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About Rising Sign

To determine your ascendant, you need to know the sign that was rising at the eastern horizon during the time that you were born. The ascendant is the sign that is related to the way that others perceive you and that generate the essence of your personality and your skills. In some ways, the ascendant is the perfect complement to your zodiac sign.

If your ascendant is Virgo, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Virgo ascendant

Your greatest asset is your demanding nature. It allows you to avoid many mistakes but can also be an obstacle because it can give you a rather finicky demeanor that can seem irritating to some or be a source of disagreements. You have great self-control, which allows you to keep your emotions in check before they lead you into making bad decisions.

You do your best to avoid making mistakes and to be always right because it is hard for you to admit when you are wrong. You have enough skills to do great things or lead others through the fulfillment of their own goals. You also tend to intellectualize many things, and thinking too much can prevent you from actually coming into action.

It is quite hard for you to simply enjoy your life because you need to control everything, including your emotions, and you only rarely let yourself go. Your minute attention to detail can be an asset, but when it becomes extreme, it can turn into a flaw that will generate stress and anxiety and poison your entire existence, making you miss out on many of life’s little pleasures.

You also tend to have a wallflower nature, and you should express your seduction abilities and natural charm if you want to succeed. You tend to be wary of others, and you do not easily connect with new people that you meet. You like to enjoy your own quiet time.

Virgo ascendant personality

You need to build your trust and know a little more about people before you let your guard down a bit. You need time to trust others and create a serene atmosphere. Your Virgo ascendant gives you a sharp mind, the ability to make decisions in a split second, and a reliable opinion of other people. This is what allows you to keep your eyes open and learn whether or not you can trust the people you meet. You would rather hang out with honest and trustworthy people.

People who see you being serious at all times know that they can put their trust in you. You always take the time to check whether or not new people you meet might disturb your existence, and whether they might fit in. Once you have offered your trust and friendship, you become a loyal and reliable friend, and you go out of your way to keep your word. You do not like to take unnecessary risks, and it is hard for you to get out of your comfort zone. You only commit yourself to subjects you know well because you are aware of your own limits.

However, you should not hesitate to face any obstacle you encounter with courage and determination. You have high professional standards and always strive to do your best in every circumstance. From the outside, you might seem rather shy and discreet, but it is a false impression. When you come into action, there are not many things that can stop you or stand against your determination.

Due to your Virgo ascendant, you are always trying to be on top of everything that happens in your life; you want to keep control at all times. You tend you keep your feet on the ground, you think a lot before you act, and you are looking for safety and a set of well-defined rules to organize your life. You like to have a sense of discipline because it makes you feel safe. You should avoid over thinking things, even when it is necessary to take time to think things over before you get things going.

VirgoVirgo ascendant road to success

You don’t like to take risks or go beyond the limits you have set for yourself. Sometimes you need to analyze things from another point of view. If you don’t, you might miss out on essential elements, and you won’t meet your goals if your vision is too grounded in the short-term.

When you commit to any project with a lot of motivation, there are not many things that can stop you. You can be ruthlessly efficient. You tend to intellectualize many things and spend too much time thinking before you act, which can dampen your ambition.

It is hard for you to be spontaneous because you always analyze your emotions and feelings before you let them show. It would be good for you to learn to let go from time to time, and your life will be freer, offering you even more satisfaction and well-being. However, beware making hasty judgments about people and sounding too harsh. It might keep you away from wonderful opportunities and from some people if you cannot define their motivations.

This can only be achieved once you are certain that others will not try to abuse your trust or influence you to impose their own ideas because you like to keep an independent mind. You are a righteous person and can be extremely loyal, you stick to your own principles, and people can count on you.

Virgo ascendant Traits

You are always looking for perfection, and this can slow you down. Tell yourself that nobody is perfect, so you should accept your own flaws. You always need to organize everything in order to feel safe, and you like to plan things beforehand, so they do not get out of hand.

You also have good organization skills. Coupled with your sharp critical mind, these two assets can be a boon to be successful with your projects. You will also succeed if you manage to keep your feet on the ground and set realistic goals for yourself that will strengthen your need to feel safe.

However, looking for perfection in all things might be detrimental because it could be a source of anxiety, and you need to get rid of that if you want to turn your ideas into reality and lead your projects to fruition. Your sharp vision gives you a higher sense of analysis, and so you can easily detect flaws in an argument or plan.