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About Rising Sign

The ascendant provides you with essential information to learn about the first impressions other people get of you. These characteristics allow you to strengthen its impact on your life, to enhance the merits you get from your astrological sign and diminish the impact of the flaws that are also bound to your sign, preventing us from improving your personal situation.

If your ascendant is Capricorn, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Capricorn ascendant

Your Capricorn ascendant sign lets you keep your emotions in check. This way, you can stand on top of things without following a path that might be unsuitable for you or might waste your time. A Capricorn can have a large amount of pride that might cause problems or lead them to make reckless decisions.

You should express the ambition found in your Capricorn ascendant because you are a natural born leader, and you could have the authority needed to lead others and stand at the helm of great projects. Capricorn as a rising sign means that you do everything 100% and always go straight to the point.

A Capricorn ascendant is a sign of a curious person with a thirst for knowledge and a gift to share what they know, someone who can lead others when they need help or advice. A Capricorn ascendant means that you probably value truth above anything else, and often have high aspirations for your personal growth.

Someone with a Capricorn ascendant sign might find it hard to take other people’s opinions and feelings into account, which might cause problems. So, keep an open mind to what other people might ask, and you will improve your relationships in your family and your love life. You are a loner at your core. When you follow a set of rules from your environment, you do it out of obligation and do not particularly like it. But you go through the motions because you understand that it will be harder for you to fit in society if you don’t.

Capricorn ascendant personality

You don’t like to mingle with strangers. You do it when you have to, but only when you have no other choice. You are not very sociable and don’t like to be just another sheep among the flock. You hate living “just like everyone else”. When you have enough motivation, you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself without giving up whenever you encounter an obstacle on your path.

Capricorn ascendant gives you a brilliant brain and intellectual abilities that can lead you to your goals without fail. These merits, coupled with your great perseverance, will give you a leg up to succeed.

Having a Capricorn ascendant sign sometimes generates a difference between the outside perceptions people get of you and your genuine personality. You have a rather discreet demeanor so that you might seem distant or even cold sometimes. Someone with this ascendant might seem very reasonable and serene, but their true personality might be abrupt, very strict, and reluctant to any kind of compromise or half measure.

People often believe that you are cold, while in truth, you have a very warm personality deep within. But your nature keeps you away from crowds or large gatherings. People who are able to sense your true nature see you as a grounded and stable person, someone they can rely on and who can keep a secret, someone calm and loyal they can confide in and who can be trusted to help them make the right decisions.

CapricornCapricorn ascendant impressions

Capricorn ascendant can sometimes give you a cold, aloof and insensitive appearance, whereas you are simply trying to protect yourself, hiding what you are feeling because you are too shy. This impression can be strengthened by the anxious and pessimistic nature that can give you dark, brooding thoughts. When people get to know you better, they discover a soothing and endearing personality.

You take your time to decide what you should do to lead your life. You avoid any impulsive decision or letting your feelings take over. You have a great pugnacity, and you follow your own path with serenity, controlling every step of your progression. You move forward carefully, without taking useless risks. You make wise decisions because you easily keep your emotions in check.

You know how to take the time you need to wait for favorable circumstances without rushing ahead under pressure from outside priorities or circumstances. You refuse to be ruled by your emotions because you have a rational mind and usually analyze things over from a distance while keeping your cool. So when you are properly motivated, you walk on with determination, straight to your goal.

The ambitious side of your Capricorn ascendant should urge you to get out of your safe space, which sometimes prevents you from taking decisive actions. You have well-defined principles and ideas about life, and they have already prevented any flexibility in several situations as you were unable to change your mind. You have the skills required to succeed in your projects if you are properly motivated because you will channel your ambition and organization skills.

Capricorn ascendant Traits

You are deeply professional, have a strong sense of honor and responsibilities, and these are assets on your path to success. You can be extremely demanding with yourself, and consequently, you might be intolerant toward other people. Learn how to be more flexible and remember to take some time off to simply enjoy life.

You would rather have a calm lifestyle away from the chaos of large crowds, and achieving your personal goals is extremely important to you. You are wary by nature, and it is hard for you to connect to other people, especially if they seem shallow or can’t act responsibly.

Likewise, your privacy is essential to you, and you stay clear of people who might intrude upon it. As a consequence, you can be very calm in your everyday life. But when you feel someone lurking around, you can react quite violently or get very angry because your privacy is sacrosanct.
You can seem distant to people out of your inner circle, but you share a close bond with your loved ones. However, once you have put your trust in someone, you become extremely loyal and reliable. People can usually count on you.

You should get a stronger grip on your ambition because you have the skills you need to succeed. You can follow a strict discipline if that was your decision. Likewise, you have a great sense of honor, and when you give your word, you do everything you can to keep it and honor your commitments.