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About Rising Sign

Imagine that your astral path is divided into two. First, you have your zodiac sign, and then, your ascendant. One is in charge of your skills and affinities, and the other one has more influence on your personality. The ascendant is the sign that was placed on the eastern horizon at the time you arrived at this world.

The ascendant unveils the impressions that others will get when they are interacting with you. It is a simple guide to know how to behave in other to get the full potential of your skills and abilities. The ascendant is a key element of your natal chart.

If your ascendant is Leo, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Leo ascendant

Leo ascendant makes you an honest person. You do not wear masks and behave in the same way with just anyone, without any pretense. You are righteous and honest, and you should use these merits to go further on the path you have to follow, without looking for an easy way out and while redoubling your efforts to stay upright.

The path of honesty and integrity is harder to follow than the easy path of compromise. But it is also more profitable in the long term. You have a lot of energy and should focus it on your goals. This will allow you to be successful in your projects and will strengthen your willpower.

You have great control over yourself, and it is easy for you to impress other people when you stand under the spotlight. You know how to let your best sideshow, so you often make a strong first impression. You have a warm and pleasant side that can be beneficial as it will draw similar people to you, and they can help you grow.

Try not to show any sign of weakness. When it happens, compensate by enhancing your altruistic tendencies and your inner fantasy. Someone with Leo as a rising sign always tries to be a loyal friend, because the bonds they create with other people are usually rock solid. Friendship is an important concept for you. Keep counting on your real true friends because they are the ones who will help you at any time.

You can be warm and altruistic with other people. Do not give up on this aspect of your personality because it will bring you many benefits. Your Leo ascendant sign grants you a lot of ambition and the ability to accept challenges and overcome most obstacles. Sometimes you need to keep your impetuous temper in check and calm down, especially when you have problems to solve or when your personal beliefs are challenged.

Facing your Leo ascendant

Do not hesitate to question yourself. This might offer you some perspective that will help you improve your living conditions. You like to show off because you feel the need to be noticed. This is why you are doing everything you can to make a good impression on them. This increases your own self-worth and gives you a lot of well-being.

You have great public relations and communication skills because you know how to make other people love you, something you have raised to an art form. Do not use it excessively, because your penchant for authoritarianism might rub some people the wrong way, generating dissent and resentment that might be detrimental to you later on when you need these people.

You are also quite sensitive and easy to offend, which can slow you down on your path to success or even prevent your success altogether. You will manage to overcome or keep these flaws in check through your innate stubbornness and all the energy you can muster when you want something or when something displeases you in your existence.
You like to shape things in your own way, according to your own temper. You hate small talk and like to control your environment. You should use this asset but stay clear of tyrannical behavior because sometimes you can go a little overboard when you feel vulnerable.

LeoLeo ascendant goals

You have a lot of ambition and the ability to achieve it, but you also need to be humble and stop overestimating yourself. Your independent streak urges you to take matters into your own hands, control whatever happens to you, and be the master of your environment.

You love to express your ideas, but most of all, you want them to be accepted by other people. This bolsters your confidence whenever it happens. This is the reason why your self-confidence is partly based on the opinion other people have of you. This is why you need to nurture it, always show you under your best side, and offer pertinent advice. This is how your reputation will grow.

You should, however, avoid giving free rein to your arrogance and sense of superiority because this negative character flaw will be detrimental in your relationships with the people you will need to meet your goals. Keep their own aspirations in mind and respect them. If you manage to handle your relationships with other people well, you will learn much about them but also about yourself.

You should channel your inner motivation to see all your projects through. This is how you will conquer new areas and be successful in any endeavor… Provided you do not spread yourself thin over secondary activities that might waste your time or make you lose sight of your own goals.

Leo ascendant seeking fortune

You love material goods, and this can be a great motivation for you if you have specific objectives to reach. If you can muster your willpower and perseverance, and if you set up your plans carefully, you will achieve what you set out to do. In love, you should make sure that you regularly take care of what the other person needs because this will cement your chances for a strong and lasting relationship.

Beware excessive intransigence in your dealings with other people. Do not try to be right at all costs, and you will have more harmonious relationships with people you meet. Use your communication skills and focus on your natural and honest side to start or nurture good relationships with people close to you.

When you want to change your life, once you have a specific project for it, stick to it and stay true to your own ideals. Do not steer away from the path you have set for yourself and persevere. Always keep the situation under control. Your Leo ascendant sign makes you bold and tough against most circumstances.

Leo ascendant Traits

You have a great sense of honor and the soul of a warrior, and these are among your greatest assets to be successful in any project. You have a spontaneous and honest nature, based upon well-entrenched principles that help you see any action to the end.

When they look at you for the first time, people see a resolute person that is hard to unsettle, someone confident who will not shy away from any obstacle. You do not like resigned and fatalistic people, because you are convinced that everyone is the master of their destiny and should not give up when they face their first obstacle.

You have the nature of an optimist, and you know how to use courage and tenacity to see your projects through. You know how to help others in need, and how to assist those who are having a hard time, provided they learn how to take their life into their own hands and don’t expect other people to cover for them.

You tend to appreciate the flattery, but you should steer clear of this weakness, as it makes you too vulnerable and easy to influence. People flattering you would then use it to abuse you. Your mistakes are often pardoned because you know how to apologize, how to learn from your mistakes and stand back up when needed.