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About Rising Sign

Your Ascendant is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon during the moment in which you were born. It describes the essence of your personality.
If your Ascendant is Aquarius, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Aquarius ascendant

Your Aquarius ascendant gives you a lot of charisma and great power of attraction, granting you the ability to convince other people that your ideas are good. You can entice them to help you when you need it.

An Aquarius ascendant tends to show off in society and urge to stand in the spotlight. They like to be noticed at all times. You should use these communication skills when you deal with other people. The Ascendant also urges people with these skills to be extremely sociable and be a part of society through their work and through altruistic activities.

An Aquarius ascendant has merits that let them stand out in society and allow them to lead other people on a path of their choosing. Someone with an Aquarius rising sign usually stands out with their personality, innovative ideas, and ability to innovate. They can be a source of positive change, transforming their environment in a good way for everyone’s well-being. Your Aquarius ascendant makes you extremely curious and eager to acquire knowledge or follow creative pursuits. This gives you a proactive and bold personality that likes to steer clear of the beaten path.

Aquarius ascendant vs the world

An Aquarius ascendant with a shake-up status quo does not believe fate cannot be avoided and knows that you don’t wait for luck to fall on your path: you make your own luck. They are enthusiastic, full of dreams and projects, so much that it can be hard to sort them out or prioritize them, varied as they are. They tend to be idealists but can be reasonable and see the difference between what they actually can do and what is currently out of their reach.

Someone gifted with an Aquarius ascendant hesitates between their idealism and how hard it can be for them to act. This might seem unsettling or make them appear to be indecisive, but more accurately they are simply careful. People need some time to understand that if you need more time to make a decision, it simply means that you are taking all the time you need to make the right decision. Once committed to a single path, you are a hard person to stop.

The least that can be said is that you do not follow any kind of routine, and you love changes, new things, and challenges to overcome. You can count on the imaginative and inventive side of your Aquarius ascendant for that, you won’t stand in the same place twice, find new and bold adventures, and find fresh ideas to solve your problems.

You do not always act logically. You often follow your intuition and your instincts, and they often offer good advice… Provided you do not let your anxieties and your fear of failure get the upper hand.

AquariusAquarius ascendant sense of independence

People usually see you as a sociable person, who can be independent and creative, someone who can make swift decisions. People appreciate you because you have a pleasant outlook and know how to genuinely care about them with your great listening skills and deep empathy. You can always get out of any situation, no matter how complicated, if you can take a step back and refuse to yield to outside pressure, or if you manage to anticipate things that might happen.

Your independent mind ensures that you usually act in a very personal way, but without caring much about what other people might think. Sure, you can take their advice into account, but you put it into practice in your own way. You also have the ability to adapt to any situation in order to meet your goals or gain greater recognition.

When you have something in mind, you do not give up easily, and you know how to prove yourself loyal and trustworthy in your commitments. You are extremely curious and are interested in many different things. This might cause you to spread yourself thin and ultimately be detrimental to you, preventing you from achieving your own projects.

You have an independent nature, and you want to live your life as you see fit. However, you so desperately need to show that you can do anything on your own that you often act without thinking about potential consequences. As a result, you can end up in complex and inextricable situations, but most of the time, you can handle them through your ability to reason logically combined with a sharp intuition.

You love your independence, and you often hesitate to commit to collective actions because you are afraid things might get out of your control. You have a gift for communication. You know how to play with words and how to convince people through your great persuasion skills. This ability is strengthened by your cordial and honest behavior towards other people.

Aquarius, a rising sing of discretion

You have a more cautious side that urges you not to disclose too much information about yourself because you don’t want others to find your weaknesses and try to abuse them. You have an independent nature, and you like to live in your own way, following your own set of rules. Your freedom is what matters the most to you, and you are wary of and protect yourself against any person or idea that might stand in your way.

You nonetheless need some security and comfort. This is why you should use your skills to handle projects that further these goals. You are, however, torn between two opposite forces: one that pushes you to undertake any action that might change your living conditions, and another pushing you to stay in the shadows and be all but invisible. You need to find your own way to balance these conflicting urges depending on the situation and on the goals you have set for yourself.

So be bold in every endeavor that strives to change your existence, but be humble and understanding towards other people’s aspirations, especially if you want to improve your love life. People see you as someone that will listen to them and help them in their time of need.

Other times, depending on your current mood, you can also seem rather hard to get. Put some stress on the first aspect and develop your personal magnetism by enhancing your natural side and your desire to help others sincerely.

You often trust your instincts when you need to act, but you do not always use all the solutions you need to succeed. Trust them even more.