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One of the factors that has a unique place in regular astrology is being born on the cusp. The notion behind this is simple. The 12 zodiac signs are believed to greatly affect the personality of the people born in their month. It is also noteworthy that while each planet has its sign at any given time, the first sign that astrologers identify everyone with are those that the sun is going through at the time of that very person’s birth. Cusps take on two signs at the same time, such as the Leo Virgo cusp. Let us go into details as this article progresses.

People Born on the Cusp: Leo Virgo Cusp

Knowing this, the personality traits that a zodiac sign bestows upon a person is also subjective of the time of the month that person is born in. For instance, a person born in the middle of a month would be a stronger Leo than a person born towards the end of the Leo month. This factor gives birth to the concept of astrology cusps. Astrologers call it being born on the cusp when a person is born within three days of a sign changing from one to the other. This unique feature lets the person inherit the qualities from both the stars changing places instead of just one. For example, a person would be born on the Leo Virgo cusp if he was born within three days of the sign’s change.

Just a little background…

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences to exist in this world. And the only reason it has survived for so long, with its competitors constantly falling out is that it works. Period. Before we go on to explain how the Leo Virgo cusp affects the personality of a human being, or what being born on the cusp even means, for that matter, we feel like we ought to start with a refresher course for astrology over here. Astrologers do nothing but keep track of the planets, the sun, and the moon.

All of the positionings that are done are relative to that of the Earth. Every astrologer believes that everything happening on this planet is affected by the movement of the celestial bodies, which is just a fancy name for the planets, the Sun and the Moon altogether. All of this is done on the foundation of the twelve zodiac signs, which you must be familiar with. Each planet, or celestial body, changes its sign after a specific time. There are a few more factors like the four elements and the twelve houses that astrologers take into account their data.

The Cusp of Leo and Virgo: The Cusp of Exposure

With cusp dates starting from August 19th to August 25th, the Leo Virgo cusp is aptly called the cusp of exposure. There are times when people love to be in the company of a Leo Virgo cusp person, but at other times, not so much. But this is nothing that can’t be fixed. While persuasive is the attest word to describe a person born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, it may sometimes also cause troubles.

Let us explain how? With excellent communication skills comes a high expectation by the people of you always listening. While this is a perfect virtue and something the Leo Virgo people are pros at, there is only so much a person can take. And this gets tiring. And then there’s more.

While the life of an excellent communicator is usually public, what becomes a drawback is the fact that a Leo Virgo cusp personality tends to be a little privacy-concerned when it comes to a few specific matters. This can cause trouble in matters when absolute transparency is required. When we said persuasive, we truly meant it. A person born on this cusp knows precisely what to say at precisely what time. And people like it. While this is a huge advantage, this can go wrong if not kept in check. Let us come back to that in the personality traits section.

More about the Leo and Virgo Cusp

Being ruled by the planet Mercury and the sun itself, the Leo Virgo cusp brings together a combination like no other. People born on the Leo Virgo cusp dates tend to be, apart from persuasive and communicative, in dire need of attention. This craving for emotional support may sometimes leave them at the mercy of others, which is of course not a good thing.

The only way to keep this under control is to be aware of this fact early on and never attach oneself too much to someone that their loss becomes a liability. It is also noteworthy that the order in which the name of a cusp is taken does not affect its personalities, contrary to popular belief. For instance, a Leo Virgo cusp is the same as a Virgo Leo cusp. Moreover, cusps are generally introduced by a particular date too, if one is born on that. So let it not confuse you if a person says that they were born on the August 22 Zodiac cusp because they mean all the same.

Leo Virgo Cusp Compatibility

One reason why people so actively seek out astrology information is because they want to know what the most suitable partner for them would be, with approval from the stars. A Leo and Virgo cusp is compatible with other signs in a manner similar to all other astrology cusps. The date of birth of a person plays a significant role here.

The general rule of thumb states that if a person is born on the cusp, favoring the former zodiac sign, as would be Leo in the case of a Leo Virgo cusp, then he would find compatible partners in those favored by the zodiac sign of Leo. And similarly, if the date of birth of a person favors Virgo in such a case, well, you know what to do! Apart from these, just like all astrology goes, the best match for a Leo Virgo cusp man could be no other than a Leo Virgo cusp woman. Pisces Aries cusps and Taurus Gemini cusps are also two cusps in particular that have been observed to show excellent compatibility with the Leo Virgo cusp.

