic. They are always on the mission of making someone’s day and will quickly notice it if you’re their friend and are having a bad day. With these people, you can be sure that your worries are their worries. Add to that the benefit of being in a relationship with a Gemini Cancer cusp person, in whom you would find a very loving, romantic person.

Privacy, is it really good?

While this topic remains debatable, we try to offer an impartial view. Yes, it is true that closing yourself to the outside world gives you a lot of advantages, something that people of the Gemini Cancer cusp are masters of. However, it does have its own set of disadvantages too. People argue that being private gives as less as possible to the enemies away. But while the people of the Gemini Cancer cusp keep their feelings inside, these tend to grow into a self-destructing bomb as there is no outlet for emotions. This, if not controlled in time, leads to minor isolation at first, and a complete cutting off of the world later.

Family Guy

A Gemini Cancer cusp man or a woman, (we don’t discriminate that way) is a completely family oriented person. The best thing for them at the weekend would be to watch a game with their kids or take them out for dinner. They also love to travel, be it for work or leisure, and would always try to keep their family with them for all the fun that could be had.

Everything is important!

For a Gemini Cancer cusp personality, everything is important! Some may even call it giving emotional importance to material things. Although they would not call it that. The small things that usually go unnoticed in many people’s books, hold a special place in the hearts of Gemini Cancer people, like their child’s first shoes, which they may have still kept in a cupboard while the same child attends college. For these people, it is the sentiment behind such stuff that is of utmost importance.

Mood Swings

Lastly, these people tend to have a lot of mood swings. This, of course, is a bad thing and needs to be controlled as early as possible. With habits, the thing is that the longer you take, the harder it becomes to change them. Similarly, while a temper changing to a calm mood in a matter of seconds may look helpful, it needs to be realized that the exact opposite has an equal chance of happening.

As such, Gemini Cancer cusp people are great and unique, just like all other people born on the cusp. The key here is to capitalize on their good qualities and keep the negative traits always in check.