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Family Astrology 101: Parenting with Astrology – Part 3

Family Astrology 101: Parenting with Astrology – Part 3

Family astrology is one of the most useful practices in astrology; it can really help navigate parent/child relationships, parent to parent relationships, sibling relationships, and larger family dynamics (grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces). The articles within this series, Family Astrology, will explore various topics each month to help build an understanding of the astrology of family and how it can help you with your family.

If you are coming to this topic with this article first, then you would find it helpful to go back and read the previous articles. I will be writing under the assumption that you have read the previous articles. 

Getting to Know the Charts of the Child and Parent – Moon to Moon

This article will look more in depth at the parent/child charts presented in the previous articles and shown here below. We will begin with how the Moon (Soul Path) energies of the two charts are most likely to interact and what the parent and child will need to do to make interaction successful and positive.

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Parent Influence on the Child

Parent Influence on the Child

The inner circle is the child’s chart and the outer circle is the parent’s chart.  The parent’s chart “applies” to the child’s chart in certain ways.  In the case of this example, the parent has a Gemini Moon, represented by the crescent Moon in the 3rd pie segment (or House) of the child’s chart.  Notably, the child has one point in this House, Juno, which represents duty and commitment. The two points share the same house but are not close enough together to be considered conjunct. The child has a Libra Moon in his/her 7th House of Partnerships

A person with a Gemini Moon (the parent) and a person with a Libra Moon (the child) have fundamentally similar energy signatures that are, by the nature of the energy, “alike”.  They have their Moons in air signs.  At the core of Gemini is communication, while the core of Libra is relationships.  By design, this child chose, spiritually speaking, a Soul Path (the Moon) focused on relating to others as his/her way to experience and express emotions, while the parent chose a Soul Path of communicating as the way to make an emotional connection and come to emotional understanding.

These energies flow naturally, so there can be an innate emotional understanding between the parent and child.  They are very likely to have similar ways of responding, and similar ways of wanting to give and receive love. The flowing energy is not as precise as it could be if the two were in a closer degree of alignment.  The parent’s Moon is at 6 degrees of Gemini while the child’s Moon is at 21 degrees of Libra.  Still, these placements and the nature of the energy should make emotional communication and understanding smoother.

The Moon is a water point that is in Air signs for both individuals, and air Houses.  The parent’s Moon occupies his/her 7th House of Partnership, just as the child’s Moon occupies the 7th House of Partnership.  In the parent’s case, Gemini rules the 7th House and for the child, it is Libra ruling the 7th House.  These types of synchronicities can really help the parent and child identify with one another, especially on an emotional level.  Both want to connect by communicating.  The parent feels good when he/she can talk about feelings and listen to what another person has to say about feelings.  The child will want to relate by connecting to the needs of others with the Libra goal of bringing balance and harmony.

Parenting the Child

And here is the most significant point of parent/child dynamics; the parent is the one responsible for directing and processing the energy, especially at the earliest stages of the developing child, but also until the child develops true self-sufficiency (i.e., becomes a full adult in a complete way – meaning a productive member of society).  Hence, the child will need to learn how to identify healthy relating from the parent’s guidance.  The parent will do well to gather information (Gemini) about successful communication for a parent and child at different stages of emotional development.

In the very specific case of these two charts, the parent’s Moon “lunarizes” the area of the child’s chart that has to do with communication and trying to understand how the world works (3rd House), and this parent will have a lot to teach this child because the Moon is here.  With the point associated with duty and commitment in the same sign as the parent’s Moon, the child is likely to want to learn the lessons of the parent rather than reject them.

Newborn Influence on the Parent

Newborn Influence on the Parent

Now, let’s look at the reverse of the two charts; and consider the child’s chart influence on the parent’s chart.  The child’s Moon is “lunarizing” the parent’s 11th House of Community.  It is very likely that as this child grows up and makes connections with peers, it will bring about connections for the parent with the parents of the child’s peers.   Also, there is a good chance this child will invite his/her peers to his/her house for playdates.  With the Moon in a public House, which also ends up being the House where the parent’s Mercury (communication) already resides, this child is going to amplify the networking of community for the parent.

If we look at the larger schema of both charts in relation to one another, we can see numerous points that align directly, just look for points that “line up”.  From an energy standpoint, these alignments create “binding” energy that bond the parent and child energetically speaking.  But once again, do not be tempted to think that strong binding is “naturally good”.  Depending on how the souls decide to use the charts they selected, this binding energy can express as “I can never seem to escape this person” and I really do not like who they are.  In the next article, we will look at the parent/child Mercury’s and see how they are likely to communicate with one another.

With the Moons in air signs, there is already strong communication energy for these two to share and develop in their life journey together.  As I add each point the relationship dynamic will nuance to help refine the understanding of how these two souls can operate with each other in the best possible way.

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