Traits of People Born on the Cusp: Leo Virgo Cusp

The Virgo Leo cusp horoscope brings together a truly unique mix of qualities that are believed by astrologers to give unsurpassed amounts of energy and determination to the people born on this cusp, in order to succeed in life. Like we discussed before, the Leo Virgo cusp helps to instill this great concern for security and privacy in a person. Now while this is a perfect thing, it has an equal tendency of becoming a burden at certain times. Let us explain. The concern for security helps one achieve most of what they desire because of the fact that they have to rely on others as less as possible.

However, there are moments in life, especially in one’s professional career, that require a person to be open and clear about their operating procedures. A person born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo may not take it as it is and perceive it to be a personal threat. This mentality is somewhat self-destructive and needs to be tackled head-on and that too early in life, so its roots don’t get a stronghold. Another side effect of this secrecy comes in the form of professional loss.

As a person is highly secretive, they may tend to not share even the achievements or breakthroughs at hand, subsequently depriving themselves of recognition and the world of knowledge. All of this stems from the Virgo side of the cusp.

Bring out the Positive side!

We understand. The talk above might have made you doubt yourself seriously if you were born on the Leo Virgo cusp. But worry not, there are tons of good traits that this cusp brings with it. It just felt important to tackle the problems firsthand so that a person knows how important it is in one’s struggle towards success.

A Leo Virgo cusp personality has a high potential to be wholly successful in life, especially in the creative department. This is all thanks to the energy that the zodiac sign of Leo brings, in partnership with the element of fire. With a lion at its helm, this cusp also brings out leadership qualities that are not just effective with the professional life of one, but also transform into great administrative skills for one’s personal projects. This creativity brings about a particular popularity in the workplace, further solidifying a Leo Virgo cusp’s leadership role in the office.


Coupled with creativity comes one of the most sought-after skills in the 21st century’s corporate world; communication. With a Leo Virgo person, you can be entirely sure that they get you, they get the exact context you are speaking in, and they get what sort of an end product you are expecting. Bring back into the mix their creativity, and now you have nothing to worry about because these people not only understand what the requirements of a project are, they will also get it done in a unique way and probably well before the deadline. Lastly, before we leave the professional skills section, these people also have a very keen eye, making them pick on the tiniest of errors by others. These errors may not cause much effect to work overall, but removing them is the difference between someone who wants to get work done and someone who makes work their religion.

Personal Lives of a Leo Virgo Cusp

How many people have you met who are not only concerned about their physical health but also are keen observers of their mental health? If you have met even one, the chances are that they were a Leo Virgo cusp. These people are so concerned about their health it even looks scary at times, but hey, in order to perform the best one has to be in the best shape, don’t they?

When it comes to love and intimacy, a Leo Virgo cusp ensures total and complete devotion. This is not a bad thing at all if you are wondering. Spouses of a Leo Virgo person would be pleased to know that their partner is going nowhere. However, it may sometimes get a little dry as Leo Virgo cusps tend not to be flirtatious at all. Instead, they may try to warm up situations with their own iterations of unique gifts and show of emotions, which is not something that everybody gets in the world. Lastly, the personal life of a Leo Virgo person is greatly influenced by the friends he or she makes. If you are a friend of one, you can be assured that any and all advice you get from these people comes with total sincerity and goodwill.

Just a few negative traits you would need to look out for

We said there aren’t many, to begin with, and there are not. Just these few. It is important for any person, born on the cusp or not, to make sure to use the qualities awarded by the zodiac signs to the best of their abilities, but never misuse them, as power is indeed a responsibility. The same goes for the Leo Virgo cusp.

Astrologers have observed these people be stubborn, cold, and somewhat egoistic, but these are traits that can easily be overcome if realized early on. Another issue with a Leo Virgo cusp is that of using their great communicative skills as a manipulative measure, which, well, you know the damages it can do. Apart from this, it is one’s absolute luck to be born on one of these days!