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Your ascendant, or rising sign, represents the mask you present to the world and the initial impression you give to others. It influences your appearance, attitude, and how you approach new situations. Learn more about the Ascendant/Rising Sign in Aquarius.

Chart Ruler: Uranus (modern) | Saturn (Hellenistic)
Element: Air
Tarot Cards: The Queen of Swords and Temperance
Zodiac Sign Symbol:


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The First House is the House of the Self. It is “home” to your personality, character, manners, style, temperament, and (in classical astrology) physical characteristics. Since this House leads the chart, it has a special designation and is also known as the Ascendant and/or Rising Sign. If your Ascendant/Rising Sign is Aquarius, then you have an Air Sign overlaying a Fire House. Below is the chart layout showing how you will be influenced on your twelve quests based on the Signs that rule each House, as determined by your Ascendant/Rising Sign.

A Blank Chart Modified 11 Aquarius 1st

The Chart Ruler

Each sign has a ruling point. Uranus is the modern ruler for Aquarius; Saturn is the classical ruler. Because of the special nature of the Ascendant/Rising Sign, the point ruling the Sign that overlays the 1st House becomes the ruler of the entire chart. Someone with Aquarius on the Ascendant/Rising Sign will have their identity guided by the energy of Uranus, wherever it appears in the chart.

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As an example, consider a person who has an Aquarius Ascendant/Rising Sign and Uranus in Aquarius, which would put Uranus in the 1st House of Identity. This individual will want to embrace his or her unique and unusual identity, one very different from the norms of his or her society. According to Jodie Forrest, “With Uranus here, the development of independence and the willingness to act on one’s individuality are essential.” (180)

The Quest for Identity

Aquarius Ascendant individuals learn about their identities through the community, friendships, and culture. They present as social and are perceived as idealists. Moore and Douglas say:

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The person born with Aquarius rising has a reputation for being the truth-seeker of the zodiac, but they also have a desire to put their knowledge of truth to work in practical ways. Although these individuals can be sociable and cooperative, they need to remain personally independent. This detached friendliness is only one of the paradoxes of their freewheeling nature. (404)

Like the other Air Signs, Aquarius Ascendant people appreciate high-level conversation, the discussion of ideas, and social engagement. Finding where they fit in a group, community, or society is paramount to the development of their identity.

Present Positively As: Friendly | Negatively As: Detached

Perceived Positively As: Idealistic | Negatively As: Fanatical

Creativity and Mastership

The Signs ruling the creative (5th) and mastery of knowledge (9th) Houses are Air Signs also, so this individual will be intellectual, curious, and perceptive when it comes to their own performance (Gemini on the 5th House) and authority (Libra on the 9th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be increased emphasis on creativity, travel, scholarship, and worldly experience, which they will achieve with a revolutionary and unconventional identity (Aquarius).

The need to know as much as possible about what interests them is paramount. If there is no way to get their ideas out into the world, or to discuss them with other people, then they will not have any energy for work, the pursuit of knowledge, or relationships.

Finances, Work, and Career

The Signs ruling the finances (2nd), work (6th), and career (10th) Houses are Water Signs, so this individual will be emotional and vulnerable about what they need to be secure at home (Pisces on the 2nd House), skillful and helpful (Cancer on the 6th House), and ambitious and successful (Scorpio on the 10th House). If they have points in any of these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on material success, which they will achieve with individuality and outside-the-box thinking (Aquarius).

They need to be employed in healing and emotionally supportive roles in an organization, where they can be the inventor and rebel. This chart layout is excellent for someone to work in cutting-edge technical and scientific fields; after all, what better way to succeed than to produce for the future.

Communication, Relationships, and Community

The Signs ruling the communication (3rd), relationship (7th), and community (11th) Houses are Fire Signs, so this individual will have the creativity and play as his or her way to learn (Aries on the 3rd House), easily understand the motivations of others (Leo on the 7th House) and want to know where he or she can best fit into community and society (Sagittarius on the 11th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on intellectual development and the pursuit of wisdom, which they will seek out with a non-conformist, but social identity (Aquarius).

They need to have exciting and romantic relationships with people who enjoy adventure and inspire others. They are other-aware, valuing special connections above all else in communication situations. If you want “to share the unusual” in your connection with others, these individuals will take the road less traveled with you!

Feelings, Intimacy, and Spirituality

The Signs ruling the feelings and family (4th), intimate partner (8th), and spirituality (11th) Houses are Earth Signs, so this individual will be practical and material regarding family and emotional development (Taurus on the 4th House), transformation with an intimate partner (Virgo on the 8th House), and his or her search for purpose and faith (Capricorn on the 12th House). If they have any points in these Houses, there will be an increased emphasis on emotional development, intuition, empathy, and sympathy, which they will pursue with an objective, non-traditional identity (Aquarius).

They need practical, material, and reliable connections with people. Their non-normal personality can help them navigate and overcome emotional struggles because they are willing to experiment with non-traditional solutions to any problem or difficulty. If you want someone with a willingness to be different, these individuals will “keep you engaged” if they commit to you.

Archetypes for this Ascendant/Rising Sign

(From – The Ascendant: Your Rising Sign by Jodie Forrest)

This person has come into the world wearing the mask of the Individualist, Rebel, Genius, or Truth-Sayer. Other images include the Non-Conformist, Mutant, Inventor, Alien, or Geek. Less than optimal expressions of this Ascendant’s energy might include the Weirdo, Sociopath, Crackpot, or Flake. (175)

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