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About Rising Sign

Where most people know their astrological sign, it cannot be denied that few of them know their ascendant sign. And if you know your astrological sign but ignore your ascendant, the life you lead is incomplete.

Indeed, when you ignore your ascendant, you only have half of the assets you might benefit from in order to change whatever you don’t like in your life. The ascendant is an essential element of your natal chart, indicating the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

If your ascendant is Cancer, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Cancer ascendant

You have a strong craving for security, and you need to be in an environment when you feel safe in order to feel good. You can build this safe space for yourself through your innate social skills, your benevolence, and your loyalty. These are essential assets to nurture a serene and pleasant environment. With these qualities, it should not be hard for you to meet your personal goals in these aspects with just a little patience.

People see you as someone endearing and natural, someone you can count on. You can use this asset to improve your relationships with the people around you and succeed in any project you undertake. You are deeply attached to your core values, but you need to learn from your past failures to adopt new ideas and replace outdated principles if you want to grow. This is even more important if your new ideas are more profitable and can keep you from making the same mistakes that have prevented you from living the way you want to until now.

Beware your inclination towards passiveness that might delay the arrival of success, make you lose sight of your goals, and put a damper on your enthusiasm. Work on your projects on a regular basis, and you should soon be successful if you are fair with other people. Be careful about your own passions that might lead you to obsess about other people or try to overprotect them, preventing them from expressing their true nature. True love is based on respecting the other person’s aspirations.

Cancer ascendant personality

You are faithful and loyal, with a great sense of honor. When you care about some of your ideas, you can defend them against any opposition. You tend to be wary of other people, and it is hard to bond with you. You need time and need to know other people well before you let them enter your inner circle. But once these bonds have been created, anyone close to you knows just how much they can count on you.

You can react swiftly when you feel that someone is lashing out at you, or at people or ideas you care about. When you get invested in a project, you love to take your time and wait for the right moment to act because you have a caring nature. People can find it hard to figure you out because your attitude and reactions might seem weird to them, and they have a hard time trying to understand them.

You like to take the initiative, and sometimes it is hard for you to explain your motivations. So, make an effort and try to make them as clear as you can, so that other people will understand you more and be in better dispositions to make a step in your direction. When you face an obstacle or when someone resists you, you tend to withdraw into your shell in order to protect yourself. Express your abilities a bit more, because you might do great things if you just could muster enough motivation. This is how you will make your dreams come true.

You have a boundless imagination, but it might paralyze you halfway through because you tend to imagine the worst that might happen. Fear of failure might then become overwhelming. Keep your emotions in check, they should not take over your thoughts and make you lose your cool, or it will be hard for you to act and meet your goals. You don’t have enough confidence, so it is hard for you to take the initiative sometimes, and you often turn your back on what you really want. You need to overcome this flaw if you want to achieve your plans and ambition for yourself in a positive way.

CancerCancer ascendant sense of awareness

When you raise your own awareness of your abilities, increasing your confidence, you will have the resolve you need in order to be successful. This is why you might feel betrayed by your own mood swings, whereas you might get rid of them through greater mastery over your own mind, which will grow stronger with each new success.

Turn your back on your innate wariness and learn to put your trust in other people, most notably those out of your inner circle, because you might need them to change what you don’t like in your existence.

You can react quickly when you feel in danger, or when other people try to abuse you. You then withdraw and adopt a defensive stance. You love to return to your comfort zone because you feel safe there. You do everything you can to make your environment more pleasant and warm, in your image. However, you would rather be discreet in your life. You should use this small withdrawal in a safe place to alter some of your beliefs and bounce back with brand new solutions.

You have a lot of imagination and are deeply sensitive, which allows you to feel things about people and objects. Trust your intuition and follow the instructions that it sends you. You should develop your perseverance, always moving forward while staying flexible enough to adapt to new situations. Do not be too possessive as it might prevent you from having balanced relationships with your loved ones.

Cancer ascendant Traits

You know how to face your responsibilities. People usually find that you are pleasant. This is a great asset to achieve your goals or convince others to put their trust in you and help you. The past is very important for you, but that does not make you nostalgic. Learn how to keep going while learning some lessons from your past failures.

Cancer rising makes you an instinctively careful person, even in the most delicate or unusual situations. You keep any situation under control in any circumstance, you keep yourself in check and avoid any unnecessary risk.

You can easily lose your enthusiasm when things are taking a wrong turn or when results are long in coming. Try to persevere a little more at all times. You can suffer from wild mood swings and can easily get angry when you feel under assault. If you can balance your inner urges that can be contradictory sometimes, you will manage to improve your relationships with other people and your communications skills for your own good.

People tend to find you trustworthy when you meet them because they find you full of care and attention. But you can also get angry when rubbed the wrong way. You should keep this in check, and everything will be better. However, under this pleasing demeanor can lie a sometimes inflexible and strict personality that you need to mellow out if you want to keep your good relationships with your loved ones.