May 28, 2024
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Pisces Love Languages

Pisces Love Languages

Pisces are the artists and dreamers of the zodiac. As a water sign, Pisces have a huge well of emotions at their disposal at any given time, because of this they are naturally romantic. They have a keen eye for beauty and can see it in places where others cannot, such as in specks of rain falling on cement streets, the crinkles around someone’s eyes when they laugh, and even in the silence that falls after a fight. To be in love with a Pisces requires an open heart and a creative mind, but scroll down and read on to see how to romance the Pisces in your life!

Pisces Sun: acts of service

Our sun sign tells us about the basic building blocks of our lives and personalities, so understanding this placement gives us insight into the values of our partners. Pisces suns value emotional depth, romantic passion, art and fantasy, as well as empathy for all living things. They have big hearts and can’t help but feel deeply for others, animals and nature. To be in love with a Pisces is to be in love with life itself!

The best way to perform acts of service for a Pisces sun is to allow space for their sometimes turbulent emotional world. To be human is to feel the wide range of human emotion, and sometimes that can feel like riding a rollercoaster when you love a Pisces. Be there to listen without judgment or offering advice. Helping with simple tasks like folding the laundry or picking up dinner when they’re too overwhelmed will help to foster trust and a sense of safety in the relationship.

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Pisces Moon: quality time

Our moon sign tells us about our general mood throughout our life as well as how we prefer to be nurtured. A Pisces moon is a challenging moon to find stability in since it tends to soak up the energy and moods of everything and everyone around it like a sponge. As a water sign Pisces is most like the ocean: vast, cruel, temperamental, and beautiful. To love a Pisces moon is to be a sailor, in love with the sea but deeply respectful of your place in its waters.

Quality time with your Pisces moon lover is pertinent. Feelings win out over facts with this water sign, so your Pisces moon partner will only feel as safe as their last interaction with you. Making sure to honor your time spent with them requires empathy, honesty and lots of cuddles.

Pisces Mercury: words of affirmation

Our Mercury signs give us insight into how we think, how we process information, and how we communicate this information to those around us. We’ve all heard that communication is key in a relationship, but so is comprehension, which is why understanding your partner’s Mercury sign is so important! Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning that they are adaptable and open to new ideas. As a partner it’s important to know that their thoughts, feelings and opinions are always liable to change, so don’t try to hold them down with any kind of rigidity.

Every relationship requires words of affirmation, you should never assume that your partner has heard “I love you” too many times, especially if you’re dating a Pisces Mercury! What’s important to keep in mind is the way in which we convey our thoughts and feelings though, for instance, saying “I love you” alone might not be enough. Don’t forget to look them in the eyes, or kiss their forehead, or rub their back, or write it on a post it note for them to find later when they’re alone. The delivery of the words is just as important as the words themselves.

Pisces Venus: gift giving

Venus is the planet of love and beauty itself, so it’s obviously a planet that you will need to work to understand better in order to keep the love alive in a relationship. Since both Neptune and Jupiter are the ruling planets of this sign, fantasy and romance are incredibly important to a Pisces Venus. This placement makes you desire the kind of love you see in movies and read in books, and while that’s not entirely realistic that doesn’t mean you should give up on your storybook romance completely!

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Venus also rules over gifts, so the perfect gifts to give a Pisces Venus are going to be more so about memories than price tags. A handmade present is always going to win more flavor than an expensive gift for this water sign. Showing your love through gift giving is less about giving your partner things and more about showing that you think about them even when you are apart. Make them a blanket, frame a picture of a treasured memory, or even simply pick some flowers when you’re out on a walk to give to them. Creating more memories with your special person is what’s going to make this love last!

Pisces Mars: physical affection

Mars rules over our more primal emotions and whims, being the planet of war and love making. When it comes to relationships, understanding Mars is about understanding how to keep the passion alive long after the thrill of newness has left the relationship. When it comes to following your instincts, Pisces Mars is all about heart. These people are dreamy, non confrontational and emotionally driven. They root for the underdog and have the spirit of a philanthropist, wanting to save the world one day at a time.

Physical affection is important in every romantic relationship, but it’s important to remember that your Pisces Mars partner may be more ticklish than most. Their body is on high alert due to their sensitive nature, so always be sure to ask before touching and ask them what will feel good today. It’s easy for them to get into a sensory overload, but at the same time a relaxing massage from their partner is often necessary and welcomed!