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Your ascendant, or rising sign, represents the mask you present to the world and the initial impression you give to others. It influences your appearance, attitude, and how you approach new situations. Learn more about the Ascendant/Rising Sign in Aries.

Chart Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Tarot Cards: The King of Wands and the Fool
Zodiac Sign Symbol:


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The First House is the House of the Self. It is “home” to your personality, character, manners, style, temperament, and (in classical astrology) physical characteristics. Since this House leads the chart, it has a special designation and is also known as the Ascendant and/or Rising Sign. If your Ascendant/Rising Sign is Aries, then you have the natural Sign placement for each House. Below is the chart layout showing how you will be influenced on your twelve quests based on the Signs that rule each House, as determined by your Ascendant/Rising Sign.

A Blank Chart Modified 01 Aries 1st

The Chart Ruler

Each sign has a ruling point. The planet Mars rules Aries. Because of the special nature of the Ascendant/Rising Sign, the point ruling the Sign that overlays the 1st House becomes the ruler of the entire chart. Someone with Aries on the Ascendant/Rising Sign will have their identity guided by the energy of Mars, wherever it appears in the chart.

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As an example, consider a person who has an Aries Ascendant/Rising Sign and Mars in Scorpio, which would put Mars in the 8th House of Intimate Relationships. This individual will be intense and passionate, especially with their intimate partner. Think of the great love affairs of history and literature and you will have rather clear picture of this person’s identity and how they will commit to someone they love and desire.

The Quest for Identity

According to Marica Moore and Mark Douglas in Astrology, The Divine Science:

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Individuals born with Aries rising want to come first. They move from ideas to action with scarcely a backward glance. This pioneer of the Zodiac is seldom too discouraged to begin anew, nor are they likely to outgrow their propensity to stake a claim and then roam to greener pastures, leaving others to dig and hoe where they have been. (361)

These individuals prefer to be active and can become agitated if forced to stay in one place for too long or be unable to expend energy by moving and doing. They will fight for the underdog and love competition. They do not have to win, enjoying the competition as an end in itself, and can easily bounce back from losing to compete and play again.

Present Positively As: Independent | Negatively As: Selfish

Perceived Positively As: Fearless | Negatively As: Inpatient or Reckless

Creativity and Mastership

The Signs ruling the creative (5th) and mastery of knowledge (9th) Houses are Fire Signs also, so this individual will be excitable, creative, and inspiring when it comes to their own performance (Leo on the 5th House) and authority (Sagittarius on the 9th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on creativity, travel, scholarship, and worldly experience, which they will achieve with an individualistic, self-serving identity (Aries).

The need to be passionate about what interests them is paramount. If there is no excitement and inspiration, they will not have any energy for work, the pursuit of knowledge, or relationships.

Finances, Work, and Career

The Signs ruling the finances (2nd), work (6th), and career (10th) Houses are their natural Earth Sign rulers, so this individual will be a hard and capable worker who needs to feel secure at home (Taurus on the 2nd House), skillful and helpful (Virgo on the 6th House), and ambitious and successful (Capricorn on the 10th House). If they have points in any of these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on material success, which they will achieve with an independent, maverick identity (Aries).

They need to be employed in autonomous roles in an organization, with plenty of room to be promoted and grow successful. This chart layout is excellent for an entrepreneur; after all, what better way to succeed and be in control than to be your own boss. These individuals will rarely doubt their ability to succeed once they get a foothold in their career path.

Communication, Relationships, and Community

The Signs ruling the communication (3rd), relationship (7th), and community (11th) Houses are their natural Air Sign rulers, so this individual will have the skill as a communicator who loves learning (Gemini on the 3rd House), easily understands the motivations of others (Libra on the 7th House) and wants to know where he or she can best fit into community and society (Aquarius on the 11th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on intellectual development and the pursuit of wisdom, which they will seek with a direct, self-confident identity (Aries).

They need to have honest and open relationships with intelligent and curious people. Their direct and forthright personality can be challenging to people with more emotional and subtle communication styles. However, if you want an honest opinion or need direct answers, these are the individuals who will give you both, all the time.

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Feelings, Intimacy, and Spirituality

The Signs ruling the feelings and family (4th), intimate partner (8th), and spirituality (11th) Houses are their natural Water Sign rulers, so this individual will have a strong emotional flow regarding family and emotional development (Cancer on the 4th House), transformation with an intimate partner (Scorpio on the 8th House), and his or her search for purpose and faith (Pisces on the 12th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on emotional development, intuition, empathy, and sympathy, which they will pursue with a blunt, fearless identity (Aries).

They need strong, even intense emotional relationships with equally intense and emotional people. Their direct and forthright personality can help them navigate and overcome emotional struggles because they are willing to rise to the challenge of any material, intellectual, or emotional circumstance. If you want someone with emotional depth and awareness, these individuals will let you see it if they trust you.

Archetypes for this Ascendant/Rising Sign

(From – The Ascendant: Your Rising Sign by Jodie Forrest)

This person has come into the world wearing the mask of the Warrior, the Daredevil, the Pioneer, and the Hero/Heroine. Other images for Aries include the Stuntman/Stuntwoman, the Adrenaline Junkie, the Athlete, and the Competitor. Lower-level manifestations of this Sign’s energy might be the Rageaholic, the Stress Addict, the Bully, or the Reckless Fool. (89)

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