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About Rising Sign

The ascendant unveils the impressions that people will get from you depending on how you behave toward them. It gives you the keys to learn how you should behave in order to fully use the abilities unveiled by your astrological sign.

The ascendant basically represents the sign in the eastern horizon at the moment in which you were born.

If your Ascendant is Libra, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Libra ascendant

You radiate a pleasant image because your personality is appealing. You sincerely listen to what others have to say and are very generous. You like to show off and use your charm in every circumstance. However, you can abuse it to seduce several people at the same time. Make sure that you do not hurt their feelings or sensitivity.

You are easily moved, and you keep an open mind. You do not like overly strict people and would rather hang out with flexible people who can adapt to various situations.

This sensitiveness can become a flaw, however, because you are quick to anger when you are upset, and it is easy for you to blow a fuse in such situations. You have great negotiation and diplomacy skills, with an ability to analyze everything from every angle.

You can bring people back together after an argument, solving complicated situations. You also try to restore balance in all things, with harmony in your existence and your relationships with your environment.

Libra ascendant social life

You do not like to be alone, and often try to make new friends and broaden your social circles. This gives you a lot of confidence. This is why you love to be surrounded by friends and people you can trust. It makes you feel safe and gives you a lot of well-being.

However, it can be hard for you to make final decisions because making a choice means giving up on some advantages when you need to decide between different options. You have a generous nature, and you tend to sacrifice your own interest to the benefit of other people. You should try to have the best of both worlds instead, looking for solutions that are good for you while still helping others.

Libra is the zodiac sign of hesitation, so often calls for moderation and compromise in order to calm things down instead of escalating them. Libra people have great knowledge of human psychology, making them experts in human relationships and giving them high persuasion skills.

Other people see you as an easygoing person who can easily follow the rules, but in truth, it is hard for you to be ordered around, as you like to live your life as you see fit. However, sometimes you need to compromise in order to meet your goals, so you try to find a way to abide by the rules while getting something out of it.

LibraWhat matters to a Libra ascendant?

You have a strong sense of justice and can express it even better when you look at the bigger picture, balancing impartiality and objectivity on one side, and the sensitivity and subjectivity that can sometimes overwhelm Libra people on the other. You are a skilled diplomat with a lot of layers. This is why you are perfect for finding common ground between people when you encounter a problem or help others solve their disagreements.

You have a very open mind, and you know how to listen to other people and be understanding and tolerant for ideas that differ from your own. You need to learn how to make a choice and admit that you cannot always reap all the benefits when you make a decision. Sometimes you need to sacrifice something and give up something else in order to meet your goals.

You can act selflessly and be altruistic without expecting anything in return. You are always ready to help others. This natural disposition generates many favorable circumstances for you, but you cannot always see them or make the most of it. You should keep your eyes open for them in the future, and you will enjoy the opportunities offered by your selfless generosity.
You always try to smooth any rough edges and do your best to live in a warm place full of harmony that will make you feel safe and strengthen your well-being. Be more confident, and it will be easier for you to make the obvious decisions and commit sincerely to the actions you need to do in order to improve your situation. You are an extremely sociable and open person; you easily make friends with other people, and when you are thrown into an argument, you try to find a compromise instead of making things worse.

Libra ascendant goals

You want to lead a serene and balanced life while keeping close relationships with people you appreciate. However, this tendency to depend on others can be a source of problems and limit your own ambitions, because you falsely believe that you actually need other people or have to follow their opinion in order to live your life.

You like to stand out in society, and you like to define yourself through the way you stand in the spotlight. However, do not let it grow out of hand and do not acquire ideas or behave in ways that are not yours just to get something out of it. Be charming and use your power of seduction but use your genuine intentions and your true nature. This is how you will find the lasting success that will be more profitable for you.

Your open mind allows you to stay open to new ideas and to understand the world outside in order to fit in and live in harmony with society. You like to please others but sometimes forget your own interests, which can steer you away from your goals.

Libra ascendant traits

Learn how to take everything into consideration, balancing the actions you need to undertake in order to improve your personal and private life with your obligations towards the society you live in. Try to find some middle ground between these two sides. You know how to seem pleasant to other people because you are accommodating and have diplomatic skills. Your open mind is a boon to understand other people and precisely and efficiently provide what they need whenever you can.

Try to find stability and harmony in all things, because you need them to find your balance and they can fill your need for security and harmony in your relationships with others. You can be loyal and reliable toward people you appreciate but are ruthless when they betray you. Aesthetics and refinement are important to you, and you appreciate beauty wherever you find it.

You manage to live with these qualities in your everyday life through well-thought actions and decisions made to that end. This is how you will succeed in strengthening your confidence. If you respect other people’s aspirations and preoccupations, you will make allies out of them, and they will help you when the time is right.

You will also manage to gain new ground if you are not satisfied with merely dreaming about the life you would like to lead, or looking for changes only in theory, but fully commit to the things you have to accomplish in order to succeed.